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Jamaica has had a Rhodes Scholar every year (except during the Second World War when it was temporarily suspended since 1904.

1904 MURRAY, Reginald Myrie (Worcester). b. March 1883. Educ. Jamaica H.S. Hon. Mods. (Maths) 2nd Cl. Maths. (F.H.S.) B.A. 3rd Cl. Teaching, Jamaica College 1907-17. Headmaster, Jamaica College 1933-42. M.B.E. (Mil.) d. October 1963.
1905 NOSWORTHY, Sir Richard Lyste (Christ Church). b. 20 November 1885. Educ. Exeter School, England. Hon. Mods. (Maths) 2nd Cl., Maths. (F.A.S.) B.A. 2nd Cl. M.A. Called to the Bar, England 1921. British Consular Service. C.M.G. 1936. K.C.M.G. 1945. d. 25 July 1958.
1906 WORLEY, Hugh Eames (Exeter). b. 21 July 1888. Educ. Jamaica College. Hist. B.A. 2nd Cl. Teaching, England. b. June 1958.
1907 CALDER, Oliver Vassall (Corpus Christi). b. 6 March 1889. Educ. Munro College, Hon Mods. (Maths) 1st Cl. Hist. B.A. 2nd Cl. Lt., Gurkha and Kumaon Rifles. I.C.S.; Dep Comsner., U.P. of Agra and Oudh.
1908 WILLIAMS, Theodore Rowland (Trinity). b. 29 September 1889. Educ. Bath College, England. Hon. Mods. (Class.) 4th Cl. Lit, Hum. 4th Cl. Native Admin. N. Rhodesia 1912-25. Farming Jamaica. Mem. Legisl. Council Jamaica 1942-. Custos of Westmreland 1944-. Mem. H.M. Exec. Council of Jamaica 1951-. C.M.G. 1954.
1909 NETHERSOLE, John Mapletoft (Keble). b. 15 August 1890. Educ. Wolmer's. Read Law. Called to the Bar, England 1921. Practice of Law, Jamaica 1921-33. Resident Magistrate 1933-48. Practice of Law 1948-. D. 15 Mach 1959.
1910 MERCIER, Frederick Clarke (Jesus). b. 16 April 1888. Educ. Wolmer's, St. Augustine's College. England. Theol. B.A. 3rd Cl. M.A. 1920. Insp. Of Schools, Jamaica 1914-19. Examiner, Dept. of Education Jamaica 1919-24. D. 22 October 1924.
1911 STEPHENSON, Daniel P. (Lincoln). b. 4 September 1889. Educ. Wolmer's. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. 2nd Lt. 1st K.E.H. and Cheshire Regiment. Killed in action 24 May 1915.
1912 CALDER, Kenneth William (Corpus Chrisiti). b. 13 November 1892. Educ. Potsdam. Hon. Mods. (Maths) 2nd Cl. 2nd Lt. R.F.A. Died of wounds 21 December 1915.
1913 THOMAS, Edward Vincent Stewart (Corpus Christi). b. 12 September 1893. Educ. Potsdam. Read Lit. Hum. Lt. 1st K.E.H. and R.F.A. Colonial Admin. Service.
1914 MANLEY, Norman Washington (Jesus) b. 4 July 1893. Educ. Jamaica College. B.C.L. 2nd B.A. (War) Called to the Bar (Cert. of Honour) England 1921. Practice of Law Jamaica 1922-. Chief Minister of Jamaica 1955-59. Premier 1959-62. Hon. Fellow of Jesus College 1958. D. 2 September 1969.
1915 ROXBOROUGH, Thomas A. b. 24 December 1892. Educ. Potstan, Did nottake the Scholarship.
1916 MILHOLLAND, F.R. (Balliol). b. 1 January 1896. Educ. Oundie School, England. Did not come into residence. Capt. Yorks. Regt. Died of Wounds 26 February 1918.
