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A Little Bit of Backstreet In My Life!

Where Fantasy Colides With Reality and the Two Worlds Are One...

Frames! No Frames!

Help!! Due to lack of time and a recent hacking incident, I am taking the site down. Sorry to everyone that likes it and to those who have stories hosted on my site. My other site (Anywhere For You) will still be up, and I am looking for places to get my stories and hosted stories hosted. As always, you can still get all the chapters here by Listbot, including my brand-spankin'-new story, "Desperate Revenge." And, if you want the URLs of any of the stories hosted here, or my stories, please e-mail me at and I'd be happy to help.

Where the stories are now:
Summer Secrets and Songs In My Heart- Backstreet Addiction's Fan Fiction
On the Backstreet Bus- On.the.Backstreet.Bus

The Gotta Be BSB Banner Exchange