Get me out of Here!

"O god, I could be bonded in a nutshell and countmyself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad          dreams."

These are some of the sites I've found, been lead to, or accidentally entered and decided were worth wasting some time on. This list is growing constantly so check back once in a while


Wild City- one of the best sites on line. It's been around for years and has had over 4 million hits.

The fish show- don't ask, but my friend noodle boy loves this place. It's got some funny video, and   some good artwork.

This hour has 22 minutes- need I say more. One of the best commedy tv shows ever to come out of Canada.

Mike's page of abstraction. why not... this will remain here until mr. Fish gives me a proper picture of him so it can be put in the friends page. Otherwise, this is my little bit of devotion to Mikey.

Book-a-Minute-This is good, especially if you've read the books. I espescially like the one for gullivers travels :)

Eric Conveys an Emotion- This site is just plane GOOOD! go here!!!

The Onion- the only trustworthy news source

Urban Legends- Find out the real scoop. These people go to great lengths in their research and deserve appreciation

Be Lego- this site just rocks!


   Love Yue-ish

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