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Kiwi's ULTIMATE Empire

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Last updated July 19 2000

Hey Mark you are now on this page!!!!!

These pages need editing! Melanie Goodwin is no longer just my friend, girlfriend, fianceé, or Melanie Goodwin! She is my wife, Melanie Clulow!!!

This Homepage was created on the 23rd December 1997 it is almost one year old. A celebration to the Empire. But my Empire is 4 years 4 months old, as it was created by, just a few simple drawings on a bit of paper, which when I found out how to use html, I created the Empire, from these simple drawing I have had! I thank everyone for joining and keeping my Empire going, I hope you do return for in the new year I plan on changing my homepage, as I will be joining with other people, I hope you like your stay!

If you do have any new ideas or comments or suggestions please feel free to e-mail! Or sign my guestbook, or if you have AOL IM or AOL just contact KiwiEmpire! Thanks,

Regards Kristopher Clulow, Authour of this homepage!

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Hello, thanks for viewing my homepage, It's not much but, Hopefully I'll get better as I go along. I live in England in Newark-On-Trent, Nottinghamshire and go to Newark and Sherwood College there. There is a link to my old school's homepage on this page! I am currently studying, Computer Studies. Please view my friends homepages also which are very good! Some may like my homepage then again maybe not? You can always sign my guest book which is much appeciated or send me email which are both located at the bottom of this page! Why not join my Empire?, could be a laugh!

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Well I hope you find my pages of interest as it has taken me a while to get in the swing of things! This page will mostly be about My Empire and the people who help run my Empire.

This homepage is now in patnership with my wife. Her page is really good! Her name was Melanie Goodwin (now Melanie Clulow) and she is just the greatest!! Her homepage is: My Best friend Melanie's Homepage!
Enjoy her page!!

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My friend Andrew is on the page called Pictures! My picture is on the page called Pictures also!

Here is a big Thankyou to all my friends and family who help me got my homepage started in the first place!

Thanks for bearing with me,


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My other pages!

Pictures...Page 2
Kiwi's Empire and British History....Page 3
General information...Page 4
Friends...Page 5 (NEW)
My all new classic computer pages!!
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My Empire's Links

Empress Victoria Homepage
Queen Christie's Domain
Queen Lynn's homepage

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My Friend's pages and favourite places!

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
Lord Sarandor's Homepage HKAF
King Arthur's Homepage
My friend KCKC's Homepage!
My friend 'Moonbeams'Homepage!
The best in Emulation
My best friend Andrew's Homepage
My old school's Homepage
My College's homepage

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