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Halloween Graphics

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All sounds on this site retain their original copyrights and are for evaluation purposes only.
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This site built and maintained by
Copyright 1999,2000,2001 & 2002 The CABLE CONNECTION!.
All rights reserved.
All sounds on this site retain their original copyrights and are for evaluation purposes only.

The entire murder scene in the shower from Psycho... shower.wav (272k)
The entire murder scene in the shower from Psycho... shower.wav Edward Scissorhand Introduction (Titles) Thriller real audio
Beetle Juice real audio Theme It Must Be Halloween The Monster Mashreal audio
Edward Scissorhand Introduction (Titles) Thriller real audio
Beetle Juice.mid Theme War Of The Worlds The Goonies
Spooky Scary SkeletonsTrick or Treat The Addams Family real audio
Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells) Theme From Jaws "I'm frightfully sorry but the master of the house is all tied up down in the laboratory..."
The X-Files Theme The Silence Of The Lambs The Prince Of Darkness
Christine Scream Dracula
Blade Runner Poltergeist Exorcist II: The Heritic
Friday The 13th A Nightmare On Elm Street The Shining
Ghost Busters real audio Gimme A Smile (The Pumpkin Song) real audio Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) Windows Media
The Creature From the Tub windows media Halloween Party Witches, Witches, Witches
In Our Haunted House Haunted House Monster Mash Bobbie Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers Capizzi
The BlobThe Five Blobs Bacharach/David Twilight Zone Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra Constant The Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley Wooley
I Put A Spell On You Screamin' Jay Hawkins Hawkins/Slotkin Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Screamin' Jay Hawkins Hawkins/SlotkinMartian Hop The Ran-Dells Rappaprt/R/S
Werewolf Of LondonWarren Zevon Marinell Godzilla Blue Oyster Cult Roeser King Kong The Jimmy Castor Bunch Castor/Pruitt
Frankenstein The Jimmy Castor Bunch The Time Warp (From The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Riff Raff Columbia Magenta Narrator & Transylvanians OBrien Witch Doctor David Seville Bagdasarian
Spooky Welcome To My Nightmare Alice Cooper Devil Inside INXS
It's Your Voo Doo Working Charles Sheffield They're Coming To Take Me Away Napoleon XIV (This song was BAND when it first came out.) Season Of The Witch Heretix
Weird Science Oingo Boingo Here Comes The Bride (The Bride Of Frankenstein) Felix The Cat Collide Sharples TV Terror
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Numb Rogers Laverne & Shirley Alien Faktor Fox TV Terror I'm out digging up Guests for our Halloween Party..."
"We don't accept calls from the living, but if you're a zombie, monster, ghoul or fiend..." We're out graverobbing so leave your message at the sound of the rattling bones." "Greetings this is Igor...If you have an extra brain you could spare..."
Chainsaw Massacre The Story Of Halloween Horror The Sounds of Halloween
ScreamsFalling Scream Cackle/Witches Laughter
Monster Bash (Halloween Song) The Dark-Net (Halloween Story) Woman Screams
Shrill Scream Terrified Scream Man Screams Intense
Man Screams Terrified Man Screams Crowd Panic
Frightened Breathing Dying Breaths 1 Dying Breaths 2
Last Breath Scary Heavy Breathing Man Groaning
Man Groaning In Pain Man Gagging Scary Laugh
Bones Cracking Fingernails On Chalkboard Monster Growling
Monster Breathing Ghost Sounds Wolves Howling
Cat Scream Dog Growling Vampire Bats Chittering
Giant Bats Owl Night In Forrest
Heartbeat Footsteps In Hall Footsteps In Forrest
Monster Dragging Foot Eerie Gong Scraping Gong
Breaking Glass Electric Sparks High Voltage
Electrocution Monster Coming To Life Witches Brew
