I've just taken a couple of courses in school on astronomy, and i've learned sooo many interesting things. I've always had an interest in the stars, so i've been wanting to put this section up for a while. I've got so much information now, so I figured there was some things that needed to be shared. I hope you enjoy this!


Our Moon

Our Sun

Our Solar System

Our Galaxy


Astronomy books to check out

The Universe and Beyond  by Terence Dickson (some of the pics posted are from this book)

Skywatching by David H. Levy, this book has great tips on what to watch for!

The Universe Revealed by Chris Impey and William Hartman
(this is my text, and it's written pretty simplistically, but it's quite comprehensive with many pretty pics)

 And, if you can find it, the Feb. 2001 issue of National Geographic has some awesom satelite photos
of Mars. It's very neat. I've heard some new photos are on their way back and will be published
for the public soon. *ping*


Astronomy Links

The Royal Astronomical Society's official site

CLEA- a great place to find labs on how space stuff works. They're pretty neat and
provide everything for you :)

Astrology Links
 While I don't usually include this sort of thing in scientific areas, it is something i have an interest in.
I will try to have an astrology page set up, but not in relation to astronomy, because they are very much
different fields. BUT MAN, if I could study astrology at school, I'd be *so* happy!

 Astrocenter- this is a pretty thorough site, with a variety of different fortune telling methods, I enjoy it
and visit it regularly.

Star Trek Links (if you have more please share!)

 Star The official Star Trek site!