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The thorn is very sharp to everyone / Bad to take hold of / Severe to those who rest among them II

The mean thorn / pricks everyone /evil to seize I

Gateway, place of non - action, the God Thor,
The gateway for a symbol. The rune of non-action. Place of meditation. This rune strengthens your ability to wait and understand yourself. This gateway cannot be passed without contemplation, you cannot move forward without contemplating your past. Deep transformational forces are at work here. Visualise yourself before a gateway on a hilltop. Your entire life stretches out behind you and below. Before you step through, pause and review the past, the learning and the joys, the victories and the sorrows - everything it took to bring you here. Observe it all, bless it all and release it all. For in letting go of the past you reclaim your power. Step through the gateway now. III

Thorn. Something to contemplate before you reach for it.

The ability to accept and grow from life's lessons in the bringing of wisdom. As wisdom deepens it lends inspiration to creativity and understanding to grief. St Augustine said, " The greatest good is wisdom". This rune is a gift to remember these words: - "wisdom is precious, wisdom is earned. The wise do not need to speak for their wisdom to reveal itself. It is their love and understanding that heal us.

Name: Thorn
Number: 3
Sound: Th
Colour: White
Origin: Hallristingor carving
Thorn is the symbol of the Ice Demon. In context of Germanic paganism, this refers to the frost giants who always threatened the Gods. In the pagan North, population was often scarce, so the threat of being frozen to death or being torn apart by a wild animal was a very immediate fear. The Germanic study of the ice spirits seems to have been far more acute than in other traditions. It is a rune of attack and test. It can also be used to see if someone has the right to use the runes. V

The thorn appears to denote sharpness and pain but can also mean a guard or warning. The symbol of the rune resembles a hammer. Thor carried a hammer called Mollnir; it was common for the Germanics to wear a small hammer to invoke his protective power. This rune can denote great strength and luck if the surrounding runes are helpful, possible delay if they are unhelpful. It may denote a warning and often shows in readings where the querant has become over - confident and is riding for a fall. There is a strong element of luck associated with this rune. The saying 'a thorn in my side' signifies an irritation. In the context of this rune the thorn is an obstacle that, once overcome, allows inner growth. It may represent a test, only by 'grasping the nettle' progress can be achieved.II

Germanic Name: Thurisaz
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Anglo-Saxon: Thorn
Norse: Thurs
Phonetic: Th
Traditional Meaning: Giant
In modern day Icelandic the word 'Thurs' means 'giant'. The Christians renamed it 'thorn' and translated it as 'demon'. "The thorn is most sharp, an evil thing / To take a grip on, extremely grim / For any man who rests among them" (Trans. Osbourne) This rune is the most malevolently powerful rune. The various energies represented by this rune are described in detail in the Saga of Seigfried and the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. In the Dutch version, the story is called 'Doornroosje', which translates as 'Thornrose'. In the Sigdirfumal, Odin uses a sleep-thorn to send Sigdrifa to sleep, taking away her immortality. The same happens in Wagner's "Ring". Wotan sends Brunhilde to sleep and surrounds the place where she sleeps with a ring of fire. The hero in Sleeping Beauty has to reach her through a dense barrier of thorns. In both these stories, the thorn is a protective symbol. VI

Letter: Th
Name: Thorn
Meaning: A Thorn
Planetary Rulership: Jupiter (active)
Jupiter is a protective planet. The Teutonic equivalent was Thor; the later Teutons often used to wear a representation of Thor's hammer for personal protection. It may herald a totally unexpected stroke of good luck. To the plant that sports it, the thorn is a natural defence, to the nature lover, a warning. The warning it usually gives is to take stock and consolidate your position before attempting to make further progress. Do nothing new or innovative at the moment. Where a decision is imminent, know nothing on your own trust. Consult the professionals - doctors, priests, lawyers and bankers before taking any action

Not only the thorn but the glyph representing the hammer of Thor - Mjollnir- protector of Gods and men alike. This has associations of protection and luck from an unexpected source. It is a two edged sword also warning of being stubborn or wrong minded in some way. Think carefully of your own motives before proceeding. Perhaps better to save face early on in the situation than to suffer humiliation and defeat later. VIII

- Sharpness and pain as a warning or test
- Grasp the nettle to pass the test
- The frost giants - constant irritation
- The place of non action
- Thor - protective aspect

Meaning: Thorn
Divinatory: Spiritual Authority
The authority to claim your destiny. Let no one deter you from your search for the truth. Use power in an unselfish way to have it is enough. You should never have to tell others of it. Blackthorn was used to make staffs - these trees are symbolic of protection and their wood was used to make evil warding talismans. The hawthorn also has protective energies but balances them with female ones.

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