Important Shipping Information

PLEASE NOTE: Some packages are being delivered to our street address by United Parcel Service that contain incorrect zip code information. These packages have the correct zip code for our Post Office Box but the incorrect zip code for our McGraw Street location. The problem is that UPS is now billing You, the shipper to make a zip code correction. Their current charge is $5.00. Please make sure that your labels contain the correct zip code for the location that you want your packages to be delivered. For packages that you want to be delivered to our street address, please address as follows: GilRay Tools Inc. 1306 McGraw St. Bay City, MI 48708 USA; PLEASE double check your labels before shipping and save yourself the additional charges for address correction.


GilRay Tools is an OEM cutter manufacturer and has all the blueprints on hand to sharpen all key machine cutter wheels to original manufacturers specifications. Carbide cutter wheels require high precision grinding to very close tollerances. We sharpen all carbide key machine cutters with diamond wheels. We do not use any liquid honing acids, or vapor blast processing. Every Carbide wheel is guaranteed to work like new. We sharpen all Carbide key cutter wheels including ITL, Medeco, Continental Micro, Framon,HPC and all other brands. We also sharpen Carbide End Mills like those used on Tubular Key Machines and Sidewinder type keys.


We have extended our office hours to better serve our customers from other time zones. We now will be answering our telephone calls Monday through Friday, from 9 AM until 4:30 PM Eastern Time. Please look in your local phone book to see what time zone that you are in to make the nescessary conversion to our time zone. As usual, our answering system is always available to take your messages when we are not able to answer personally. We will always phone you back as soon as we get your message. Our FAX machine is also available 24/7 if you want to send us a FAX. PLEASE NOTE: Our area code has been changed to 989. Call 989-892-6870 for all your cutter needs.

Have some questions? E-mail Gil-Ray Customer Service. Don't forget to enclose your address and phone information when you email us, so we can contact you.


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