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Photo of Scott Schumacher with a Brule River steelhead. Scott Schumacher shows off a nice fall-run Brule River Steelhead.

Personalized Steelhead Guiding

Rely on Schumacher's 18 years of guiding experience for a memorable fishing trip in the Lake Superior watershed.

Wisconsin's Brule River

You'll find more than 30 miles of beautiful pools and riffles in this classic trout stream. Steelhead fishing on the Brule is both challenging and exciting, with fish averaging 22 to 26 inches.

Spring season opens in early April and continues through mid-May, with both fall- and spring-run steelies in the river.

Fall fishing begins as lake-run brown trout ascend the Brule in August. Steelhead, chinook and coho salmon follow, with the best steelhead action taking place from early October to the close of the season on November 15.

Photo of John Edstrom with a 31-inch 
North Shore steelhead.John Edstrom with a 31-inch North Shore beauty.

Spring 2005 Brule River Fishing Report

I visited the Brule a little early this spring (first week of April) and hit some high water. The fish were there, but there were only a few fishable stretches. The fall 2003/spring 2004 fish count showed our biggest run in years -- over 10,000 steelhead in the river! Hopefully, we'll see similar numbers this fall. See you there in October!

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