1917 MORALES, Charles McLarty (Oriel). b. 4 April 1895. Educ. Jamaica College. Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. Dip. Ed. Grn. R.G.A. Insp. Of School 1922-24. Examiner 1934. Asst. Dir. Of Education 1944-50. Acting Dep. Dir. 1948-50.
1918 LOCKETT, Maynard Vercon (St. John's). b. 28 September 1899. Educ. Wolmers (H.T.)-1922. (M.T.)Chem (Pt. 1) B.A. Dip. Ed. Pte. Artists' Rifles. Teaching England 1923-.d.
1919 MILLS, James Denholm (Lincoln). b. 4 February 1891. Educ. Munro College. (H.T.)-1922 Physiol. B.A. 2nd Cl. B.M., B. Ch. Med. Practice, England.
1920 COKE, Cecil Merriman (Lincoln). b. 25 July 1899. Educ. Tunbridge School, England. Lit. Hum. 3rd Cl. And Cert. Anthropology, B.A. Admin. Officer Tanganika Territory. d. 21 September 1948.
1921 DICKENSON, Walter Norman (Pembroke). b. 25 December 1897. Educ. Jamaica College. Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. B.M., B. Ch., M.A. Hospital appointments in London 1927-9. Med. Practice, Jamaica 1929-.
1922 SWABY, Eric Ewart (St. John's).b. 23 June 1899. Educ. Munro College. Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Med. Practice, Jamaica 1929-.
1923 NETHERSOLE, Noel Newton (Lincoln). b. 2 November 1903. Educ. Jamaica College. Read Law. Practice Law, Jamaica 1926-. Vice Pres. People's National Party. Mem. House of Representatives 1949. Minister of Finance, 1955. D. 17 March 1959.
1924 WEBSTER, George Evelyn Eden (Trinity). b. 21 April 1905. Educ. Calabar. P.P.E. B.A. 2nd Cl. Lt. Col. 1944-45, Burma Mil. Admin. I.C.S. Burma 1929-. D. July 1975.
1925 MAIS, Norman Talbot (Brasenose).b. 27 April 1905. Educ. Munroe College. Jurisp. 4th Cl. Dairy Farming, Canada.
1926 HALLIDAY, Francis Ralph (Lincoln).b. 12 July 1906. Educ. Munro College. Mod. Langs. (French) B.A. 3rd Cl. Teaching, England, Chile. Mod. Lang. Master, Jamaica College 1941-44. Dir., Colombo-Brit. Inst.,Cali, Colombia 1945-60. D. 1989
1927 FARQUHARSON, George Arthur Raymond (Brasenose). B. 10 April 1907. Educ. Munro College. Engineering B.A. 3rd Cl. M.Inst. C.E. Dip. Engineering, Public Works Dept. Jamaica 1930-39; Asst. Dir. 1946-47; Deputy Dir. Nigeria 1939-46; dir. Public Works Dept. British Guiana 1952-60.
1928 HARRISON, John Pearman (Exeter). b. 18 January 1907. Educ. Sherbourne School, England., Munro College. Jurisp. B>A. 3rd. Cl. In England and S. Africa 1931-.d. 25 February 1981.
1929 ROYES, Kenneth Coates (Wadham). Educ. Wolmer's. Physiol. B.A. 2nd Cl. B.M., B.Ch.,M.A., D.M. Hospital Appointments London, England 1932-35. M.O. Govt. Med. Service, Jamaica 1935-. Specialist (Neuropsychiatric) 1947-. B.M.A. (Jamaica) Council Member 19463 Dip. Of Psychol. Med. (R.C.P. and S.) 1947. Hon. Lect. Univ. of W. Indies 1968-72.
1930 AITKEN, Robert William (Exeter).b. 10 December 1908. Educ. Munro College. Bedford School, England. Engineering B.A. 2nd Cl. Engineer, Candy Filters, India.
