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If She Was My Bitch!
Nicky Mack, The Pimp

If she was my bitch, oh did I say something funny
I would have her bringing me truckloads of my money
If she was my bitch, she would be a hard working bitch
A bitch whose only aim would be to make me rich
If she was my bitch, there would be no sunshine
Because she would be selling her ass all the damn time
If she was my bitch, she would know what I want
Everyone knows pimps want their money up front
If she was my bitch, there would be no sitting at my table
Because she would be just a member of my ever-growing stable
If she was my bitch, she would have my name on every blimp
Because she would be my bitch and I would be her pimp
If she was my bitch, and she came up short on my cash
I would beat that ass fast
If she was my bitch!
Nicky Mack, The Pimp

Hey baby, I see dollar signs when I think of you
Really baby, you make my eyes light up
Baby, you are what all pimps want, a champion stallion
One who will win the big race, and believe me you will
From top to bottom, side to side and back to front
Baby you are money, sex and power. I will have you
With you girl, plus, plus, plus,..... You will make happy baby, I know you will
I know my days would be better after seeing you come home from the night
You'll know where to call home. I am that place baby!
Lil Alton

Have you ever seen a pimp rolling down the boulevard
Flashin his while he drives his car
Pimping is what the hoes scream
While sipping on bacardi and eating icecream
The hoes might laugh while they sit on their ass
But at night its all about the pussy and my muthifuking cash
See hoes they love me when I get in my pimp mode
Cause I clock my g's and by new clothes
I am a pimp from head to toe
Because its all about my cash and my goddamn HOES!
My Bitch!
Death Chkn

My bitch better have my money
Through rain, sleet, and snow
My ho' better have my cash
Or I'll indent my foot straight in her ass!
Pimping It!
Marcy Clair

Bitches and Hoes
Thats all a pimp knows
And all of my bitches
Bring me the riches
But when they don't pay me
I smack'em daily
But I gots to be careful
I can't damage my babies
And when I say "whos yo' daddy?"
All tha bitches say "Let me blow you in da caddy"
Hell Yeah
Bitches and Hoes
Thats all that I know
So come on by
And you can get a blow
My Bitch Better Have My Money!

I always keep a tight grip on my hoes
What they remember is that silky always knows
One slut gave me the wrong amount
I said,"what you think silky cant count?"
That caused me to go off the hook
Backhanded the ho, and the money I took
Pimp of the year is the tag that I wear
It's on my four finger ring and the pic in my hair
Mo' Money, Mo' Hoes!
Big O

I always get the illest ho
But none of them got lock down on BIG O
My fat pockets show that I'm a star
Along with the sluts hanging on my car
My footsize is 13 from heel to toe
That's why all the sluts call me BIG O
I got my hoes working on every street
They know that if they hold out then they get beat
I'm always down for backhanding my ho
Make them apologize, to me , BIG O
I walk down the street and I let all niggas know
That when you get mo' money you get mo' hoes
Just Like Silk!

Out of all the pimps. I'm the one that you see
Little niggas out there, want to be just like me
They see all the loot, that I get from my hoes
They see my gold chains, and my silky smooth clothes
They see my slow stroll, as I walk down the block
They hear the all the screams from the hoes on my jock
They see me supply, to the community
I don't deal crack, just the hoes that they see
You little niggas around, drink all your milk
Grown up and be strong, to be just like silk
Pimpin' Ain't Easy!

Pimpin' ain't easy
I'm one of the best there is,
Pimpin' ain't easy
My sluts are down to get biz,
Pimpin' ain't easy
I gots all kinds of hoes,
Pimpin' ain't easy
What you want? Silky knows,
Pimpin' ain't easy
Gold chains all around,
Pimpin ain't easy
Velvet cape hits the ground,
Pimpin' ain't easy
Pimp of the year, yeah thats me,
It took years of work cause....
Pimpin' ain't easy!
Ice Cream Man!

Ice cream, Ice cream, niggas yell at my car
When Silky is there, the pussy ain't far
I've got more hoes, than you have ever seen
I'm always there to pass them out like Ice cream
31 flavors, any ho that you need
My shit is the bomb, other pimps will concede
A Pimp for life, Ice cream man just the same
When you want something sweet, just you yell out my name
Da Phat Bitch Slap!
Player Paul

Gap tooth hoes best come correct
Suck my dick when I get erect
Don't want no shit get on my lap
Or ya'll get Da Phat Bitch Slap
On da corner, make me some cash
Maybe I'll gives you some my stash
Ain't got my money by Friday night
I'll slap you bitch, cause that ain't right
Hoes, Hoes dats all I see
Every bitch come runnin to me Rember bitch those tits best not be fake
And you best not look like Ricky Lake
Listen up bitch don't give me no crap
Or I'll have to give you Da Phat Bitch Slap
Bitch Beta Have My Money!

