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The only company offering Microwater and Super Oxide technology at World-Market competitive pricing in North America and Europe. We are Microwater.

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When you drink Microwater your body says yes! Our Microwater systems offer you super-hydrating water with anti-oxidant activity in synergy with alkaline ionized minerals. In essence, we are supporting two basic bodily processes: (1) free-radical scavenging (2) pH balancing. As well, Microwater has smaller cluster sizes which means that its properties are optimally delivered.

All the health-giving properties of Microwater are objectively measurable using standard scientific testing procedures: (1) The presence of alklaine ionized minerals is measured with a pH meter. (2) Electron-rich anti-oxidant activity is measured with an ORP meter. (3) Smaller cluster size is measured by magnetic resonance testing (please see graph just below):

Our Microwater Gold unit is known as the Pure Porte in Japan. It is newly manufactured and sells for between $2000 and $2300 in Japan. U.S. Retail: $1399. Introductory Price: $1249.

THE UNITS WE SELL: The technology group we represent has sold about 80% or 4 out of 5 of every unit sold to the quality-conscious Japanese. Panasonic and Mitsubishi have also purchased these high-end systems and sold them under their own brand name in Japan. We offer you established quality-assurance.

CONSUMER CHECK LIST: When comparing water ionizer units with any company:

Always ask if the water ionizing units are manufactured and marketed in Japan today, under what name, and the current price in Japan. We are seeing low-end remainder stock water-ionizers sold in the U.S. over-priced from $1100 to $1495 that are no longer sold in Japan. Consumer rule of thumb: Always ask for the price of the unit in Japan and if it is currently sold in Japan.

If the water ionizer unit is claimed to have special features, always ask for test results. For example, State governments in the US have consumer-protection standards for UV (ultra-violet) radiation units. We find that some water ionizers have NON-FUNCTIONAL UV units.

We thoroughly researched UV radiation Test Results for one water-ionizer that only worked at a flow rate of .3 liter per minute, over 10 (ten) times slower than the water actually flowed through the unit. These UV bulb water-ionizers fell extremely below minimal consumer standards for North America or Europe. Reason: The UV bulbs are too miniature (deficient microwatt ratings) to work plus the water rushes by the bulb too fast to work. This is a proven fact. Result: These UV water ionizers have never worked as claimed to kill bacteria in your water or in the filter.

We studiously investigated the Singer (formerly sold by "Akai" in Japan) Water Ionizer. Their UV water ionizer came out selling at $799 mail-order in the US and went to $1299 retail.

UV water ionizers not recommended: We extensively inquired if they had ever tested their UV radiation Water Ionizer as it also appeared to have a miniature UV bulb. Did it truly kill bacteria and viruses under normal water flow conditions? Although the Akai (now Singer) units previously sold for years in Japan, it is well known in the industry that no tests and no documentation from Japan seem to exist claiming these UV units work effectively. This is what we go by. Nothing else. If you want UV, purchase a separate system with real-world documentation.

Obvious Consumer Tip: To save yourself a mistake, JUST ASK. Whatever you may hear, don't buy UV water ionizers without seeing at least one OBJECTIVE TEST RESULT for yourself. Be informed that dedicated UV companies always offer test results in response to consumer inquiries. Bear in mind that the length of UV radiation is measured in nanometers but that the strength of a UV bulb is measured in microwatts. For example, a rating of 20,000 microwatts is considered acceptable if test results show that it kills bacteria. No company can stand behind a system without objective basis to make a claim.

Our Best Consumer Tip: In general, ask the basis for claims on any product. And listen to hear if you have really been answered. The power of a good question from a good listener unerringly leads to the truth.

FILTERS: All our units come with chlorine performance tested filters. We also provide Short-Life .1 micron hollow filament filters which are widely available on Ange Mark II, Pure Porte Microwater Gold, Ciel, Singer, Toyo, Aegis and other units. We have these filters but do not sell them to the public. As is well-known in Japan, these.1 micron filters are considered extremely sensitive to ordinary sediment and clog up quickly after 3 months of use.There is no such thing as a filter designed to operate at any tolerance without test results. If no one has seen a test result, how can anyone know if it works?

Quick Consumer-Evaluation method: Ask if the unit employs a circuit breaker or a fuse. Low-end units use a fuse. High-end units employ circuit breakers.

We sell the leading technology from Japan responsible for (80%) 4 out of 5 of all units sold to quality-conscious consumers in Japan. As direct importers since 1994, we are the only US company that is truly price competitive in the World Market.

We specialize in offering super oxide units for external microbicidal, fungicidal and virucidal uses. Our Ion-D model employs manual adjustment and delivers one (1) liter a minute of super oxide water and comes with a built-in meter so you can critically measure the charge. Retail: $3500.

We also have other special super oxide units including some for external applications only that use less salt than units elsewhere available.

SUPER-OXIDE TECHNOLOGY. We provide high-end industry grade 2.5 liter a minute (150 liters per hour - continuous operation) super oxide water units with built-in ORP meters. These continuous-flow computer operated control units units operate in tank-mode or fill mode. As well, this unit is uniquely designed to deliver super oxide water without any salt at a flow rate of 1 liter per minute. World-market competitive pricing is available only through us.

The super-oxide water produced by our currently manufactured units is distinctly different from water produced by passive or batch process units. These early technology batch process units tend to use more salt and create an end-product with concentrated chloride compounds. Most specifically, the intensely concentrated chloride quality of water produced by early batch process units by no means represents current state of the art super-oxide technology.

The uncut Microwater video is available for $5.00 plus postage. Applicable toward purchase.

In evaluating this technology for yourself, we know that you are seeking to sift out the sales fluff from the factual stuff. We hope our site has been enlightening to you.

You are always invited to call us at 1 (800)456-4520 or 1(415)383-6962; Fax: 1 (415)383-9078

Dealer inquiries in the US and worldwide welcome.

On a private-label basis, we globally provide high-end drinking water units and lower-end (2-way faucet hose) units plus industry grade super oxide systems for hygiene disinfection and sterilization.

"Microwater" and "Microwater Maker" are the registered trademarks of MizuTek International, L.C.

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