1931 LINDO, Sir Henry Lawrence (Keble).b. 13 August 1911. Educ. Jamaica College. English Lang. And Lit. 3rd Cl. Insp. Of Schools 1935-43. Asst. Information Officer. Jamaica 1939-433 Secretariat, Jamaica 1943-52. Administrator, Dominica, 1952-59. Acting Governor, Windward Islands 1957 and 1959. Governor's Sec., Jamaica 1960-62.High Commissioner for Jamaica in London 1962-74. Amb. To Paris 1966-74. Amb. To Federal Republic of Germany 1967-70. D. May 1980.
1932 MILLINER, John Herbert Stevenson (Brasenose).b. 13 December 1908. Educ. Munro College. Engineering 4th Cl. B.A. Engineer: England and Scotland 1935-46; the W.I. Sugar Co. Ltd., Jamaica 1946-69.d. 5 August 1969.
1933 BURROWES, James Taylor (St. John's).b. 28 February 1914. Educ., Wolmer's. Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. B. Ch., M.A., M.R.C.O.G. Sgn. Ldr. R.A.F. (Med. Branch) 1939-45. Resident, Hosp. Appointments, London and Coventry 1946-48. Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Victoria Jubliee Maternity Hospital 1948-. Private Med. Practice as Obstetrician and Cynaecologist 1952-.
1934 RAMSON, John Luce (Wadham).b. 14 November 1914. Educ. Kingston College, Munroe College. Read English lang. And Lit. Sgn. Ldr. R.A.F.V.R. Missing, presumed killed on operations 17 March 1944.
1935 FOWLER, Henry Richmond Harold (Worcester). b. 12 May 1915. Educ. Jamaica College. Pass Degree 1938, B.A., M.A. Ed., Public Opinion 1939-42. Founder and Headmaster, The Priory School 1944. Chairman, little Theatre Movement, Education Assistance Grants Committee, T.V. Committee of JBC, Vice Chairman, Education Advisory Committee.
1936 STURDY, Ronald George (University).b. 3 January 1917. Educ. Munroe College. Law Mods. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. B.A., M.A. Called to the Bar, England 1947. Practice of Law, Jamaica 1948-75.
1937 MURAD, LeRoy Lucian (Keble).b. 16 November 1914. Educ. Kingston College. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. M.A. Resident magistrate, Jamaica 1957. Proffesor of Law, Cleveland-Marshall Law School, Ohio, U.S.A.
1938 LEVY, Roy Denton Keith (St. John's).b. 2 April 1919. Educ. Wolmer's. Physiol. B.A., B.M., B.Ch., L.M.C.C., M.A., C.C.F.P., M.R.C.P. Med. Practice Jamaica 1948-74. Asst. Prof. Of Medicine, Dept. of Family Medicine, McMaster University Medical Centre, Ontario 1974. Council Mem. B.M.A. (Jamaica) 1958-59. Commander, Order of St. John of Jerusalem 1961. Order of St. John Knight of Grace 1971. Pres. Med. Association of Jamaica 1960. Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 1960-71. Pres. Rotary Club of Kingston 1964-65. Chairman, Jamaica/B.M.A. Medical Congress 1974.
1939 DA COSTA, Harvey Lloyd (St. Edmund Hall).b. 8 December 1914. Educ. Calabar. Jurisp. B.A. 1st Cl. B. Litt. Colonial Office London and Practis\ce of Law. 1949-56. Practice of Law, Jamaica 1956-. Asst. Attorney Gen. 1958-59. Fed Attorney Gen. 1959-62. Q.C. 1959. C.M.G. 
1940 MARTIN, Ronald Brown (Brasenose).b.29 July 1917. Educ. Wolmer's. Sci. Prelim. F.O., R.A.F. Presumed lost on air operations 11 May 1943.
