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The Unofficial Dray Prescot Page

Welcome to Dray Prescot's Page.
Dray Prescot of Antares Books

About Dray Prescot
A Kregen Glossary (Volumes 1-4)
The Delian Cycle (Volumes 1 - 5)
The Havilfar Cycle (Volumes 6 - 11)
The Krozair Cycle (Volumes 12 - 14)
The Vallian Cycle (Volumes 15 - 18)
The Jikaida Cycle (Volumes 19 - 22)
The Spikatur Cycle (Volumes 23 - 26)
The Pandahem Cycle (Volumes 27 - 32)
The Witch Wars Cycle (Volumes 33 - 37)
About the Author
Some of the Illustrators that graced the books
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About Dray Prescott

The premise of Alan Burt Akers' Prescot Series, is that they are a transcript of audio tapes recorded by Dray Prescot, over a period of several years, and describe his life's adventures. Dray Prescot is described as a "man above middle height, with brown hair and level brown eyes, brooding and dominating, an enigmatic man, with enormously broad shoulders and superbly powerful physique. There is about him an abrasive honesty and indomitable courage. He moves like a savage hunting cat, quiet and deadly." In the first book, "transit to Scorpio", the stage is set to describe how Prescot was "reared in the inhumanly harsh conditions of Nelson's navy...[then]... tranported by [...] the Star Lords, the Everoinye, and [...] the Savanti [of] Aphrasoe, the Swinging City, to the savage and exotic world of Kregen, under the twin Suns of Scorpio, four hundred light-years from Earth.

Each book of the collection, printed by Daw SF Books, is summarily described by quoting the back covers commentary.

About the author

Henry Kenneth Bulmer is the real name for Alan Burt Akers. He is an incredibly prolific author. His last 17 Prescot books have recently been translated to English and are available online from Savanti Publishing.

The Jikaida Cycle

  • A Life for Kregen, 1979, illus. by Richard Hescox

    The world Kregen...far distant for the skies of the ground on which the Earthman Dray Prescot must stand and fight for all he holds dear. For Prescot is the unwilling battle arm of the mysterious Star Lords who contend for that planet with the powerful Savanti.

    Yet Prescot's ambitions are his own, for he has inherited the remnant of a shattered empire and must fight to bring hope and freedom to all its peoples. By his side stands his princess, Delia of the Blue Mountains, and a band of stalwart companions of many races and species. But arrayed against him are flying armadas, armed hordes, the wizardry of a super-scientist, and, most shocking of all, the fury and steel claw of his own daughter, Dayra!

  • A Sword for Kregen, 1979, illus. by Richard Hescox

    The most popular game among the many people of Kregen, is one that resembles chess, called Jikaida. Jikaida is a battle of wits and war-game pieces that suited well the tension-charged atmosphere that enveloped Dray Prescot. For reconquering Vallia was assuming the aspect of such a game - move versus countermove, horde agains horde.

    Then Dray Prescot found himself no longer in control of just a game - he had become a living chessman on a real-life board at the dreaded arena of Jikaida City. There every move was accompanied by bloodshed and behind every game might hang the fate of a city, an island, or even a nation.

  • A Fortune for Kregen, 1979, illus. by Richard Hescox

    Fame and fortune may await the winners of the life-and-death game called Jikaida, but for Dray Prescot his triumphs seemed to bring infamy and misfortune...Prescot had to find a way out of his Jikaida City exile - for his homeland needed him in its hour of danger.

    But it seemed that fate now would place him in an even more terrifying game - a treasure hunt played out in the illusion-webbed catacombs of a haunted valley where desperate men came to find fortunes at the risk of their followers' lives and their own sanity.

  • A Victory for Kregen, 1980, illus. by Richard Hescox

    The windup of Prescot's stark adventures as a living chesspiece in the city of blood-games was to be as terrifying as the perils that had gone before. Because now that transposed Earthman had to fight his way back to his embattled Vallian homeland across a sky full of danger and a sea full of death.