Bitch beta have my money,
I don't see nuthin funny
I'll have her walkin with a limp,
Don't fuck wit a real pimp
Bitch beta have my money
That shit got me feelin kinda funny
Beta have it here, oh yes me deer,
Or I'll have you ass walkin kinda funny
Oh yes, the bitch beta have my money!
The Shy Girl!

She looks at me through the corner of her eyes as I sit in the back of the class
She giggles and smiles in the hall everytime we pass
I sit in lunch and watch as she passes by
A smile and a wave, but never does she say Hi
I see her everyday waiting on the bus
I come to realize that only air and opportunity is between us
I found her alone and had to approach cause shes so fly
I said Bitch give me your phone number and quit tryna act all shy!

My Big Dick Bitch!
Sweet Shit aka Platinum Pussy

Nine - Ten inches of throbbing hard muscle
Big strong Bitch helping my hustle
I got that fucker bringing me back cash
and some shit he lifted while he was getting some ass
Don't tell me you don't understand my game
Every nigga with a dick knows my name
It's known in the bedroom and on the streets
Niggas always whispering 'bout that pimp P-P
That's Platinum Pussy that I bust for that ass
It's that Plat Puss that got niggas hauling my cash
They know that if they don't come with my loot
They're gonna be shitting Timberland boot
They asking me constantly, "Sweet Shit
I been feening for a taste of that Platinum Clit"
But I keep letting them dream about my scooby snacks
While them bitches is busting nuts lying on their backs
Cuz I'm a true pimp and I ain't no whore
You get a bitch slap, and nothing more

Pickin' Up The Cash From The Ho, Who's Undressin'!
Ron A. Patterson

Get back out on that corner, you bitch!
Pimpin' out your sweet black ass, and gettin' rich
Men try to play you, and offer you less cash
Daddy's gonna get'em, and throw'em in the trash
We love you ladies, now keep on makin' that loot!

Fuck A Hoe!

This is for you hoes
If ya wonder who I be
That muthafuckin pimp
Known as nas-t
I got all this game
From tha goddamn south
I got a special white suprise
Thats just for ya mouth
I'll be pressing this dick
To tha back of ya throat
Pumping more seamen in ya face
Than on a muthafuckin boat
And when you see me in tha streets
Don't bother to say hi
Cuz I'll turn my head
And walk rite by
But when tha Nas-t man is around
There will be nothing to fear
Cuz tha Nas-t man


M.O.B. means money over bitches
M.O.B. gives hoes no riches
M.O.B. is tha shit ya know
M.O.B. says fuck a hoe
M.O.B. is tha click I clam
M.O.B. puts you hoes to shame
M.O.B. across tha land
M.O.B. has a good back hand
M.O.B. till tha day I die
So fuck a hoe & Playas stay high

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

All women are ho's
All women are tricks
all women are good for
is sucking our dicks
Women can cook
Women can clean
But women ain't shit
if you know what I mean
Women are stupid
Women are dumb
And all they're good for
Is making me cum
If I were a woman
I'd kill my self
So suck my dick
and here's to your health

I Am Fat Leo!
Fat Leo

I am Fat Leo, bitches know my name,
sayin, "Fuck Yeah, Fat Leo got all the game!"
I am Fat Leo, got ma hoes in check,
"give me all ma money o yo ass gets wrecked."
I am Fat Leo, other pimps don't compare,
I be poundin Old E while they be sippin Big Bear
I am Fat Leo, ma pink caddy's got style,
don't forget ma silk leisure suits and gold-tooth smile
I am Fat Leo, love fine pussy and beer,
Fuck Dat, I'm Fat Leo, Biggest Pimp of the Year!

Pimp For Life!

I work hard all day
to keep hoes in line
slappin mad sluts
to get money thats mine
Silky's back
i wasn't gone long
I was beatin' down niggas
who say pimpin is wrong
a fresh stock of hoes
for the year 9-8
the old sluts are out
I give ya'll a clean slate.
I polished my gold
and got a new pic
but just like last year
hoes still on my dick
don't you worry
I pimp all year 'round
listen to niggas say
Shit, Silkys back in town

Nineteen Ninety Silk!

I've been pimp of the year
since back in '93
thats why little niggas
want to be like Silky
but its a new year
and my crowns up once again
Oh shit, I'm Silky
nigga I always win
I got the illest hoes
you will ever see
when a nigga needs ass
you know he comes to me
pimp of the year
my 4 finger ring does say
The main reason for that:
SILKY always gets paid

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

All Women Are Hoes!
Pimp Daddy Welfare

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