Rune 14 - PERTH

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This rune is a bit funny in its translation. Most runes are based on the Rune poems for their meanings, this rune, although it has a verse in the Anglo Saxon poem, has a line or two missing from the middle of the stanza. This, along with various problems in translation has led modern translators to equate it to something hidden, as the poems message is hidden. There are various translations to this available, some reflecting the authors own preferences more than anything else. Most take it as some kind of game, chess or dice. There is historic evidence for these pastimes although the exact word translation has not been possible.

Chess is ever play and laughter / to the proud /** where warriors sit / in the beerhall / cheerful together II

In the beerhall / the dice cup clatters / the lucky ones laugh. I

Initiation, something hidden, a secret matter
Powerful forces of change. People are the pieces in the games of the gods. This is the rune of questing, there may be suprises, gains are not unlikely.
This rune points towards your own faith and is associated with the Phoenix - its ways are secret and hidden.
On the side of human nature this rune is symbolised by the flight of the eagle - soaring above the ordinary life.
If need be, let go of everything. No exeptions, no exclusions. Nothing less than the renewal of your spirit is at stake.

Something you are not admitting to yourself, your family or friends.

Love is everywhere. Look with understanding and acceptance, take time to find new ways to share your feelings. It is easliy recognised in a world of praise, an act of acceptance or through the understanding forgiveness brings.
Love heals people. Those who give and receive it.
Whatever is troubling or challenging you, this rune invites you to claim what is yours and see no disharmony or dishonour in doing so.

Name: Poerdh
Sound P
Number 6
Colour Red
Origin: the greeek letter Sigma
This is the most mysterious of all the runes. The meaning of the word Poerdh has never been sucessfully translated. The translations include Dice cup and the factors of chance and also human sexuality. The theory of the dice cup fits the shape of the rune.
The image could be that of a burial or grave mound entrance. The final boundary of life and death and to some extent, the price of failure.
This is a symbol of the grave, which is impenetrable. V

"It's a mystery to me
The game commences"
Dire Straits, Private Investigator, Money for Nothing.

This could also be interpreted as the gateway betweeen life and death. The game of chance, dice or forces of change are all metaphors for the transit of change between life and death.
Amendment to earlier observation: not something you are not admitting to yourself or something someone is trying to keep from you but rather something you are not supposed to know yet. The outcome of a game, or race. The end of a life or the turns it will take.
It perhps signifies something you are not supposed to know yet, wether you are searching for a specific answer the rebuff may be quite violent. If you are not, the feeling may be a gentle nudging away from something and back to the path you are supposed to follow.

It has been variously described as an apple, a chess piece, a dice cup, a tune, a hearth and even a penis.
The lack of clear meaning signifies something unresolved in life that is about to surface.
This rune has fairly positive connotations - secrets will be beneficial or an unexpected inheritance.

Germanic name: Pertho
Anglo Saxon: Peorth
6 0f 2
Norse: none
Phonetic value: P
Traditional meaning: birth?
The meaning of this rune has not been established, it has been suggested as 'secret' or 'chess piece'. Often is has been left unexplained or described as a secret by many uninformed authors.
Throlf Wardle puts forwards a suggestion that the words of the Anglo Saxon rune poem have been changed by the Christians who translated it, as they had religious objections to the poems content.
The traditional version of the poem is:

Peorth byth symble plega and hlehter wlancum
Dhaer wigan stiiath an beorsele blithe aetsomme

This can be translated as:
Peorth is always play and laughter to the proud ones
Where warriors sit in the beerhall blithely together

According to Throlf, the words have been changed from the original:
Wigan (warriors) to Wifan (wives)
Beorsele (beerhall) to Beorthsele (Birthhall)

The verse then reads thus:
Peorth is always play and laughter to the proud ones
Where wives sit in the birthhall blithely together

This can also be used to indicate space (as in dimension). The discovery of a hidden aspect of yourself.
When this rune shows, it often gives the impression of 'you're not supposed to know'. Posing further questions will mean it turns up again, because of this irritating habit, it has the nickname of the F*** O** rune, because thats what it tells you. VI

Letter P
Name Peorth
Meaning: A Dice cup
Planetary rulerships: Mars and the south node
With this we have no clear indication of what it's meaning is.
It has been variously translated as a hearth or a chessman (on the evidence of the Rune Poems - all of which come too late to be reliable) I believe it indicates a dice cup, particlarly if the habits of the early teutons are taken into account
They used dice made of animal bone for divination, not for gaming. The simple casting of lots was an easy and uncomplicated way of looking into the future. it was much favoured by teutonic armies, giving the connection to Mars. War is risky - with any soldier meeting his death in any battle.
Fighting men of all nations have been interested in which side will survive in the future. The Roman leigonaires cast lots as did the greeks at the siege of Troy, according to Homer. They used pebbles in a helmet rather than dice.
Chance - in this case is also an aspect of fate. The Romans called the Goddes of fate 'Fortuna', we use the term 'fortune teller' to mean someone who can reveal our fate to us. Modern gamblers believe in 'lady luck'.
This rune has the idea is disclosing of something previously hidden.
A secret you are trying to keep. Something which is embarrassing rather than guilty. An area where you are sensitive. Sex and love are a private thing between two people. Can indicate a relationship based solely on sexual attraction - which will burn out if another emotional level is not found.
A person who speculates about the future is one who is trying to guess the outcome of events. In english a 'speculator' is also a gambler, whether in property, stocks and shares, horse racing, pools or bingo. This ties in with the rune being translated as a dice cup.
Indicates the sucessful guessing of the result of a game of chance. May represent an unearned gain of money.
Since a legacy cannot truly be earned, this can indicate an inheritance. This links with the secrecy translation - since what happens after death is secret to most people.
If a gift is offered, look carefully at the motives - there maybe emotional or sexual strings attached.
Since things which are secret are only revealed to the choosen and kept from the majority, this has much to do with the occult, which in itsself means 'hidden'. May indicate mediumistic talent.