1941 BURROWES, William Dennis (St. John's).b.28 October 1918. Educ. Wolmers'. Agric. 2nd Cl. B.A., Jnr. Agric. Officer, Agric. Dept. of Jamaica 1940-43. Mgr. Dairy Cattle Farm, Jamaica Bauxites Ltd., 1943-45. Dept. of 1954-62. Territorial Census Officer Census of Jamaica 1960-62: Dir. Of Reasearch 1962-64; Asst. Dir. Of Vital Statistics 1965-76; Dir. 1976-.
1946 ELLINGTON, Eric Vivian (Hertford).b. 14 September 1923. Educ. Jamaica College. Chem. (Pt. 1) 1949' Authentics.Sen. Sci. Master and Housemaster, Jamaica College 1949-53. Reasearch Fellow in Chem., Univ. Coll. Of W.I. 1953. Carnegie Research Fellowship, Trinity Hall, Camb. 1947-48. Ph. D. (Lond.) 1958. Lect., Univ. Coll. Of W.I.: Dept. of Biochem. 1960; Sen. Lect. Dept. Biochem. 1975-; Vice-Dean, Faculkty of Medicine 1978-; Sec. Jamaican and British Caribbean Rhodes Scholp. 1972.d. 1985.
1946 BONITTO, John Herbert Douglas (Queen's).b. 25 November 1916. Educ. Wolmer's. 3rd. Cl. P.P.E. (shortened). M.T.; L.T. for Univ. 1947-48. M.A. F.O., R.A.F. 1941-46. Admin. 1949-53. Member of the Stock Exchange, London 1958. Jamaica's Rep. On the British Commonwealth Ex-Service League 1978-.
1947 THOMPSON, Dudley Joseph (Merton).b. 19 January 1917. Educ. Mico Training College. 2nd Cl. Jurispr. 3rd Cl. B.C.L. Pres. Ralegh Club. Ftl. Lt., R.A.F. Secounded to Col. Office as Col. Welfare Liaison Officer 1941-47. Reading for the Bar, London 1950. Barrister-at-law, Tanganyika 1951-56. Barrierster-at-law, Jamaica 1956. Mem of Senate 1962-78 (Leader of Government Business. Mem. Of the House of Representatives 1978-. Minister of State, Office of the PM (with the responsibility for forign affairs) 1972-75; Forign Affairs 1975-77; Mining and Natural Resources 1977-78; Nat. Security 1978. Elected Chmn. Of the PNP 1979. O.J. High Commissioner (Designate) to Nigeria.
1948 MOTT-TRILLE, Frank Radley (St. John's).b.9 November 1928. Educ. Munro College. Jurispr. 2nd Cl., BCL 3rd Cl., M.A. Called to Ontario Bar 1954. Barrister and Solicitor, Ontario 1954-.
1949 WYNTER, Hector Lincoln (Exeter).b. 27 July 1926. Educ. Wolmer's Mod. Langs. (Spanish) 2nd Cl., Postgraduate Cert. Of Teaching, Inst. Of Educ. London Univ. Resident Tutor, Dept. of Extra Mural Studies, Univ, of W.I. 1953-55. Snr. Asst. Registrar and Warden of Chancellor Hall, Univ. of W.I. 1955-61. Jamaica High Commissioner in Trinidad 1963-64. Dir., Extra Mural Studies, Univ. of W.I. 1961-67. Elected to Senate 1962. Registrar, Univ. of W.I. 1964-65. Parliamentary sec., Min of External Affairs 1965-67. Min. od State, Min. of Education and Govt. Whip in Senate 1967. Opposition Senator 1972-. Amb. To UNESCO 1981-. Sec. For Rhodes Scholp. In Caribbean and Jamaica 1986. Editor, Gleaner Publications 1976-85. Chairman, Bustamante Institute of Public and International Affairs.
1950 MORRIS, Evan Astley (Christ Church).b. 19 September 1931. Educ. Kingston College. R.A.S.C.: Pte. 1952; Sgt. 1954; 16 Parachute Bde. 1955-68 .d. Dec. 1985.
