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Racial set-asides of land, money, and political power -- how Act 195 will move Hawaii toward New Zealand and Fiji

July 24, 2011 by Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D.

Some nations have laws to ensure that under-represented groups will be able to elect their own representatives to parliament. Those laws are supposedly enacted to promote democratic values; however, the primary concept of democracy is that the majority rules. On one hand, we imagine that in a just society half of all the seats in parliament would be held by women; or we imagine that if a particular racial group comprises 20% of the population, then approximately 20% of the representatives in parliament should be members of that racial group. On the other hand, we know that women or minorities might not be as well funded or as well educated as others; or they might have personal commitments or political priorities which command their attention so they don't run for office with the same frequency or backing as others. Longstanding social customs or religious beliefs might cause people (including women and minorities) to vote against women or minorities even when they are bold enough or wealthy enough to run for office.

Some nations have a long history of oppressing women; but are now trying to begin uplifting them. For example, several nations which are overwhelmingly Arabic in ethnicity or Muslim in religion, such as Morocco and Jordan, have recently begun setting aside a specific number of seats in parliament for women. Sometimes the percentage of seats set aside for women or minorities in these "quota countries" is higher than the percentage actually occupied by women or minorities in the democratically-elected U.S. Congress or the 50 state legislatures.

Some nations have established racial quotas for parliament in an effort to ensure that "indigenous" people will have adequate representation even though newcomers or settlers have become the overwhelming majority and control most of the nation's wealth. For example, New Zealand guarantees that a specific number of seats must be filled by Maoris, even while Maoris are always eligible to run for all the seats in parliament on the same basis as Caucasians. Theoretically it would be possible for every seat in parliament to be held by a Maori, but it would not be allowed for every seat in parliament to be held by a Caucasian.

Establishing parliamentary quotas for women or minorities might be seen as a form of benevolence or "social justice" even though it is clearly anti-democratic. But then there are nations whose election laws are clearly intended to oppress racial minorities. Perhaps Fiji is the best example, where the Constitution guarantees that the offices of President and Prime Minister, and a majority of seats in parliament, must be held by native Fijians. In recent years Fiji suffered several military coups led by its native Fijian officer corps, including a coup which overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister solely because he was of Asian Indian ethnicity. That coup took place at a time when native Fijians were about 55% of the population and Asian Fijians were about 45%. In the years since then, Asian Fijians, fearful for their money and lives, have been leaving Fiji in droves, and their percentage of population seems headed for about 30%. See "Fiji and Hawaii Compared -- Racial Supremacy By Law in Fiji Resembles What Hawaiian Sovereignty Activists Are Seeking (both Akaka bill and independence proposals)" at

Ethnic Hawaiians seeking race-based political power would ideally like Hawaii to become once again an independent nation, but with guaranteed racial supremacy in the manner of Fiji. However, recognizing that outcome is impossible anytime soon, the activists look at the guaranteed special rights of New Zealand's Maori as a reasonable short-term goal. They see that the path to total power is a series of steppingstones beginning with creation of a private race-based members-only Klub Kanaka, as found in Act 195 of the 2011 legislature.

They expect the state legislature to gradually hand over land, money and jurisdictional authority to Klub Kanaka until the state government begins to resemble the model of New Zealand. The eventual goal is total independence with "indigenous" racial supremacy along the lines of Fiji. The difference is that in Hawaii, ethnic Hawaiians are only about 20-25% of the population. So Hawaii's future would look more like South Africa under apartheid, where a small minority (Caucasians) held political power and oppressed the great majority.

In July 2011 the following anonymous essay was widely circulated by e-mail, presumably written by someone in New Zealand. It has obvious implications for the future of Hawaii as Act 195 gets implemented.


I wish I was a Maori ......

I have been wondering about why only Whites are racists, but no other race is...... so I got to thinking.

Maori call me a 'Pakeha', [Pa = village, keha = flea, vermin ] 'Whitey', 'Honky' and 'Redneck' and that's OK, but if I call you Hori, you call me a racist.

You have a race based Maori Political party, special Maori only parliamentary seats and Maori can stand as a candidate in any parliamentary electorate in New Zealand but white people cannot stand for a Maori seat or be on the Maori roll or a member of the Maori Party. You have '3 bites at the same electoral cherry'. White people have only one and yet you still say you are dis-advantaged. If I complain you call me a red neck racist.

