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Commander Keen Ultimate

What Is Commander Keen Ultimate?

Welcome to the Commander Keen Ultimate official website. Commander Keen Ultimate is an unofficial Commander Keen game. In other words, it was not made by the same people as the original Keen series was. Commander Keen Ultimate is made with The Games Factory, available at To learn more, click on any of the links on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

News & Updates

Date Event
Friday, May 3, 2002 Our website is up and running.


Commander Keen Ultimate Episode I: A New Mystery

Billy Blaze sighed as he sat down in his clubhouse chair. It had been a very uneventful week. No aliens attacking Earth in any way, McMire was awfully quiet, things seemed almost too uneventful. With his parents gone for a week-long vacation and it being the first week of summer break, Billy Blaze went on a little expedition of his own. He donned his brother's football helmet and transformed into Commander Keen, defender of the universe. He entered his Bean-With-Bacon megarocket and blasted off into space. He was about to fly to Vorticon but detected a heavily damaged Vorticon ship.

"Vorticon ship, this is Commander Keen. My scans show heavy damage, do you need help?" There was no answer. "Their communications sytem must be down. I must dock and see what happened." Commander Keen secured his attach-o-ray to the main hatch and entered. There was no one in the corridors. He checked engineering, where they would most likely establish a command post. Surely enough it was populated with Vorticon crew. Many were injured. Something terrible happened to their ship. "You must be Commander Keen," said a Vorticon officer. "Do you want to speak with our captain?"

"Yes, please." The captain appeared to be in good health but anyone could tell, something terrible was on his mind. "Ah, Captain Keen. There's something we need to discuss."

"What's on your mind? And by the way it's Commander Keen."

"Of course, Commander Keen," said the Captain. "As you can see we have recently taken heavy damage and injuries. No doubt you want answers. Well, we were on a mission to the Alpha Centauri sector when a huge warp shockwave hit our ship. It knocked out all ship systems including main life support. We have recovered our sensor readings in the last few hours and discovered that the shockwave originated from an artificial structure."

"What species could build such a thing?" said Keen curiously.

"I wish we knew, but there's more. The shockwave originated in the Omega sector. An area of space known by all to be without life. Whoever they are it's like they just appeared here. Commander Keen, be very careful. We don't know what could happen next."

"A warp shockwave. Most species have only dreamed of such power. These seem like some aliens we don't want to encounter. Do you need help with repairs?" said Keen.

"Repairs are moving along nicely but thanks for your offer," said the Captain.

"Okay, I guess I'll be leaving. I must discover who they are and what they want. A species doesn't just appear without reason."

"Good luck Captain Keen."

"Thanks, and it's Commander Keen."

"Yes Commander, bye." Commander Keen made his way to his ship with haste. Who was he dealing with? He had to find out. He set a course for the Omega sector awaiting a new adventure and a new mystery.