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Mission Statement:

The goal of the PYRAMEDIC Trust (PaT) is to provide financial assistance for Great Pyrenees' owners/rescuers whose Pyrs are in need of emergency medical care.

Often people are unable to afford the necessary medical treatments to sustain a good "quality of life" for their Great Pyrenees when the dog has an unforeseen illness or emergency crisis. Unfortunately, suffering and/or unnecessary death of the dog are the final result. We, at PYRAMEDIC, have dedicated ourselves to the continued health and well-being of the breed and are determined to alleviate such tragedies whenever possible.

The PYRAMEDIC Trust (PaT) was established in 2000 as a non-profit organization to financially assist Great Pyrenees owners and rescue organizations with veterinary medical costs in times of crisis. Our Board members are a dedicated group of Great Pyrenees owners and fanciers with extensive backgrounds in the Great Pyrenees breed. We are committed to providing funding resources for purebred Great Pyrenees that are in dire need of medical attention and whose owner/rescuer find they are unable to cover the basic costs of veterinary care.

Not all Great Pyrenees' medical conditions will qualify for full or partial financial aid from the Trust. The amount of the financial award depends solely on the available resources of PaT. Amounts allotted are based on the current medical condition of the dog, the access to other resources and support services, the ability of the owner/rescuer to pay for the costs of treatment and the Great Pyrenees' expected "quality of life" post-treatment.

It is strongly advised that the potential applicant read and understand the guidelines for funding as set out by the PYRAMEDIC Trust. These guidelines are available on this website. Use the CONTACT INFO button below to reach a member of the Trust if you require further information or have any specific questions.

The PYRAMEDIC Trust will consider each application on a case by case basis and reserves the right to either approve or deny funds.

In the event that funds are not immediately available to cover the medical expenses of the Great Pyrenees in need, PaT may request the approval of the owner/rescuer to feature the dog on our website to encourage individual sponsorships.

Acceptance of the application does NOT guarantee that funds will be forthcoming. Once a Great Pyrenees is approved for financial assistance PYRAMEDIC will work diligently on your behalf to acquire the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses.

In all cases the funds that are issued on behalf of the Great Pyrenees in need will be paid directly to the Veterinarian treating the dog, and/or to the pre-approved rescue organization or breed Club. Under no circumstances will the funds be payable to the owner or guardian of the dog.

Please see the guidelines for a complete list of what types medical treatments and medications might be covered or excluded from funding. Coverage is subject to change without prior notice.

The PYRAMEDIC Trust reserves the right to designate what treatments are covered and specifically where the funds are to be used. Any coverage not listed in the guidelines will be subject to review and approval by the PaT members before any funds will be issued.

It is our wish that people who admire and respect Great Pyrenees will participate in this very important project and assist these Pyrs during their medical crisis.

It is through your support that we will be able to continue to fund the necessary veterinary medical expenses to those individuals in financial crisis who care deeply for their companions and who want to do what is best for them.

If you sincerely wish to help with a financial donation to PaT, or have items for our Gift Shop or Auction, you may contact us through the CONTACT INFO email link below. Thank you.

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