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Please read this first! These patterns are free for personal use only. You may not post them on a different web site or sell them. If you like them, please email me and let me know! There will be new patterns posted all the time, so book mark this site and come back often!

A special thanks to the following Caucks Crochet members for testing my patterns: Cindy from Lacombe, May from Two Hills, and Barb! Thanks so much! Also a big old thanks to my mom for letting me use her digital camera to take pictures of my creations!

If you like these patterns, and use them, please sign my guest book! (There's a link to it at the bottom of this page) Thanks!

Sunburst Dishcloth  (picture now up!)

Dainty Doily Square (picture now up!)

Highland Rose Square (6") (picture now up!)

Lacy Blossom Square (a tiny bit bigger than 6")(added March 31.... with picture)

Cute Country Square 6"(added March 31.... with picture)

Lacy Square 6"(added March 31.... with picture)

Medieval Square 6"(added March 31.... with picture)


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