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This is a page dedicated to Self Injury, specifically cutting. This is a companion site to the support group, Second Chances and I maintain both pages jointly. This site deals with in the information side of things and Second Chances provides the support. At this site, I hope to inform those that have never heard of self injury, family members and those who are currently or formerly someone who self injurers. I did use self injury as a coping mechanism and since then have decided that I was given this burden so that I may help others. After I realized exactly what I was doing to myself, self injury, I made sure I found out as much as possible about it. I felt that knowledge could be power and to some extent it has been. After looking after web page after web page, I felt many of them were missing an important component: they needed to be personal. I felt like I was just looking up encyclopedia’s, that there was no one behind the websites. So it has been my goal to make sure people know that there is more than just words on a page, but a person. A real person that has suffered from and beaten this. So I hope you guys come away with that feeling. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and I hope my site can help you in some way.

Finally, the most important fact that I shall impart onto
you is that there is a way to beat it.