Robs Tropicals(Also known as Black Water Tropicals)
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Welcome To Rob's Tropical's
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AAHM FREE Banner Link Exchange Program

Last Updated 9-12-97

Discus strains we carry

Please E-mail Bruce For The Discus Listed On This Page And Please E-mail Robert For All The Fish Listed On The Fish List Page.

Cobalts 2" and up

Wild discus 2" and up

HC Blue Diamonds 2" and up

Pigeon Bloods 2 inches and up

Turquoise Discus 2 " and up

Many more on strains on the way within the coming months

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city and state and zip code

Thank you.

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Kenco fish has lots of rare species and is a very nice guy.(I ordered most of my fish from him)

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Please send orders to:
Sylvia Park, 3450 Emerald St. 1 Torrance California 90503 *Fax number (310)532-6667*

And please allow 1-2 weeks for checks to clear.

Please Email to:
For All Fish Requests Listed On The Fish List Page (Robert Park)

Please Email to:
For All Discus Orders Listed On This Page (Bruce Cohen)