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Joy is needed not/ By those that hath / little want and sorrow / and hath increase and bliss II

Joy comes not to the soft / to the untouched, complacent / with the plenty of the town I

Joy, Light,
This is a fruit bearing branch. The term of work has ended and you have come to a time of harvest, new clarity or simply a holiday of good things to be enjoyed.
You are now free to enjoy the blessings of this rune, whether they be in material gain, in your emotional life or in an awareness of your own well being.
Joy accompanies new energy, which was previously blocked before now, giving life, happiness and energy to enjoy it with.
Light pierces the clouds and touched the waters as something beautiful emerges from the depths; the soul is illuminated from within by light and energy radiance.
There is a new understanding and clarity now - an answer is accessible where only darkness was before. This may cause you to look at existing plans or goals and cause to see they are no longer necessary for your illuminated self. III

Happy thoughts!

Practice serenity; be at peace with yourself
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference
Reinhold Niebuhr

Name: Wynn
Sound: W
Number: 8
Colour: Blue
Origin: Hallristingor carving
The name wynn means glory. Odin is said to have carried a bundle of rods called Glory wands and to have practised rune magic with them. It is possible that this description is a part of runic divination by Odin. The rune symbolises power which is untapped and unharnessed.
On a higher level this rune is wisdom.
It is not glorious in the traditional sense; glory comes from that fact that it is hard won and only by the difficulty of its achievement is it valued. V

The Japanese concept of 'wa', "joyful harmony" comes close to explaining this rune. The principle of happiness is derived from bending with the wind, employing inner understanding and fluidity is important.
The rune is associated with Saturn and implies that joy and fulfilment will be achieved through hard work. The symbology is likened to fruit on a tree, which can be interpreted as matters that have been worked on are coming to fruition. Using the saturnine analogy the rune signifies both a conclusion and a new beginning. The mountaintop has been reached and so there is much happiness, at the same time new vistas open up and there are new challenges.

Germanic name: Wunjo
Anglo-Saxon: Wynn
8 of 1
Norse: none
Phonetic value: W and sometimes V
Traditional meaning: perfection
This is normally translated as 'joy' or 'pasture', cloud be derived from the runes name in German, 'wonne'.
In the oldest Germanic language available to us, the name of the rune means 'perfection', according to Jacob Grimm.
One of Odins bynames is Oski, which means fulfiller of wishes. In the esoteric sense it was to be understood as to wish towards perfection.
Wodans role as bearer of gifts and fulfiller of wishes still survives in the feast of St Nicholas on 6th December. The art of correct wishing.
The Anglo-Saxon name is wynn, from which 'winning'. The original meaning of the word was 'peaceful'. VI

Letter W
Meaning Joy
Planetary Rulerships: Venus and Saturn
Saturn is pictured as a lame God - because he was the slowest moving planet known. This is equivalent to Vulcan, the husband of Venus in Roman mythology or Hephaistos to Aphrodite and explains why medieval writers referred to Venus and Saturn as 'secret friends'. Aspects between Saturn and Venus are never as disastrous as Saturn's interactions with other planets. Since Vulcan is a smith (The Norse or Anglo-Saxon equivalent being Volund or Weyland, also a smith) this can represent joy in work, particularly where it involves creative or physical work. Creativity refers to work done with the hands rather than mental effort or dexterity.
It may mean the person enquiring is an artisan or craftsman.
Saturn's practicality has a stabilising effect on Venus' flightiness, can indicate deep and lasting affection.
Perhaps the receipt of good news - often indicates that news comes from a distance - again journeys abroad will be successful.

means joy and happiness. The positive result of whatever troubles are occurring. Success coupled with whatever runes surround it. Joy in work especially artistic or creative vocations. VIII

- Joy, Happiness Energy and Life
- To wish towards perfection - to wish correctly
- Joy in work, creative or physical, work done with the hands
- Japanese concept of 'Joyful Harmony'

Meaning: happiness
Divinatory: Balance
Happiness is yours if you work for it. Strive for balance and harmony, look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems
To have happiness you must be at peace with yourself. Happiness is found within and is not dependent on anyone or anything else. Happiness comes from seeking and finding the truth.

Joy is a hoped for ideal - rather than the first seven meanings in the first aett. In the context of the world described thus far, it is hard to imagine anyone not experiencing woe or sorrow. In the context of the whole poem, joy is seen as the reoccurring ideal condition of life.
The Anglo Saxon poem is again ambiguous. The first line can render another subtle meaning. There are two types of joy: joy that accompanies naiveté or joy of a child and joy, which is cherished for its rarity in the world of experience. IX

Its shape represents a metal wind-vane, such as those used on viking ships, temples and stave churches. Signifies joy, an elusive state of harmony in a chaotic world. Joy is achieved by being in balance with things, as the wind-vane, which moves in harmony with the air currents. The mid point between opposites. The rune of fellowship, shared aims and general well being. Shows us harmonious ways of doing things. It's corresponding herb is flax, the plant from which linen is made. In legend this was one of the gifts Frigg gave to human beings when she began the process of civilisation.XII

A recognition of how far you have travelled along the path of healing. The rune for serenity. Honesty leads to serenity and patience issues from it. Grief anger and fear are resolved in it's embrace, whilst trust and faith are nourished by serenity and love thrives in it's presence. Allowing serenity to fill your days, you have truly begun to heal your life. XV

Bliss comfort or glory, represents and absence of suffering. Linguistically it compares with the Germanic 'wulthuz'- glory, and 'winjo' pasture. Anglo Saxon poem has 'wenne' or bliss, enjoyed by prosperous ones.
One opinion has it that this rune induces intoxication, linking it to the Gothic Woths, 'furious' or 'raging' and the frenzy rune which was employed by Skinir. 'Woths' may in turn descend from the Germainic 'wod-z' which has the same meaning and is a probable derivation of Odin.

Joy and well being. Always a harbringer of good news. Working together in harmony to achieve a common goal. A balanced life. The harmony of 'the all' neither male nor female.
Peace security and quiet enjoyment, family and friends in abundance. The good life lies in contnetment and balance avoiding extremes.
Emotional and spiritual maturity exerts a calming influence. Use your will to make your wishes come true. Spirit powers are land spirits. XVII

The shape of this rune represents a weather vane such as those used on viking ships, pagan temples and stave churches (Early Christian buildings made of wood and supported on masts in Scandinavia) The rune means joy, an elusive state of harmony within a chaotic world. Joy can be found by coming into balance with things, like the wind vane which moves in harmony with air currents. The midpoint between opposites where alienation and anxiety disappear, whether caused by shortage or excess. A rune of fellowship, shared aims and general well being, helping us to realise our true will and potential. Can mean good news from afar. XVI

Joy and happiness on an emotional level. Associated with water, possibly a journey over water. An artistic or spiritual awakening, gain or luck in creative or inspirational matters. Sometimes represents a fair haired man. XVIII