Magic Potion Witches Cackle Thunder & Rain
Stormy Night Howling Wind Chainsaw Massacre
Sharpening Knife 1 Sharpening Knife 2 Creaky Rocking Chair
Creaky Gate Blood Dripping (Bonus Track From 'Tales From Beyond') Premature Burial Poe
Halloween NightSpine Tingling Sound Effects Of An Eerie Night The Pit And The Pendulum Poe Telltale Heart Poe
Warlock's Ride Comical Laughs
Evil Laughs Thrown Off A Cliff Mad Organ
Psychotic Strings Thunderstorm Mad Science
Rabid Dogs Ghost Sounds Sleep Little Baby
Revelation The UFO Has Landed Alien Invasion
Outer Space Emergency! Downward Spiral
The Calm Before The Storm Lurking In The Dark Welcome
Welcome To My House Why Don't You Come In? Prepare To Die
Heavy Breather II Terror's On Its Way Whipped Senseless
Sawing A Body In Half Misc. Sound FX Helpless
Help Me The Big One
Spirits In The Attic Evil Laughs II Crazy Group Laugh
Door Creaks Door Creak (Long)
Terror Screams Vortex Total Terror
Gunshots Creepy Chimes Wind
Door Shut Punched Out Heartbeat
Diminished Aahs Footsteps Dentist Drill Of Death
The Witch More Laughs Gateway To Hell
Watch Out... Jaws String Bones Crackling
Bone Breaking Misc. Sound FX II
Monster Mash (1,658k) Boogie Man (26k) Ghost (70k)
Transylvania Twist (1,429k) Scream Female 2 (21k) Howl - Coyote (23k)
Skully Gully (1,555k) Thunder (15k) Welcome (w/spook) (45k)
Irresistible Igor (1,402k) Wind (eerie) (30k) Howl - Werewolf (37k)
Monster Mash (494k) Creep (11k) Entity, The (20k)
Transylvania Twist (436k) Halloween 1 (9k) Possessed (5k)
Skully Gully (467k) Halloween Theme (52k) Horror, The (3k)
Irresistible Igor (425k) Psycho (10k) Twilight Zone (7k)
The Great Pumpkin Waltz I'm Not Scared
The Witch Is On Her Broomstick If You're Scary And You Know It Bring Back My Neighbors To Me
Jack-O-Lantern I'm A Mean Old Witch T'Aint No Sin
Cockles And Mussels The Green Gremlins Stirring Our Brew
Old Roger 5 Little Pumpkins Spider On The Floor
Days Of Halloween There Was An Old Woman Dem Bones
The Thing Which Witch Is Which?
Halloween Midis Zip Halloween Wavs Zip Attack
Boo Bubble Bubble
Creaking Door Eerie Sound Evil Laugh
Ghosts Greeting From The Graveyard Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween 1 Happy Halloween 2 Happy Halloween 3
Happy Halloween 5 Have A Scary Halloween
Haunted House Haunting Heartbeat
Here Kitty Kitty Howling Monster
Scary Goodbye Scary Welcome Scream
Scream [female] There's A Witch Thunder
Trick Or Treat smell my feet... Vampire Is Hungry Welcome To My Nightmare
Werewolf Vampire Laugh Witches Brew
Addams Family Albinoni Adagio Alfred Hitchcock
Alien Beetlejuice Benidictus
Bewitched Black Hole Black Magic Woman
Bramstokers Dracula Candyman Casper
Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Children of the Grave Close Encounters Theme
Dark Shadows Darth Vader - Star Wars Devil
Don't Fear the Reaper Edward Scissor Hands Exorcist
Evil Ways Ghostbusters Hall Of The Mountain King
Halloween Halloween H2O Haunted Mansion
Helter Skelter I Put A Spell On You It's Halloween
Jaws Laurie's Theme Monster Mash
Nightmare Before Christmas Outer Limits Phantasm
Phantom of the Operamidi Phantom of the Opera Windows Media Phantom of the Opera real audio
Phantom of the Opera-Main Title Theme Psycho Sanctuary
Spawn Spooks On Parade Tales From the Crypt
Terror The Abyss The Chamber
The Fangs The Graveyard The Haunting
The Munsters The Parlor Thriller
Time Warp Toccata & Fugue Twilight Zone
Werewolves In London Witchy Woman X-Files Theme
Happy Halloween HA HA LAUGH 2
WOLF Happy Haloween "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch"
"What's This Life For"
A rendition of this song from H20
Halloween Mix
A remix of the theme by Chris
H20 Midi
A rendition of the theme
Halloween Theme
The main theme
Halloween II Theme
A much stronger "organ" rendition of the theme song
Laurie's Theme
Laurie's theme song
Don't Fear the Reaper 
Blue Oyster Cult's song featured in the original HALLOWEEN.
