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****************R.I.C.H.**************** ROULETTE INTERNATIONAL CHIP HUNTERS

Hello to all my fellow Chipoholics and perspective new addicts. My name is Jerry Birl a.k.a. Mr. Roulette and my Chip Club # is R-774. As you may have guessed from my alias I am interested in Roulette Chips.and a few misguided chip collectors actually believe that I am an "expert of sorts" on Roulette Chip collecting. I have written a book on Atlantic City Roulette Chips and I have also contributed a great deal of information on Roulette Chips to THE CHIP RACK which is recognized as the leading source of information on Nevada Casino chips. I am also the Secretary of the Atlantic City Chapter of the C.C.&G.T.C.C. Well, that's enough trivial info about me, now let's get down to the business at hand - increasing the number of chips you have in your collection and at the same time hopefully adding chips to my modest collection as well. In addition to collecting Roulette Chips from all areas, I collect Atlantic City chips from $1.00 to $25.00, Large Crown chips, chips from Illegal Casinos, non-denominational chips and unidentified chips. When I originally set up this web page I had high hopes of changing the items listed for sale every couple of weeks, but that approach just didn't work due to time restrictions. I have decided to let collectors contact me with their want lists and I will try to help them get the items they are looking for. To make it easy to contact me I have a new toll free telephone # (877) 277-7424 or (877) 277-RICH . My mailing address is R.I.CH. - P.O. BOX 1261 - MILLSBORO, DE 19966.. You can also reach me by e-mail



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