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Aircraft WeIding(45 min.)      21‑36687

 Great introduction for the novice or a refresher for experienced welders. Learn how to run a bead, read a puddle, tack weld, cluster weld and much more!


Building Your Own Airplane: CORROSION

(60 min.)     21‑38113

Corrosion threatens every aircraft exposed to humid conditions and acid rain. Learn from Geo Hindall how to recognize, prevent and protect your aircraft against corrosion.


Aircraft Painting (60 min.)      21‑36467

 Join a professional paint crew as they show you the detailed steps and techniques involved when painting an aircraft.


Building Your Own Airplane (40 min.)


Answers many of the questions on what project to select, tools and skills required construction time, documentation, inspection, insurance and other factors to consider when building. Ideal for first time builders.


Fabric Covering With Ray Stits (120 min.)

    21‑ 36141

 Learn the delicate art of fabric covering from the expert‑Ray Stits (EM #136)—the man who developed the popular Stits Poly‑Fiber Aircraft Coat process. Step by step instructions.


Aircraft Welding (120 pgs)           21‑37

Fundamental welding techniques for the building & repair of aircraft, from the pages of Sport Aviation and other sources 120 pages filled with aircraft welding tips and information.


Wood Aircraft Building Techniques (140 pgs)


Excellent resource book on "How To build or repair wood aircraft


Custom Built Sport aircraft Hand book

 (144 pgs)     21‑ 13510

 A guide to construction standards for the amateur aircraft builder and detailed information on FM contact and applicable FARs.


CAM‑18‑Aircraft Maintenance Manual

 (209 pgs)      21‑13480

 Easy to read guide to maintenance, repair & alteration of aircraft. Includes airframes, power plants, propellers & appliances. CAM 18 is the early version of AC‑43.13, current guideline to repair of type certificated aircraft.


CAM‑107‑Aircraft Power plant Handbook

 (350 pgs)    21‑13470


C.A.A. Technical Manual for Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft Power plants.


Firewall Foreward (295 pgs)      21‑13950

 By Tony Bingelis. Manual on piston engine installations. One of the best engine reference manuals for the amateur builder


Sport plane Builder (300 pgs)            21‑30140

 By Tony Bingelis (Vol. I) Aircraft construction methods and techniques for the homebuilder. Articles taken from Tony's columns in Sport Aviation magazine.


Sport plane Construction Techniques

(360 pgs) 21‑ 01395

By Tony Bingelis. (Vol. ll.) More aircraft construction tips for the homebuilder. Articles taken from Tony's columns in Sport Aviation magazine.


Flying and Glider Manuals


Reprints of original Building and Flying Manuals. published from 1929 to 1933 by Modem Mechanix and Inventions.


1929 Flying & Glider Manual      21‑14167

 Contains information on flight lessons plus building the Heath Super Parasol, Russell‑Henderson Light Monoplane and an easy to build glider.


1930 Flying & Glider Manual      21‑14168

 Plans for building a Heath Baby Bullet, set of light plane metal floats. Building the Northop Glider, Lincoln Biplane, Also Sport plane plus other tips on building and welding.


1931 Flying & Glider Manual       21‑1416

Building the "Longster", Georgias Special, a glider and secondary glider, Driggs Dart, the Church Midwing, the Heath Seaplane Parasol and its pontoons, the Northop Glider and other gliders.


1932 Flying & Glider Manual     21‑14170

Building the Pietenpol Aircamper with Ford motor conversion Powell "P‑H" Racer, the Heath Super Soar Glider, Penguin  practice plane, Ramsey ‑ "flying bathtub" and other kits. Also  build your own hangar.


1993 Flying & Glider Manual      21‑14171

 Building the Gere Sport Biplane, Pietenpol floats, Pietenpol Sky Scout, and Henderson Longster. Also, Long Harl & & Motor plans, a hydroglider and info on Building propellers




Paint & Finish- $13.95

Welding EAW13 $21.95

Fabric & Covering, EA-ADF--------- $10.95

New Poly Fiber Covering Manual-------------------- $10.00

New Ceconite Procedure Manual-------------------- $10.00

Poly Fibre Video-------------------- $52.58

Bible For builders & rebuilders

AC43-13 revised edition----------- $32.25

STD A/C Worker Manual---------- $22.63