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       Doris Ray is a recently retired home support worker living in the Fraser Lake area of west-central British Columbia. She is a member of the Fraser Lake Writers Group as well as the Northern Scribblers Guild. She has written a humour column for weekly newspapers, published articles about local history and mental health, and self-published two chapbooks of poetry.

Stuff 'n Nonsense book cover
Short Stories & Poetry
48 pages. Paperback.
5.5" X 8
ISBN 0-9685413-6-4
$9.95 (CDN) + $2.25 P&H

Stuff 'n Nonsense by Doris Ray. A joyful collection of twenty-five nonsensical materials from accomplished author Doris Ray. Tales of a plumber, of Moldilocks the ugly step-sister and what really happened on the Queen's birthday. Travel along to Huckleberry Heaven. Learn about "Whitey" the North Shore Moose. And who the heck was Snakey Bill? Stuff 'n Nonsense is a fun read that is difficult to put down.

Non Fiction
218 pages. Perfect bound paperback.
6" X 9".
Caitlan Press
ISBN 0-920576-77-X
$16.95 (CDN) + $2.25 P&H

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The Ghosts Behind Him book cover The Ghosts behind Him is Doris's story of her family coming to terms with schizophrenia which affects more than 40,000 people in British Columbia as well as their families.
Not only does the book detail the emotional roller-coaster rides of the family but it also gives us glimpses into the private world of the schizophrenic and the voices he can't avoid and which drive him to commit an unbelieveably violent act.

The Boy on the Road book cover The Boy On The Road and Other Stories by Doris Ray, winner of the BC 2000 Book Award for The Ghosts Behind Him, is a celebration of daily living in northern BC. This collection of short stories illustrates the author's talent for revealing the human condition. Her descriptions take the reader directly into scenarios ranging from science fiction anomalies and deadbeat bar rooms to confrontations with life and death.The characterizations vividly portray northerners and I was delighted with the combination of wit, earthiness and pathos reflected in her stories.

-Vivian Cipryk, avid reader and short story writer.
Short Stories - Fiction
89 pages. Paperback.
8.5" X 8.5".
ISBN 0-9684789-1-3
$12.95 (CDN) + $2.25 P&H

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