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Vicious Tita Threatens Palace Management, DLNR Chair Thielen, and the Public

A'o Pohaku Ku Rodenhurst's program has been broadcast at least once per week for at least ten years on 'Olelo cable TV. She describes herself as "Head of the Spiritual Nation of Ku, the Hui Ea, the Council of Sovereigns." But despite the religious sounding title, she never hesitates to single out individual people or institutions for personal attacks, using cuss words and incendiary language that could incite to violence. She is often accompanied by her soft-spoken husband whose astonishingly inappropriate name is "Lucky" -- he dares to interrupt only rarely and is lucky to get in two or three sentences before his wife cuts him off and rolls over him with her own rhetoric.

On Friday September 5 the 50-minute program was broadcast on O'ahu at its usual time starting at 9 PM on NATV cable channel 53. The title of this show was "Cultural Molestation by using colors of Laws." Apparently this show was broadcast throughout August, and perhaps will be rebroadcast every Friday night at the same time and place for the remainder of September. Be sure to tune in, and save a copy for the amazement of your friends.

This show is mostly focused on the fact that the Department of Land and Natural Resources has proposed new rules governing the use of Palace grounds and the behavior of the people who go there. Ms. Rodenhurst's opinion is that Iolani Palace belongs exclusively to ethnic Hawaiians, and the illegal State of Hawaii has no right to tell them what to do. She also rails against the lawsuits that are trying to desegregate Kamehameha Schools, as another example of righteous anger against non-ethnic-Hawaiians who keep "bastardizing" and "fornicating" and stealing from Hawaiians.

Below are excerpts of what Ms. Rodenhurst said, with the approximate time from the beginning of the show at which she spoke them. Her words should serve as a warning to Palace management and DLNR, who should make it clear that the Palace belongs to all the people of Hawaii without racial restriction or preference, and that anyone using violence, threats, or intimidation to prevent others from enjoying the museum and surrounding parkland should be promptly arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It's up to Laura Thielen, Director of DLNR, or her mother Cynthia Thielen, mistakenly named as a target by Ms. Rodenhurst, to decide whether to file charges for terroristic threatening. The twisted history and nasty language are bad enough; but their evil is magnified by Rodenhurst's scowling face, pounding fist, and hate-filled body language. People outside Hawaii would be shocked if they knew that people living in Hawaii have been desensitized to this sort of racist ranting, which is so commonplace it is accepted as normal.

Min 18: "Our people was kicked to the curb. Our Queen was imprisoned. The pain of our ali'i at the hands of their lands being dispossessed from them. And even today Kamehameha Schools go through the challenges challenges of non-Hawaiians trying to go into a school that they don't pay for -- again -- want to get educated in a school that they no belong to. They can get educated anyplace but they want to go Kamehameha Schools. Now, what is the reasoning with that, people? But every time I watch Kamehameha Schools address this issue, they make me sick. Because they always crying -- they always crying about the offense instead of getting up and TAKING [she pounds her fist on the table] strong positions. Yah? No, they always crying. You know, to me, you cannot go to war, you know, on your knees. You cannot go to war uneducated. You cannot go to war with this non-Hawaiian government, this American government, you know, crying and always, always in the Ku-low position [she bends low toward table], the ha'aha'a [humble or begging] position, always in that position. That's sickening. Yeah, our kings and queens -- our people are very gracious people. But that's why I REFUSE to be like that. I can be gracious when I want to be, and who I want to be gracious to. But I am not that kind of people. I REFUSE to be SUBSERVIENT to an aggressive nation that continues to dispossess us; our children through education, our children through health care, our children through public access, our people through public access, our people through mental health, our people through housing. I REFUSE [pounding fist into palm of other hand] to accept the fact that, you know, Hawaiians don't have a brain. ..."

Min 21: "The invasion of all of who we are and what we are is down -- it's coming down the pike already, it's already in the pipes, it's in the works. And if you do not take a position like what we did and build our own heiau not by permission but because the gods said so. [their interestingly-arranged rock collection is on government land on the ocean side of the highway across from Sea Life Park in Waimanalo] We built it. And we did not build it for the public, we built it for the gods. We built it for our people to get restored back to the blood lines. You have to restore the people back to the blood lines. Because our people are too churchy, too Christianized. You have lost the ability to see YOU -- you scared of you -- you scared of real chanters ..."

