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French Beaded Flowers!

Welcome to my Flower Page!

The pictures below are all pictures of French Beaded Flowers made by Ava Farrington. I think I have found an all new obsession here! They are a lot of fun to make and I now can have flowers with out the worries of watering and such. LOL The Calla Lily below is the first flower I made.

The Red Tea Rose

Miniature Red Rose. This is the flower I helped my son's 4th grade class make for Mother's Day.

The Daffodils.

Sweet Violets

Long Stemmed Sweetheart Rose

This is my first multi-flower arrangement.

The Daffodils, sweet violets,and sweetheart rose, Were made from patterns designed by Dalene Kelly. You can visit her web site at: Beaded Flower Patterns to see all the flower patterns she has to offer. The instructions have wonderful color pictures as well as easy to follow instructions!

Most of the rest of the flowers were made from books that are no longer in print or are my own design, or should I say experiments. LOL

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