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Tabs Done So Far

Here they all are then, finally finished... there's a couple I didn't bother with, namely Frog on a Stick and 3 Lie Ins, basically as they're non-album, and only chords, and hence take up space I could be using for better songs. If you're desperate, let me know....

I've tabbed them out so they make sense to me, so I hope they do to you; a lot of it is easy to play, but the way I've written it may not make it look so. It makes a lot more sense when you listen to the CD at the same time.

Enjoy !

We May Be Skinny and Wirey

Flower Girl
Loved Ya Once
Girl Next Door
Will You Still Care
Closet Heroine
Six soon to be Seven
Bucket and Spade
Autumn Afternoon
Strong Guy
Blue Dog

Nintendo Fallacy

Mrs Playing Dead
Son of the Devil
Sit Back Sucker and Say
Beauty and the Beast
Don't Curse in Front of my Kids

Singles & B-Sides

Cars and Football
Wednesdays in my Bed
Mrs Donnelly
Banana Breath Baby
Cash Kitty
21st Birthday Party
Rhinestone Cowboy
Inside Head On
James Dean-esque
Billy The Bunt
Rapid Pulsing Breaths