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The Earth Smart® Laundry CD™

For Incredibly Clean & Soft, Detergent & Chemical Free Laundry

Easy To Use

Simply drop the Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ (Clean Disc) into the washing machine with your dirty clothing. To achieve best results, use medium to full water settings. Effective in any wash setting, cold, warm or hot. For heavy stains, pre-treating may be necessary!

Saves You $$$

The Earth Smart Laundry CD™ lasts for up to 2,500 washes. Because there is no need for detergents, fabric softeners or extra rinse cycles, you can save hundreds of $$$ while helping to protect the environment. It's like pouring the right amount of detergent and fabric softener into the washer every time you wash just by tossing the Earth Smart Laundry CD® into your washer.


The Earth Smart Laundry CD™ works on the principles of quantum physics, not chemistry, with a method called Structured Water technology," The Earth Smart Laundry CD® activates your laundry water naturally through this proprietary process which structures water to mimic the cleaning effect of detergent -----without detergent, soap or chemical agents.

Increases the Life of Your Clothes

No chemicals or detergents means there are no damaging additives that lead to the breakdown of your clothing fabric --- or harm the environment. To confirm this, check the Filter in your dyer and you will see there is less lint accumulating. NOTE: May require 4 to S washes with the Earth Smart Laundry CD™ to remove existing detergent residue from your clothing.

100% Hypoallergenic and Environmentally Friendly

Since there are no soaps or chemicals used, there is no residue to remain on your clothing. Therefore, people with sensitive skin or allergies are able to use this product without any negative reactions.

In Laboratory tests at all temperatures, Earth Smart Laundry CD has been shown to produce a noticeable color change in a standard ASTM D4265 Stain Removal Performance Test using a WFK-10C standard test fabric soiled with a mixture of 84% clay, 8% lampblack, 4% black iron oxide and 2% yellow iron oxide..


(918) 455-6717

Welcome To the 21st Century Structured Water Technology™

Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ Advantages

User Tips For Optimum Results

1.Washing machine clean-up

Fabric lint, detergents and other additives can accumulate in the inner tub of your washing machine. This accumulation can be excessive over time and diminish the ability of the washer to effectively clean your lothes. When first using your Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ some of this sludge may get back into your wash water. TO CLEAN YOUR MACHINE: Without putting clothes into your washer, run the wash cycle with hot water and one full glass of white vinegar with the Earth Smart Laundry CD™.

2.Heavily soiled or stained clothing

IF you have heavily soiled clothes, you may need to add some "Borax" (a natural mineral) or presoak them overnight in water with the Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ and some 'tBorax5. You may need to use spot remover on ground in stains, as usual. Remember, the Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ only replaces laundry detergent and fabric softeners.

3.The water in your area

Water varies from city to city and even within the same city. If you use well water, you will undoubtedly notice that it is very different from treated water; In either case, depending on the mineral count in your water, you may need to us two Earth Smart® Laundry CDs.™

4.High expectations

The Earth smart® Laundry CD™ replaces laundry detergents and fabric softeners. It is not a substitute far bleach or stain removers. IF you currently use bleach and/or stain removers, add them to your wash just as you would if you were using a laundry detergent

What Makes Structured Water Different from Regular Water?


One molecule of pure water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Oxygen has eight electrons. The first two orbitals, which require 2 electrons each, are filled. The next orbital requires six electrons, but only has four, so the atom is attracted to any other which has a spare electron or two. That is where hydrogen comes in. Hydrogen only has one proton and one electron. It would be happier if it either got rid of the electron it had, or gained one so that its first orbital could be filled. Oxygen, which needs two electrons bonds with two hydrogen atoms, which each needs one electron. The bonding occurs when the electrons are shared. The molecule is happy.

In water, there are billions of these molecules. Each molecule forms a tetrahedron. Two of the corners are occupied by a hydrogen molecule; the other two are occupied by an electron pair, making part of the molecule negatively charged and the other part slightly positively charged. This makes it easy for one molecule to be attracted to another and form an easily broken, but highly important bond. These hydrogen bonds impart unique qualities upon regular water such as surface tension and its properties as an almost Universal solvent. The random motion of regular water, combined with the continual breaking and reforming of hydrogen bonds can cause the water to form stable structures of several individual water molecules whose bonds can resist impact, breakage and movement.

Regular distilled water consists of mainly individual water molecules, which form and break hydrogen bonds very readily and continuously. It also contains a few of these highly resistant structures that have randomly assembled. If the water is not distilled, there are impurities, which consist of ions and metals and compounds which complicate the assembling of these resistant structures.


