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Angelfish Price List

Fish Link Exchange

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are the varieties and types of fish I currently produce.My Angels are ready for sale at nickel/quater size,(10-12 weeks old).I only ship fully formed Angels with all fins intact.No missing ventrals ,bent fins or short gill plates.I pride myself on the quality of my fish. E-mail me for availability.Packageing and handling included.Shipping "NOT" included. I accept Paypal,Money Orders and cash,(for local orders).I ship to US and Canada only. Sorry no hatchery viewing, as it is spread throughout my entire house.Free delivery for local orders.Email-me for the retailer closest to you,who carries my Angelfish. Note: "TAS" members recieve a 15% discount on internet retail sales. ****Last Update 8/10/02*****

Angelfish Juveniles,(nickel/quarter size).

Angelfish breeding pairs,and single unmatched adults.

Corys juvs.