Hawk Mountain Craftworks
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The Doll Page

For over 20 years, we have made reproductions and created clothing from the Fur Trade Era and Native American clothing from that time period. Our designs are now in miniature, using the same quality materials.

We would like to thank Ruth Smith for allowing us to feature her creation, "Raven".
Ruth describes Raven as a 16-year-old Native American doll done in porcelain with full breastplate, 3/4 arms and legs and full body armature. Raven is molded in a sitting position.

We have dressed Raven in Blackfoot style. Her costume is made of white braintanned deerskin. Beads used: old white heart, old green hexagonal and 12/0 seed in dark blue, light blue, red, rust, cheyenne pink, dark green, greasy yellow and greasy green.

We make doll costumes from measurements taken from YOUR doll. Your doll is NOT shipped.

Bookmark this page. You won't want to miss our coming attractions: "Little Owl", "Grey Feather" and "Nickolas"--mountain man.

Also coming soon will be a variety of accessories for dolls dressed in Native American costume: necklaces, dentalia shells, hairpipe, beaded strips, rosettes, belts, pouches...

"A doll of quality deserves to be costumed correctly"

Leather Gifts and Fun Things: Moccasins for infants, bracelets, necklaces, Cabbage Patch Westernwear and...our famous "Goose Boots"

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