Min 28: [putting book on table] "This is my pie. I have this pie. And why should I have to share my pie if I don't want to? Just because this uninvited guest wen come and maha'oi [rudely disrespect] my space, my house, my land, my properties. Now I gotta share my pie or my recipes with them. I don't have to. Because non-Hawaiians -- many -- especially koleas [migratory birds who fly in and fly back out] -- they no share them. They just always stealing under the laws, STEALING under the guise of the color of law. That's all they doing. Violation molesting us again. Molesting the trust. Molesting the trust that was left for our kids. ..."

Min 32: " ... like what the Department of Land and Natural Resources is going to present to the community. The community has NO SAY on what the hell goes on at that Palace or what we as Hawaiians go and celebrate or when we go to protest or what we gotta do. You not gonna have rules and regulations that gonna define my conduct. Because when you gonna have those rules and regulations, then we gonna kick em up a notch. Maybe not other people, they just gonna pray, pray, pray and all this sit and behave and cutie with aloha. That shit ain't flyin wit me. No no no. I'll kick it up a notch. Because you know why, for us, yeah, that one ounce of transgression against us, to MOLEST us publicly, yeah, MOLEST us PUBLICLY [pounding fist on table] and create new violations, has got to go. It's unacceptable. You are violating my freedoms. You are violating the freedoms of our Queen. You are violating that whole purpose of what that Palace is about. That's why we refuse to have that flag, that American flag, to fly on top of da Palace. People would burn that Palace down. Not out of principle. But because that and Mauna Ala [Royal Mausoleum] is one of the few sacred places, besides heiaus, that is kapu [sacred] to us and nobody has a say about who and what and what. The state is illegal. It is a de facto part of the American government de facto part and it is a part in cahoots. You are part of the bandits. You are part of the pedophiles that pray on the weak Hawaiians. That's what the whole cops and robbers -- you guys play that game of the molester and the organizer of the molester that you prostitute our people by making them compromise positions. And us, we don't compromise, we reason with people ..."

Min 40: "No non-Hawaiians have any say to what Hawaiians will do and can do at the Palace. Let me reiterate that. When this whole discussion of what new rules gonna be set for what people can do and cannot do at the Palace; uh, well, those rules are all gonna be broken. Because we have never desecrated our own Palace. I know dat for a fact. Us as a people have never desecrated ... But this whole thing about prostituting our Palace so dat you can show how wonderful the Hawaiians lived as a Kingdom, as a monarchy; and yet kicking the real living, breathing person to da curb, yah, making like we already dead; all of us are dead ..."

Min 48: [Ms. Rodenhurst incorrectly targets Cynthia Thielen when she clearly intends to target the Chair of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, who is Cynthia's daughter Laura Thielen.] "That Palace belongs to our own tutu ... That Palace is to remind you what you people overthrew illegally. So Cynthia Thielen, you and all your BANDITS at DLNR, know dis -- you guys try and force upon the gods, the Nation of Ku and who we represent -- try force us to give up any of our flags, force us to behave and see -- see what the gods do -- see what will happen to people like you foreigners who think that for the greater good of the community -- I don't give a DAMN about the greater good of the community when you gonna steal what is ours ... Go read the PASH ... the de facto representatives of the government: you will NOT, you will NOT, and I say it. You will NOT regulate what the gods choose to do, and that is a fact. Cuz the gods also will check the balances of all you molesters, and all you fornicators, of your color of laws, and we will not accept it. ... To keep it Hawaii Hawaiian first. This is not America. Get it people. This is not America. ... So people wanna test their skills to desecrate more places. STEP UP, don't hide in the dark. ... But the day handcuffs come on these hands, people's families gonna be lamenting for them. My god Iehova say, people will lament, because the time of lamentations is in the land ... for those people who transgress laws, and use the color of law to molest and bastardize the people, any people, we do not accept it. So stay tuned. The battle is being fought already."


"Proposed new rules for Iolani Palace and grounds -- testimony to DLNR offered by Ken Conklin in honor of Statehood Day, August 15, 2008"

"Hawaii Statehood Day 2006 -- Celebration at Old Territorial Capitol Building (Iolani Palace) Disrupted by Hawaiian Ethnic Nationalist Wannabe-Terrorists"


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