You have a race based Maori caucus in parliament which includes the Maori members from all parties. It concerns itself with protecting and advancing Maori values, not party political values. If whites or any other ethnic group had a multi party parliamentary caucus that dealt with the advancement of its own race or for whites only, and not politics we would be called racist.

You also want to appoint your own representation on Local bodies and demand the granting of special seats or privilege. If not granted you scream racism. Yet Maori can be elected just the same as any person from any race. If there were seats on any local body that were just for whites only there would be great cries of racism.

You have a flag of your own, which you insist be recognised and flown alongside the flag of our country. This illustrates your separateness and division from the rest of New Zealanders. If a white person flew and demanded recognition of a competitive flag for New Zealand, it would be tantamount to Treason, & prosecuted vigorously.

There are a number of openly proclaimed Maori schools and Colleges in New Zealand. Maori colleges and high schools specifically for Maori students. Yet if there were 'Whites Only colleges', they would be racist colleges. If whites had scholarships, college funds and Trusts that only gave white students Scholarships, you know they'd be racists.

You expect whites and other New Zealanders to ignore your special tax payer funded educational institutions and when we complain or say you should teach your language and culture in the home as other races do you call us racists.

Who pays for the running of Maori colleges? If whites objected to their taxes going to pay for them they would be called racist. If white people had their own schools and colleges they would be called elitist racists.

You have Government funded race based Kohango Reo's [pre-schools] to teach your race your own language and even have transport to pick the children up. If any other race asked for the taxpayer to fund the teaching of only their own language, or transport to take their children to pre-school they would be laughed at and called racist.

You have Maori Health Services. Special organisations within the taxpayer funded public health system which are run by Maori for only Maori. If whites asked for such special and separatist privileges from the health services they would be racists.

You have a Maori TV channel funded by the New Zealander taxpayer. If there was a Whites only TV or if whites said Maori should fund their own TV, they would be called racists.

You also have your own Te Reo TV channel which broadcasts solely in Maori. Of the 14 free to air Freeview TV channels Maori have two of them and yet there are also Maori language programs and news on the main network channels such as TV One and TVNZ 7. If we consider that an over representation of a language that the rest of us don't want to learn, we are called racists.

If we had any organisations, schools, trusts, and governmental groups TV stations, etc for whites only to advance OUR lives, we'd be racists.

A white woman cannot be Maori sportswoman of the year, but any race can be New Zealand sportswoman of the year. A white person cannot be in the Maori All blacks or any Maori sporting team, but any colour can be in the All blacks or any New Zealand sports team. This separatism is decidedly racist but if a white person comments on it they are labelled racist. The fact that we have a Maori Allblack team is as racist as is any race based sports team can be but if there was a whites only Allback team or any other whites only sports team it would be considered blatantly racist.

You say the whites commit as much violence as you do. So why are the Maori parts of town the most dangerous places to live? Why are the jails so full of Maori? Why are so many children killed and bashed by Maori. But when I say that Maori are a violent people you call me a racist.

You rob us, convert our cars, rape our women and bash our elderly. But, if a white police officer shoots a Maori or a Maori gang member, or assaults a Maori criminal running from the law and posing a threat to society, you scream racism.

You are proud to be Maori and you're not afraid to announce it, even though you may not be full Maori, but part Maori, or even only 'trace element' Maori, but when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

Why is it that only whites can be racists?

There is nothing improper about this e-mail. It's all true and illustrates that it's time we started to pressure all politicians to eliminate special race based privilege and parliamentary seats based on race.

Stop giving Maori special privilege and treat them the same as any white person, Chinese, Asian, Indian or Pacific Islander.

There are many races that live in New Zealand, all were alien initially, now there are many minorities and if we don't learn to stand up and stop privilege being accorded to any one particular group, the next group to start wanting separatist rules, favouritism and privilege will be alien religious groups.

The great gravy train, a.k.a the Waitangi grievance Industry, has hopefully nearly finished its work of judging events of 160 years ago through today's eyes and making compensation awards in today's money so now is the time to stop and ask: Do we want a privileged group enjoying special favour for no rational reason, or do we want racial equality in New Zealand with fairness and equal privilege for all.

There is nothing improper about this e-mail........... so let's see which of you care enough to send it on. Think about this ... If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone - THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

It's not a crime to be white YET.. but getting very close!


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