1951 HALL, Sturart Henry McPhail (Merton).b. 3 February 1932. 2nd Cl. Eng. Lang. And Lit., Research for D. Phil.; L.T. for Univ. Ed., New Left Review 1960-61. Chelsea College of Science, Univ. of London, Dept. of Humanities, Lect. 1962-64. Birmingham Univ. School of English: Research Fellow, Centre for Contemp. Cult. Studies 1965; Asst. to Director 1966; Dep. Dir 1968; Acting Dir. 1970; Dir. 1970. Pres. O.U.W. Soc. Teaching in London; Prof of Sociology, Open Univ.-
1952 DICKSON, Roy Wellington Bentely (Exeter).b. 15 August 1929. Educ. Wolmer's P.P.E. 3rd C;., Pres., Union Soc.; Oxford Debating Tour Univs. Of America. Boxing for Univ. 1952, 1953. Asst. Master (Langs.) Wolmer's.Econ/ Planning Unit, P.M.'s Office, 1957-58. Min. of Finance, 1958-60. Co. Sec. Bookers Stores Ltd., Guyana 1960-63. Product Servs. Officer, Booker Group 1964-70.Asst. to Pres. And Asst. sec., Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. 1970-72. Mgr Purchasing and Stores 1972-75. Organization and Methods Mgr. Gleaner Co. Ltd. Jamaica 1975-76. Personnel Development Mgr. 1976-77, Special Projects Mgr. 1977-. Pres Jack's Hill Community Council 1983-88.
1953 BOGLE, Donald Leslie (Brasenose).b. 1 April 1929. Educ. Wolmer's, Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.A. 1953, Hist. 2nd Cl., Dip. Ed. Authentics. Munro College: Teaching 1956; Dep. Headmaster 1961. Headmaster, Wolmer;s. Moved to Canada 1971.
1954 COSTA, Charles Desmond Nuttal (St. John's).b. 24 September 1932. Educ. The Priory School. Classics Hon. Mods. 2nd Cl. (H.T.) Lut. Hum. 2nd Cl. B. Phil., M.A. Teaching: Excelsior College 1950-52. Birmingham Univ.: Asst. Lect. In Latin 1959; Lect. 1961; Sen Lect. In Classics 1974-.
1955 NELSON, Everard St Aubyn (Brasenose).b. 2 September 1933. Educ. Munro College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1955. Physics 3rd Cl. Sci. Master, Wolmer's 1958-59. Jamaica Citus Growers: Chief Chemist 1959-63. Chief Chemist, Esso Kingston Refinery 1963. Esso Lube Plant Mgr. 1965-67, Prod. Mgr. Standard Building Products 1967-69, Manufacturing Adviser, Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd. 1969-71. Esso Refinery Co-ordinator. 1971-75, Refinery Process Supt. 1975, Marketing Division Mgr. 1977-83. Operating Dir. Carreras Group Ltd. 1983-85, Mng. Dir. Jamaica Biscuit Company 1985-.
1956 TENN, Maurice Samuel George (Oriel).b. 26 January 1934. Educ. St. George's College; Princeton, B.A. 1956. Mod. Hist. 2nd Cl. Read for B. Litt. Senator and Parliamentary Secretary, Min. of Finance 1976, Min./Dir. Consular and Legal Services, J.High Commission London 1977-80.
1957 NETTLEFORD, Ralston Milton (Oriel).b. 3 February 1933. Educ. Cornwall College; Univ. Coll. W. Indies, B.A. 1956. B. Phil. Univ. College of the W. Indies: Tutor, Dept. of Extra Mural Studies, 1956-57; Res, Tutor 1959-63. Research at Inst. Of C'Wealth studies, London, Grant by Trust 1963-64. Dir. Of Inst. Of Trades Union Educ., U.W.I. 1964. Dir. Of External-Mural Studies 1975-. Cultural Adviser to PM of Jamaica 1972-80. Order of Merit 1975. Consultant, ILO. Founder, Artistic Director, Choreographer, National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. Cultural Adviser to PM of Jamaica 1989-. Fellow of the Institute of Jamaica.
