Art and stuff

This is the art of me and my friends that I've been able to get my hands on and scan so far... things go slowly. Enjoy as you would any other form of visual stimulae...



This would be my artistic representation of Dressripper... I drew it while depressed on a page that had pics I'd drawn of all my friends. I'm still trying to figure out what that means.

This is sort of a side wasey pic I drew of Mighcelph, Hee!


Another image from the same drawing as the two above. This one's of miss finnabair - the pink haired wonder :)


This is the story of a girl... way to go mmy, yet another

Tournee Du Chat Noire

I speak of no other than the Cafe De La Lune Kitty. Mmy did this wonderful copywrite violation.

She's got beautiful wings but you can't see them
because you're not special


  I'm reminded of Pokemon


The Orn

I am the one who knows nothing
thinks nothing is certain
doubts everything

How long is a flailing chinaman?? thanks Ian!!!


Chain Art: Ian n Kitty
Other photography

an artist's self portrait

Just 'cause I felt like showing off more of my own art :)

I really like this dragon

one of mr. adam's pieces
I really like this!


Another one of Droool's creations.
If I could get my hands on some of the
linear stuff, then you'd see something

Lou painted this for my birthday (i'd asked for a starry field)
anyhoo, he did a copy of it on the comp so i wouldn't have to attempt scanning the original
to share it wiht my friends.
check out other oekaki here

Painting i did on my cast, lou did a sun/male complement on the side i couldn't paint.

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