Myers House Theme
Myers house theme song 
Michael Kills Judith 
Music from when it all began - 1963
The Shape Stalks - HALLOWEEN 
The stalking theme from the original.
The Shape Stalks - HALLOWEEN II
The stalking theme from Part II
Requires a special MOD file player. Check to download a player for Windows.
Halloween Theme Mod 
A cool sounding version of the main theme.
Halloween Theme Mod 2 
A "dance" remix of the main theme.
Click on a link to download the file and play it through a media player. Each are zipped files, make sure you've got to unzip them before playing.
HALLOWEEN - Main Theme 
The original main title theme.
HALLOWEEN - Laurie's Theme 
Theme song connected to Laurie Strode, from the original soundtrack.
HALLOWEEN 6 - Theme - Alternate
Unreleased theme music from the first cut of the film.
Halloween Fan Mix- A -
The second part of the mix.
Halloween Fan Mix-B
The second part of the mix.
H20 End Theme Music
Orchestration that appeared at the end of the final credits. 925 KB WAV File Unzipped.
H20 Early Trailer Part 1
An early cut of the H20 trailer, which appeared breifly on screens.
H20 Early Trailer Part 2 
Continuation of the trailer .
Jamie Lee Curtis on Regis and Kathie Lee
Curtis discusses H20.
Michelle Williams on Regis and kathie Lee 
Williams on her role.
The original HALLOWEEN theme
HALLOWEEN Laurie's Theme
Laurie's theme from the original.
Michael's ready to attack
HALLOWEEN III Silver Shamrock
That annoying song from the commercial
An explosive rendition of the main theme
HALLOWEEN 6 Shape Stalks
From the soundtrack, not used in the theatrical cut
H20 Main Theme
John Ottman's amazing score!
"I shot him 6 times......"
Dr. Loomis telling a police officer that Michael just walked way after being shot.
"He didn't talk, didn't cry......"
Dr. Loomis talking about how Michael acted.
"They should have...."
Jimmy telling Laurie about Michael.
Sound that is used when Michael pops out "It's time...."
Loomis talking to Michael, at the end of the movie.
The two paramedics come to pick up Michael at the hospital.
"If you don't find him in 4 hours....."
Dr. Loomis telling the police that he will find Michael.
"It was Michael Myers...." "Noooo...Noooo...."
"Now where....." "You waited 10 years....." "They know that Michael Myers is her uncle......."
A clip of Loomis talking to Rachel. 
1999 Hulen axelf8
Bells Irreverence Back and Forth
Benidictus Jester Bluemond
Blackmagic Kingstontown Headring
Butcher Men In Black Hotcalif
Candyman Minddub Is This Love
Creep Mortal playgrn2
Dasboot Muftpvbm Millennium
Deep red Munsters Sambapati
Devil Phantasm Take me there
Don't fear Phantom33 tlcno
Doors2 Rasyan0001 tlc red
Dracula Rr2 Usher nice
Escape Scaremare White Weddding
Edward Scissor white pale Funeral
Scooby1 Shady Graveyard
Stairway Halloween The Raven
Halloween2 Thriller Hauntman
Casper Great Pumpkin Clowns
Exorcist Ghost Rag GHOST Busters
Gomez & Tish Theme.mid DEATH.WAV Halloween.mid
Haltheme Haunted Mansion Hitchcock
Moody Mountain King
Munsters Phantasm Poltergeist
PSYCHO.mid Scissor Hands spooksam
Terror Thriller
Werewolves In London Ballc Witch brew
afraid Bats WELCOME
BEANS BOO Witches laugh
BELLS Cats Who's there?
Bogeyman Csaw Whowl
CLOCK 1 Do you like Wishmaster fear
Door squeak Drop
Wolves Haunted house Drown
Werewolf Hitfan Espark
Witch's scream Scary door Foots
Wwind Scary laugh Freddytune4
Wwolf Thunder Gate close
Ghowl Halloween kids High voltage
Lab Laugh Legc
Mfoot Rockingchair Scream
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All sound files are for educational, research, criticism, or review for movie/home video purchase purposes.
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468 x 72 v2 7.18.00