1958 MORRIS, Mervyn Eustace (St. Edmund Hall).b. 21 February 1937. Educ. Munro College; Univ. Coll, of the W. Indies, B.A. English 2nd C;. (Lond.) 1957. English 2nd Cl., M.A. L.T. v. Camb. 1959-61; Ralegh, Vincent's Asst. Master, Munro College 1957-58. Assst. Reg. UCWI/UWI 1961-62. Sen. English Master, Munro College, 1962-66. UWI , Dept. of English 1966: Warden, Taylor Hall 1966-70; Lect. 1970-77; Sec., Creative Arts Centre 1975-76; Sen Lect. 1977-. Head of Dept. 1979-. Visiting Lect., Univ. of Kent, England 1972-73.
 1959 THAMES, Henry (The Rev.) Earl Fitzgerald (New College).b. 27 October 1936. Educ. Wolmer's; London Univ. (External Student) LL.B. (Lond.). P.P.E. 3rd Cl. B.D. Table Tennis Half Blue 1959-62. Ordained 1964. Minister Ridgemount Cong. Church, Jamaica, 1964-.
 1960 CARNEGIE, Arthur Ralph (Jesus).b. 11 June 1936. Educ. Jamaica College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indied 1956-59; Univ. London (Univ.Coll.) B.A. 1960. Jurispr. 1st Cl. M.A. Fellow and tutor in Law, Jesus 1964-70. Barrister-at-law (Gray's Inn) 1965. Prf. Of Law, UWI 1970-. Visiting Scholar, Yale Law School 1980-81. 
 1961 WONG, Henry Vernon (Wadham).b. 4 December 1938. Educ. Cornwall College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1961. D. Phil. (Physics). Post-doctoral research, Oxford 1964-65, CIBA Fellowship, Int. Centre for Geograph. Physics, Trieste 1965-67. Laboratoria Gas Ionizzati, Rome 1967-.
 1962 ABRAHAMS, Eric Anothy Hudson (St. Peter's).b. 5 May 1940. Educ. Jamaica College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.A. 1961. Read Laaw. Press. Of the Oxford Union 1964-65. Dir., Jamaica Tourist Board.
 1963 RAINFORD, Roderick George (Merton).b. 7 April 1940. Educ. Kingston Technical School; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1963. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. Linacre College 1965-66, Dip. In Econ. Res. Tutor, Extra-Mural Dept., Univ, of Zambia 1967-70.Grad. Fellow in Int. Studies, Univ. of Toronto 1971-72. M.A. Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1972. 
 1964 HEW, Ernest Milton (Magdalen).b. 29 October 1940. Educ. Cornwall College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, M.B., B.S. 1964. Read for D. Phil. In Anaesth. Badminton Half Blue. Sen. House Officer, Nuttal Dept. of Anaesth., 1967-68. Dept. of Anaesth., Royal Infirm., Sheffield 1968-69. Asst. Chief of Anaesth., Ornskoldsvik, Sjukjus, Sweden 1969-71. Locum Asst. Chief Anaesthetist- Vikariat Bitradande Overlakaar 1971-. Co-Dir. Intensive Care Unit, Mt. Siani Hospital.
 1965 FLETCHER, Richard Douglas Fletcher (Exeter).b. 30 December 1943. Educ. Jamaica College; Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1963. (Scholp. Back dates to 1964). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. Read for B. Phil.; Nuffield 1965-68, B.A., B. Phil. Int. Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1965-72. Special Asst. to PM of Jamaica 1972-73. Chmn., Sugar Industry Authority of Jamaica 1973-76. Minister of State fr Planning 1977-80. Dep. Mgr., Econ. Integration, Int. Development Bank 1980-.
