03/25/07Added images to the "Expressions" gallery.
01/15/05Updated the "Featured Gallery".
02/10/04Web-site improvements continue. New Gallery & Images are now online - enjoy! PayPal purchasing is in place.
02/01/04Web-site improvements have begin. Text-images replaced with text to improve upload times. New Galleries & Images to follow.
12/27/03Working on updating web-site design , incorporating better resolution images.
05/27/03Re-Scanning images to improve image resolution.
03/12/03Added images to the Portraiture & Expressions Galleries.
01/13/03Improved scan quality of scans in "Portraiture" gallery: L'Amour, Vamp, Krysti, Shanata, Sarah, Depths of Despair, Porcelain Doll, Mina, Visage, CutiePie.
09/27/02Added latest "Untitled" to the "Portraiture" gallery.
01/15/02Added "Desirata" to the "Portraiture" gallery.
03/24/01Fixed GuestBook - new company.
02/02/01New web site brought online!
08/14/00Added the "GuestBook" section to the main menu.
03/24/00Added the "Auctions" page to the main menu.
03/24/00Removed the "Puzzles" section from the main menu. Wasn't working as well as it should.
03/17/00Added "Silhouette" to the "Portraiture" gallery.
03/13/00Added verification page before allowing entry to the Expressions gallery.
02/26/00Added "End Table" to the "Expressions" gallery.
02/26/00Added "Shrink Wrap" to the "Expressions" gallery.
12/18/99Added "Repose" to the "Expressions" gallery.
12/07/99Added my Resume to the "Artist" page and the "News" page.
12/02/99Added the "Puzzles" section to the main menu. These only work for Netscape users!
08/17/99Added second "Untitled" image to the "Expressions" gallery.
08/17/99Added "Restraint" to the "Expressions" gallery.
08/17/99Added "Collis et Vallis" to the "Expressions" gallery.
08/16/99Added "Fossil" to the "Expressions" gallery.
08/16/99Changed the "Bodyscapes" gallery to the "Expressions" gallery.
08/03/99Installed the new Frame-based web site, featuring menus, improved page-loading performance and cleaner pages.
03/29/99Added "Cocoon" to the BodyScapes gallery
03/25/99Added new "Untitled" to the BodyScapes gallery
03/24/99Moved "Dim Secrets" and "1925" to the BodyScapes gallery
03/23/99Added "Siren" to the Portraiture gallery
03/26/99Added the new "Bodyscapes" gallery
03/23/99Added the "Site Awards" page to satisfy award requirements
03/23/99Upgraded the "Suggest a Title" section (off the "Correspondence" page.)
03/08/99Simplified the "Ordering Prints" page and the print ordering technique
02/23/99Upgraded the "Mailing List" page (off the "Correspondence" page.)
02/23/99Upgraded (simplified) the "Ordering Prints" page
02/16/99Added text to the "Dim Secrets" page in the Portraiture gallery
02/02/99Added "Dim Secrets" to the Portraiture gallery
01/26/99Added "Detox Darlings" to the Live Performances Gallery
01/22/99Added "Giza Minor" to the Souls and Stone Gallery
01/18/99Added "Change of Address" to the Souls and Stone Gallery
01/14/99Added "Adena", "1925", and "Sarah" to the Portraiture Gallery
01/13/99Added "Concrete Blonde" to the Souls and Stone Gallery
01/12/99Added "Shanata" to the Portraiture Gallery
01/11/99Added "Windows to the Soul" to the Portraiture Gallery
01/11/99Added "Change of Address" to the Souls and Stone Gallery
01/11/99Added "Doorway" to the Urban Decay Gallery
01/06/99Added "Enunciation" to the Souls and Stone Gallery
12/18/98Modified fonts in the "Ordering Prints" and "The Artist" areas to improve uniformity
12/18/98Added the "Ordering Prints" area, now photo prints may be purchased!
12/02/98Added a new mailing list service in the "Correspondence" area
11/19/98Fixed the bad URL's in the "Urban Decay" gallery
11/17/98Fixed mis-aligned image film labels.
05/12/98Added image "Felidae" to the Portraiture Gallery
05/12/98Fixed labels on "Bast" in Portraiture Gallery
05/12/98Fixed bad link in Portraiture Gallery
03/26/98Upgraded "The Artist" bio page. Added text and images
02/23/98Added "Beatitude" and "Bast" to Portraiture Gallery
02/23/98Upgraded "Urban Decay" gallery; Added images to Urban Decay
02/20/98Added "Afterglow" to the Portraiture Gallery
01/05/98Upgraded the Correspondence Page
12/12/97Added "Brenda" to Portraiture
12/12/97Created "Site News" page
12/12/97Upgraded "Live Performance" Gallery, added many new images
12/09/97Added Model names, dates, and film data to Portraiture gallery images
12/04/97Upgraded "Rural Landscape" gallery
12/04/97Upgraded "Souls and Stone" gallery; Removed "Religious Themes" gallery
11/25/97Upgraded "Portraiture" gallery
11/14/97Added "Mailing List" page
11/11/97Added images to "Portrature" gallery
10/22/97Created "Sponsorship & Support" page
10/16/97Created 2nd wall in "Portraiture" gallery and added images
10/03/97Added images to "Religious Themes" gallery
10/03/97Added images to "Portrature" gallery
10/02/97Added images to "Rural Landscape" gallery
09/29/97Created "The Artist" page
09/25/97Created "Portraiture" gallery
09/24/97Created "Religious Themes" gallery
09/17/97Created "Live Performance" gallery
09/17/97Created "Rural Landscape" gallery
09/15/97Created "Urban Decay" gallery
09/97Site Created

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