    And when he returned - if he could - he would find the combat joined, his son at doom's door, his troops up against superior odds - and a battle he must personally fight that would be two battles in two different places at the same time!

    The Spikatur Cycle

    The people of the island empire of Vallia, cruelly oppressed by invaders, call on Prescot to shoulder the burden of leading them to liberty. This he has vowed to do to the best of his ability, and then thankfully relinquish the imperium, for there are other tasks set to his hands on the unforgiving and rewarding world of Kregen.

    The Spikatur Cycle brings Prescot closer tothe realization of many of his dreams and each book is arranged to be read as complete of itself. He is determined to do what he feels is laid upon him; bu he finds it is not so easy, particularly when the Empress Delia and his comrades are determined to keep him out of trouble. But -- he is Dray Prescot, Lord of Strombor and Krozair of Zy, and that canny old leem hunter will not be prevented from buckling up the brave old scarlet breechclout and with a sword in his fist hurtling off beneath the Moons of Kregen into fresh headlong adventures.

  • Beasts of Antares, 1980, illus. by Richard Hescox

    [Dray Prescot, the] lone Earthman, once a pawn of cosmic powers, now enters a new cycle of his fabulous career as he rallies the warriors of Vallia for a final stand against the foes that have encircled them - and then, in an act of true Prescot bravado, undertakes single-handed to rescue three old friends from slavery in a distant land.

    The beasts of Antares are many and terrifying, but Prescot does not belong to the faint-hearted. He will need every ounce of courage this time!

  • Rebel of Antares, 1980, illus. by Jack Gaughan

    ...Dray Prescot has been the pawn of the unseen Star Lords who had seeded [Kregen] with the offsprings of a hundred alien races. But at last Prescot has come in sight of a goal which he shared with these space masters - the overthrow of slavers and their evil empires.

    On the island kingdom of Hyrklana, his course now seemed clear. Overthrown the decadent queen, lead rebellion against the cruel Arena, and free the princess who was its rightful ruler. It was a hard task, but for Dray Prescot, against whome sorcerers and swordsmen had contended, it was the only course he could follow. Though it might this time lead to his death, there could be no turning back...

  • Legions of Antares, 1981, illus. by Clyde Caldwell

    For too long the iron legions of the evil empress of Hamal had devastated the neighboring land and islands of Kregen...that planet of marvels had been made a scene of carnage, rapine and death.

    Dray Prescot...had battle her all the way - and at long last found himself nearing the showdown of his long campaign for his new homeland.

    Gathering about himself old allies and former enemies, Dray prepared to challenge the empress at the very doors of her capital city. Until he discovered that she was about to spring her secret weapon - the super- science of the mad wizard of Loh.

  • Allies of Antares, 1981, illus. by Clyde Caldwell

    ...the planet Kregen was truly the wonder of the universe. For there, at the inscrutable planning of unseen powers, had been gathered members of the great races of the galaxy, set among Kregen's lands to become part of the wonderful semi-civilized cities and kingdoms of that world.

    There, too, were natural humans and their strivings and ambitions colored and led the struggle fo create a world of peace. Dray Prescott has been brought there as an agent of the Star Lords, but he had made himself into a rallying point of strength in Kregen's colorful history.

    The Pandahem Cycle

  • Mazes of Scorpio, 1982
  • Delia of Vallia (Standalone adventure of Delia Prescot)
  • Fires of Scorpio
  • Talons of Scorpio
  • Masks of Scorpio
  • Seg the Bowman (Standalone adventure of Seg Segutorio

    The Witch-War Cycle

  • Werewolves of Kregen
  • Witches of Kregen
  • Storm Over Vallia (Standalone adventure of Drak Prescot
  • Omens of Kregen
  • Warlord Of Antares
    Some of the Illustrators that graced these books:
    Gaughan, Jack
    Hescox, Richard
  • The Art of Richard Hescox
  • More Pictures
  • Kirby, Josh
    Kirk, Tim
    Whelan, Michael