 1966 MUNROE, Trevor St. George (New College).b.10 December 1944. Educ. St. George's College; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. Econ. 1st Cl. Hons. M.Sc. Govt. 1966. Nuffield Coll. 1967-69 D.Phil. Social Scns. Lect., 1969-77; Sr. Lect. 1977- Dept of Govt., UWI; Res. Fellowships ISER 1977/78; Dept. of Pol. Studies, Qeen's University Can. 1988-89; Institute od Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands 1989-90; Co-Editor ABENG Newspaper 1969; Pres. University & Allied Workers Union 1977-; General Secretary, Workers Party of Jamaica 1978-.
 1967 JOHNSTON, Franklin Arthur Joseph (Exeter).b. 13 December 1942. Educ. Excelsior School; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.A. 1965, Dip. Ed. 1966. D.Phil. Mod. Hist. Chmn., of Nat. Literacy Board 1973. Mng. Consult. & Partner, Peat Marwick Mitchell. Mng. Dir., Teape Johnson Ltd. 1973-. President, Institute of Mng. Consult. Of Jamaica 1984-85. Chmn., Jamaica Institute of Management 1985-87. Chmn., Camp Farms Ltd. 1985-. Pres. Caribbean Pencil Corp. Ltd. 1986-. Chmn., Jamaica Amateur Body Cuilding Assoc. 1987-. Chmn., Airports Authority of Jamaica 1989-. Chmn., Jamaica Library Board 1989-.
 1968 THWAITES, Ronald George (Campion Hall).b. 12 February 1945. Educ. St. George's College; Cornell Univ. B.A. 1967; Univ. of the W. Indies 1967-68. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. Univ. of the W. Indies: Research Fellow in Faculty of Law 1970-.; PartTime Lect., Dept. of Hist. 1973; Lect., Dept of Sociol. 1971-. Kingston Legal Aid Clinic: Dir. And Chmn. Of Board 1973-75. Chmn, of Board, Dir., Social Action Centre 1975-. Practice of Law 1976-. Host JBC's Public Eye Programme Since 1976. Deacon, Roman Catholic Church.
 1969 PRENDERGAST, Franklyn Grenfel (Lincoln).b. 7 March 1945. Educ. Calabar; Univ. of the W.Indies Med. Sch., M.B.B.S. 1968. Physiol. 1st Cl. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 1971-. 
 1970 ALEXANDER, George Hylton (Balliol).b. 5 September 1948. Educ. Wolmer's. Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1969. Psychol. And Philos. 3rd Cl. 1972. M.Sc. 1973, Applied Statistics. Jnr. Research Fellow, Sch. Of Educ., U.W.I 1974-84 Res. Fellow in Educ. Measure 1976-. Mem., Inst. Of Statistics 1975. Univ. of Miami 1984-86, M.S. ed. 1985, Computer Education Ph.D. 1986. Curriculum Dir. MEED, Univ. of Miami Micro Computer Insitute 1986-88, Head Teacher Education Dept. UWI 1988-89.
 1971 SMELLIE, Rudolph Newton (Lincoln).b. 12 November 1949. Educ. Calabar; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1971. Jurispr. B.A. 2nd Cl. Dep. Ombudsman.
1972 Hanley, Peter Christopher (Corpus Christi).b. 11 October 1948. Educ. DeCarteret College; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1969; Univ, o f California at San Diego 1969-71. B.A. Physiol. 2nd Cl. Clin. Med, Oxford 1975-78, B.M., B.l Chem., Officer Med. Rotation 1978-80. Johns Hopkins Internal Med. Residency Programme 1980-. 
 1973 CHUCK, Delroy Hawmin (St. Catherine's).b. 2 December 1950. Educ. Kingston College; B.Sc. (Hons) Special Mathematics, Univ. of the W. Indies; B.A. 2bd Cl. B.C.L., 2nd Cl. Senior Lecturer in Law, U.W.I. 1977-. Former Sec. Jamaica and Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship; Practice of Law 1982-. 
