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Air and Space Law


Air & Space Law: Selected Documents

Book; Editor: Jim Henneson
This comprehensive guide provides all relevant background material in the field of aviation, Air and space law. In this book, students, lawyers, and also corporate organizations will find a useful collection of basic documents. With the commercialisation of outer space and activities developing at great pace it is of importance to have the basic agreements, guidelines and other information at hand.

Publication date: March 1998


Global Journal on Air & Space Law

Two issues a year
The Global Journal on Air and Space Law, previously known as Dutch Journal on Air and Space Law, is a new journal in the field of air law and space law. The journal is published three times a year and presents topical information on Aviation policy and the civil, commercial, administrative and penal aspects of the study and practice of air law as well as topical space law developments and other relevant space law information.

The journal will publish articles which provide valuable insights from experts in the field. Furthermore, it refers extensively to recent worldwide case law and presents news from international aviation organizations and reports on conferences.

Volume 1-3 (1992-1994): 6 issues.

ISSN: 1386-4823