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PASSIONS drinking game


But 2 drinks if:
A Luis or Sheridan flashback to when they were together A Sam or Ivy hippy flashback
A flashback to Eve singing in the club
A Sheridan flashback to the body under the bloody sheet

For example:
A Theresa flashback to trying to win over Ethan
A Luis or Sheridan flashback of them making out
A Tabitha flashback of Timmy


A child suddenly ages several years
A holiday episode
All the characters in the same room
The characters are in LA
Sheridan dies
A character is replaced by a different actor
TC calls Chad a thug
Tabitha mentions the friends in the basement
Mrs. Wallace prays to the angels
Pilar calls someone "mi hijo" or says "Por favor"
Luis or sheridan talk about their past lives
Theresa mentions fate
TC goes on steroid rage- 2 drinks if he hits someone
Julian has a drink
Eve says singing is the devil
Alistair appears (or his voice is heard)
Two characters videoconference
Someone is in the hospital/psych ward
Liz watches creepily from a distance
A character talks to himself
Someone is on a boat
Kay talks about her plan to marry Miguel
Pilar tries to make Luis and Antonio make up
Someone mentions Bermuda
David mentions "before the fire"
Charity whores herself
Fr. Lonigan appears (2 drinks if he calls someone "my child" or senses evil)
John calls Grace mom
TC mentions drugs
Anyone talks about how wonderful Eve is
Anyone senses evil
The angel girl appears
Eve gets an urgent phone call/page/carrier pigeon from the hospital
Whitney sings
Charity has a premonition
Gratuitous shirtlessness (2 drinks if 2 or more men are shirtless at once)
Simone tells Kay that her plan won't work
Tabitha watches people from her crystal ball, etc.
Luis talks about the Crane conspiracy
Fox looks creepily at Whitney
There is a horrible accident
Someone says they know what is going on but really they don't
There is a wedding
Someone says "Give me my baby!!"
Rebecca blackmails someone
Two or more female characters are wearing bathingsuits
Tabitha talks about Charity making love
Whitney wears a weird shirt
TC almost finds out about Eve and Julian
Someone calls Theresa a bitch
Rebecca plans to hurt Theresa
Someone is in hell- literally
Julian and Rebecca dress up
TC talks to Whitney about tennis
Luis calls Pilar "MaMA"
Someone says evil is in harmony
Someone recaps for the camera
Death appears
Norma the killer lesbian appears
Someone falls from really high up
There is a musical guest
Someone talks about when Kay seduced Miguel
A monster appears
Tabitha's mutant baby does something mutant
Hecuba or the chucky girl appears
Someone loses their memory
5 drinks if a house is devoured by hellfire
5 drinks for musical sequences (ie Chicago) and themed dreams (ie Alice in Wonderland)

Grace's tomato soup cake appears/is mentioned
Someone mentions Martin Fitzgerald
Faith, Grace's twin, is mentioned (Five if she comes back)
Noah is mentioned
A random family member (ie Fox) is suddenly added
A character mysteriously disappears from the show
Tabitha has a baby


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