The Refreshments

So just how far down do you want to go
We could talk it out over a cup of joe
and you could look deep into my eyes like I was a
supermodel, uh huh

Well it's Yue and Mmy baby, no-one else we can trust
Don't say nothing to no-one, no-how or we're bust
and never crack a smile, or flinch, or cry for
nobody, uh huh

  Well give your I.D. card to the border gaurd
  Yeah your alias says you're captain Jean Luc Picard
  of the United Federation of Planets
  'Cause he won't speak English anyway
   And everybody knows
  that the world is full of stupid people
  So meet me at the mission at midnight
  and we'll divy up there

   Everybody knows
  that the world is full of stupid people
  Yeah I got the pistols so I'll keep the pesos
  yeah and that seems fair

So put the sugar in the tank of the sherrif's car
and slash the deputy's tires they won't get very far
when they finally get the word that there's been a
hold-up, uh huh.

-- CHORUS --

  That seems fair
  That seems fair
  Well that seems fa-i-a-i-a-i-ar

(sometimes i just can't resist)

*I'm confuzzed*