Perdhro - The mystery rune. meaning unclear. A chessman, dice cup or device for casting lots, or a tune or music. It deals with things hidden, secrets or occult abilities.
Something which has remained hidden is about to come to light. Could refer to the disclosure of a secret of yours - whic you have been trying hard to keep quiet.
Unexpected gains and suprises - rewards ungained. A relationship which is based only on sexual attraction and will probably soon fail. Perhaps an illness which does not respond to conventional medicine. Try alternative medicine instead.
A strong occult ability or intuition. VIII

- Something secret and hidden
- A game of chance, fate or gambing
- Strong occult ability of intuition
- Something you are not allowed to know - yet

Meaning:Dice cup
Claim your power of choice. Do not allow others to compromise your truth and do not let others prevent you from doing what you need to do.
It is only when the dice are rolled thay they have significance. Fate merely presents you with choices. Claim destiny in spite of what fate may bring.

There is a great uncertainty about the translation of this phrase. Translations such as chessman and dice box have been put forward - none of them with much conviction. There is, however a celtic word 'port' meaning a tune played on Bagpipes, a word still current today.
The introduction of music here is not as odd as it may first seem. One of the secondary meanings of 'riding' was music, it is clear from historical sources that music formed a large part of entertainment in the hall. 'Tune' then seems appropriate thought not a certain translation. 'Yew' reintroduced the reader to the hall, 'tune' gives fuller description of entertainment men provide there for each other and for company. There is a phrase missing from this verse - the middle lines. IX

This is the fourteenth rune. The most popular interpretation is 'dice cup' used for casting lots. Another meaning is the pawn or game piece. Both dice and game piece represent the uncertainties of life. When it is a piece on a board game it represents the interaction between freedom, willpower and surrounding conditions.
When a game is played the pattern of the board and rules of movement are already laid down but beyond these limitations the actual movement is free.
The rune of memory and recollection, problem solving and estoric knowledge. The ability to distinguish things worthless from things of value.

Interpretations range from dance, fruit tree and hearth. The slavonic word 'pizda' or vulva is close to the meaning of this word. This would make the rune sacred to women and provides a direct parallel to the 'Ing' rune. It has also thought to be symbolic of the powers of the earth, through a supposed derivation of the Latin work 'petra' - rock.
Dance was one of the earliest symbolic acts of worship providing parallel movements with those used in sexual activity. Its suppression by Christianity, probably during the council held by Boniface in 742 and the identification of the Anglo Saxon word 'lac' with both religious ceremony and dance, combine when we realise that 'lac' forms the second syllable of the Anglo Saxon for 'wedlock' and is still identifiable in the word we use today.
A candidate for the fruit tree theory is the Elder. 'Devils wood' is a folk name still used, because of it's difficult properties when burning.
Elder is a wood associated with witchcraft and its name is said to be derived from the slaonic 'hohl' meaning 'hollow', itself a synonym for female genetalia.
The use of both elder lfowers and berries for wine, Odin's staple diet, is well known.
The churches regard for witchcraft as an essentially female pursuit, coupled with 'devils wood' and the derivation of it's name from a synonym for female sexual organs, beings to reinforce the interpretation of vulva for this rune.
Elder is used regularly in charms to relieve pain. XIV

Used for casting lots or dice, both in games of chance and oracle reading. Connected with the infinite chain of effects of our actions in the universe. The smallest acts alter the fabric of existence and sends out ripples which will return later for good or for ill.
Medieval German midwives would plait together 3 cords coloured white, red and black, at the delivery of a child as a magic token of its future destiny and to allot good fate.
The Well of Wyrd is a pool in which the patterns of destiny can be seen. It belongs to the Northern tradition and is surrounded by the three norns. It has connotations in usage with the Christian Baptism ceremony.
the rune of magic and mystical secrets. Hidden knowledge soon to be revealed or unexpected gains. Mysterious good fortune, the dice fall to your advantage. A beneficial rune of luck. Chance events may be a part of a larger destiny.
When this rune is open to the right, the association is with birth.

Symbolises 'dice cup' used to cast lots. Anotehr possible meaning is the pawn or game piece. Both dice and game piece symbolise the uncertainties in the game of life.
As a game piece it signifies the interaction between personal free will and the constraint of circumstance. When we play the pattern of the board and the rules of movement of the game pieces are already laid down. Beyone these limitations the actual movements are down to personal choice.
How the game is played depends on the skill and will of the players, along with their interaction. Also a rune of memory, recollection and problem solving.
Gives the ability to see the worth of something. Turns potential concealed things into physical reality. XVI

The secret rune: something hidden. Connected with prophecy through dreams, visions and trances. Unexpected good events, luck, gain, favours a beneficial payback. XVIII

So... the most difficult rune to translate. Many translations and no confirmations as to which is right. As always, your own personal judgement comes into play here.