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The haunting, ethereal sounds of the American Indian Red Cedar Flute dates back in time before the coming of Europeans to America.

The first known flutest appears on rock carvings throughout the Southwest United States. This colorful character with a hump on his back was known as Kokopelli and his Mystic Flute. Legends suggest that he came from the Anasazi Cliff Dwellers.

Native flute music can be used for healing meditation and journeying into the world of spiritual understanding. The music is balanced to help one achieve the relaxation one requires in these times of stressful living. This music and the Native flute have had a tremendous impact on society in recent years.

The mesmerizing music of Tsa'ne Do'se can be heard at many Indian festivals and various other events as he travels with his mystic flutes in the tradition of the ancient Kokopelli.

Spirit and Soul

Renew your Spirit and Soul.
Tsa'ne Do'se's recent offerings will release your Soul from earthly bonds and allow your Spirit the freedom to explore ethereal space and all were composed by Tsa'ne Do'se.

Center of the Universe Experience this journey as Tsa'ne Do'se takes you to . . . the center of your "being". An excellent meditative recording with orchestration of cellos, violins, and an assortment of other symphonic instrumentation, all composed by Tsa'ne Do'se

Transition Beyond Tradition

In this Tribute to New York City, recorded before the WTC diasater, Tsa'ne Do'se takes you on a tour of the night sounds and melodies of the city and takes the American Indian flute "beyond tradition".

Travel with Tsa'ne do'se on a journey of the rivers of North Carolina inland from the ocean to the mountains and ending with the inspirational "Amazing Grace".

All CD's are $15.00 - Includes shipping

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