 1974 ABRAHAMS, Micheal Anthony (Exeter).b.3 May 1951. Educ. Calabar; Univ. of the W. Indies, 1968-69. Read for M.Sc. F.R.C.S. 1979, Working for the Nat. Health Services 1978-80. Resident in Orthopaedic Surg., Univ of Florida 1980-. 
 1975 MORRISON, Cecil Dennis Harrington (Balliol).b. 4 December 1950.Educ. Jamaica College; Wolmers; Univ. of the W. Indies; Norman Manley Law School, B.A., L.L.B. admitted to practice 1975. Practice of Law 1977-. Tutor, Norman Manley Law School 1978-1982. Associate Tutor, 1982-. 
 1976 MORDECAI, Jeffrey S. (St. Catherine's).b. 6 May 1954. Educ. Wolmer's;Univ. of the W. Indies 1972-3; Norman Manley Law School 1975. B.C.L. 2nd Cl. Norman Manley Law School. 
 1977 ALLEN, Micheal Hope,b.29 December 1952. Educ. Glenmuir High  School; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.A., M.Sc. 1977. L.S.E. 1977-.
 1978 O'CALLAGHAN, Evelyn Elizabeth (Wolfson).b. 20 Spetember 1954.Educ. Mt. Alvernia High School; Univ. Coll., Cork, Ireland, B.A. 1976. M. Litt. In English 
 1980 HEW, Robert Charles (Magdalen).B. 14 October 1957. Educ. Campion. B.A. Jurisp. Underhill Prize in Law 1976, Grad School of Bus. Admin. Harvard Univ. M. Bus. Admin, Magdalen 1980-. 
 1981 VASCIANNIE, Stephen C. (Balliol). educ. Kingston College; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. Econ. 1st Cl. Hons. B.A. Jurisp. 1st Cl. Hons. LLM Camb. D.Phil. 
 1982 BROWN, Yolande (Hertford).Educ. Campion College; Mass. Inst. Of Technology, B.Sc., M.Sc. Electrical Engineering.M.Phil. Management studies. 
 1983 LATCHMEN, Haniph (St. Edmund Hall).Educ. St. Jago high School; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1st Cl. Hons. Electrical Engineering. M.Sc. Engineering Science, M. Phil. Management Studies.
 1984  PROVAN, Gregory (Christ Church).Educ. Campion College. Princeton., B.Sc. Engineering.M.A. Stanford.D.Phil. Research and Teaching at Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver. 
 1985 GOLDSON, Peter Stanley (St. John's) .b. 3 November 1963. Education Wolmer's; Univ. of the W. Indies LLB 1981-84; Norman Manley Law School 1988; BCL 1st Cl. Partner, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, 1996, Secretary Jamaica & Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Selection Committee.
 1986 ABEL. Dr. Evan Dale (Green College). Educ. Wolmer's ;Univ. of W. Indies, MB.BS with Distinction. M.Sc. Clinical Medicine.D.Phil. 
1987 CREIGHTNEY, Cavelle (Nuffield) Educ. Meadowbrook High School; M. Phil. In Economics.
 1988 McBEAN, David (St, John's). Educ. Wolmer's; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1st Cl. Hons. Electrical Engineering. M.Sc., D. Phil. 
1989 WRIGHT, Andrea (Templeton). Educ. Meadowbrook High School; Univ. of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1st Cl. Hons. Computer Science. D. Phil. in Management Studies. 
1990 LALOR, Paul (Jesus College). BA. (Invis) 2nd Cl.
1991 McKENZIE, Dr. Collin (Green College)
1992 ROBINSON, Tracy (Balliol) Educ. Immaculate High
1993 PANTON, David (Templeton)
1994 CLARKE, Nigel (Linacue)
1995 BROWN, Eleanor (Balliol)
1996 THOMPSON, Richard (St. John's)
1997 COCKBURN, Carina
 1998 McINTOSH, Mariane