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The Farrier of Buda

A story from the time of the Great Reformation 
P de Zeeuw 



Kapotsky Andreas is the court farrier to the king of Hungary. The king has declared that the followers if Martin Luther (the heretics) are outlaws. Andreas hates heretics, and he does his best to get them arrested. 

He helps to have one of the most famous Reformers thrown into prison, but soon after the arrest the Lord lets their paths cross again, with remarkable consequences. 

Based on a true story, P de Zeeuw's account of the Reformation in Hungary brings to life the struggle of the church and also the blessings that Christ gives her in reformation. 

100 pages - Paperback - Recommended retail price $6.70 


Perspectives on Worship, Law and Faith:

The Old Testament Speaks Today
Cornelis van Dam

111 pages  RRP $7.25