Structured Water Technologytm is a way to make water assemble and retain these highly resistant structures consisting of several water molecules. The process by which water is structured and imposed with detergent-like qualities is proprietary and cannot be revealed. This Structured Water, with the qualities of detergents, causes regular water to behave as if it were in the presence of detergents. Traditional detergents contain surfactants, among other things, which are chemicals that break the hydrogen bands of water, reducing its surface tension and making it "wetter". Phosphates and zeolites are some of the surfactants that have been used in traditional detergents, cleaners and soaps.

In an ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) Test D 4265 performed on 11 common stains, the Laundry CD™ rated within a 1/2 Pt. to a Pt. above or below the results of standard detergent without bleach

Prove to yourself … that although "structured water" will chemically analyze just like water, that it does not act just like water!

Do these demonstrations:

1.Fill a bowl with tap water and place the Laundry CD™ in it for 20 minutes. Dip a dry paper towel into the CD "activated" water and make a swipe on a dry, smooth counter top. You will see a solid band of water. Compare this to a swipe made by a second dry paper towel that you wet with tap water, which will have broken clumps of water. Now make a swipe with water in which you have mixed some detergent; it too, will form a solid streak. Both the CD activated water and the detergent activated water lines are solid because they have reduced surface tension created by a surfactant action.

2. The "Crisco" test. Laundry CD activated water cleans grease from glass, whereas regular water doesn't. See the difference.

7 YEAR Warranty

7 YEAR Warranty The Earth Smart® Laundry CD™ is backed by a full 7 year warranty. If under ordinary conditions of use your product leaks, breaks or diminishes in its cleaning effectiveness anytime within 7 years from the date of purchase, it will be replaced.

This product is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for six months from the date of purchase. If the product leaks or breaks from ordinary use, there will be no damage to your laundry and it will be replaced free of charge. Warranty void if damaged or misused through heavy impact or heat above 180 degrees F.


Unconditional 100% Satisfaction within 30 days of purchase or your money back when returned to the One Source Worldwide Distributor from whom you purchased the product.


Regular retail…$ 99.95 Your price… $ 89.95 plus $ 4.95 s&h;

No cod"s

Delivery: Two to three weeks upon receipt of order

Carole Piersall

7812 South Maple Avenue Broken Arrow,

Oklahoma 74011



I spray (mist) all of my byrds with the structured water. (I make *structured water by allowing the disc to soak for 20 minutes in water, then pour structured water into a spray bottle). LACEE, it seems,, has stopped chewing and plucking her feathers as badly. I see new feathers coming in. I also water all my byrds with the structured water. I spray on their perches, cage bars, etc,, let it sit for a minute,, then just wipe off with a sponge.. It works wonderfully,, seems to melt the byrd poop away. No scrubbing at all. I let their toys soak in a sink of structured water,, Poop just floats off,, a little forceful rinse with tap water,, and Toys look brand new.

A gentleman friend of mine,, places one of his discs in his fish aquarium,, (with fish)… swears he almost never has to clean and change their water. At least not as often as he used to. Fish are thriving.

I let my byrds have free roam in my home,, You know very well that they have the occasional accident,, I just spray structured water on the mess,, Leave on for a few seconds,, wipe up.. Spots and all are gone.

After shampooing my hair,, I spray my hair with structured water,, it DE-TANGLES,, leaves my hair less frizzy.

I spray it on my light-switches and doors, (oily handprints) it wipes right away,, no elbow grease. I use it like Windex, on my mirrors and storm doors and windows.

While I am running my bath water,, I put the disc in the tub.. I Leave it in while bathing. I Can't believe how soft I feel after. For you ladeeeees,,, I spray it on my legs,, no Shaving cream needed, or soap lather,, The razor just glides. After washing my face,, I sprits my face with the structured water,, My face feels so smooth, although I still use a moisturizer. .

My hubby, had a can of hairspray burst in his luggage.. 2 dress shirts and 2 pair of Dockers, were ruined.. Used tide, twice,, still had the stains.. I put the disc in the wash water, put it on my stain cycle,, stains were GONE. I couldn`t believe it. I saved well over a hundred dollars in the clothes not being ruined.

I don't have to buy fabric softeners (liquid or sheets) anymore.. There was absolutely no static cling. (I did need to put a fabric softener sheet in the drier while drying a sweater) My lint out of the drier has been cut in half.

****There are many others,, I just hope this gives you an idea, of the versatility of this product****

Remember,, with all its versatility, and cleaning abilities,, It has a written warrantee of 7 FULL YEARS. EARTH SMART also has a DISH-WASHER-DISC-RING (w/same 7 year for same price)