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Vol 1, Issue 1February 2002


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The Only Online Guide to Collecting Black Dolls!

Welcome to the first issue of the one and only Black-doll collectors newsletter! It has been a long time in the works and now it is finally here!

We want you to know that this e-zine was designed with you in mind, the Black-doll collector. Please make yourself at home; pull up a chair, sit back, relax, and enjoy all we have to offer in the first issue of Black Doll-E-Zine.

Navigate throughout the e-zine using the links to the left. In this issue, you will get to know the authors, obtain the latest doll news and trivia, meet a doll artist and a doll collector, learn doll care tips, and much more.

We readily welcome your feedback on the this issue as well as future issues. So enjoy, and please let us hear from you soon!

To contact us: (Zee) (Deb)