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Ice is cold and slippery / It glistens like glass / Is as bright as gems / The field wrought with frost / Is fair to the sight II

Cold and slick the ice / glistens like gems / forms a pure floor I

Standstill, that which impedes, Ice -
The winter of life. You may be entangled in a situation to whose implications, are blind. You may be powerless to do anything except submit, surrender, even retreat in some way. Be patient, for this is supposed to happen.
Postive accomplishment is unlikely now, there is a freeze on useful activity. You may be experiencing a drain of energy at this time, this is proper now.
Trying to hold on can result in shallowness of feeling, a sense of being out of touch with life. Seek to discover what it is you are holding on to and let it go.
Like the tide coming in, the beach cannot escape it, but rather submits quietly and lets go of the sandcastles on it's shore. It spends a period underwater where it experiences a different life before the tide receeds and the beech starts anew.
It is a direct result of the conditions of time which you have no control over. To submit now is to display courage and wisdom. III

You are on a glacier - you know that the ice you are on will reach the bank eventually but to speed up the process would be detrimental. To be patient is best now

Is it fear that keeps you from making a decision in your present situation? Does fear of failure torment you? Fear of success? Have you been living your life fearing that the cries and whispers of the past will never be silent? Know that these are only voices of the past.
At days end, this comes swiftly, it whispers in our ear and warns us not to sleep away good lives as hostages to fear.

Name Isa
Number 3
Sound I
Colour Black
Origin The Greek letter Iota
This rune is a representation of the spear, which is also the sheperd crook and staff. The spear is not only the favoured weapon of Odin but also of Tiwaz (or Tir). In his shamanistic form, Odin carried a blackthorn staff. The spear is the symbol of masculinity as the cup is the symbol of femininity. In this context it carries some connotations of struggle and strife. It is taking challenges head on and meeting them. The symbol of the conquerer. V

Ice may be protective 'to put on ice' is to store something for future attention. This indicates caution, the best action is no action. Ice is easy to see once it has formed but rarely is it seen developing, it is also strong enough to break almost anything in its path. This may be taken as a serious warning.
Put plans on hold and wait for the situation to thaw.

Germanic Name: Isa
3 of 2
Anglo Saxon: Is
Norse: Is
Phonetic Value: I
Traditional meaning: Ice
The principal of preservation and resistance to change. The counter-force to evolution, slowing down change. Represents the force used in the pursuit of materialism. The rune of self preservation, the ability to survive against all odds.
It is connected to Verdandi, the Norn who rules the present, Ice represents 'all that is'.
Controal the realm of Jotunheim - the realm of ice giants. These are personifications of the destructive aspect of the winter weather.
There is no immediate possibility for change. It can be used to cancel disruptive or aggressive forces. VI

Letter I
Name Is
Meaning Ice
Planetary rulerships Jupiter (passive)
Ice has the quality of protectin and preservation. Plans must be frozen for a time but may be defrosted later.
May be temporary hitches that need to be sorted out. May denote delay rather than total negation of plans. Perhaps nine days, weeks or months.
In a 'negative' runecast, may indicate that the cooling process has gone too far, you may have to cut losses and move on. In relationships it indicates a cooling off period, lack of enthusiasm in relationships, career etc.
May indicate a seperation, combined with resentment or ill feeling. Love in this context means anyone who you could expect loyalty and support from. Perhaps giing the answer of a breach of loyalty.

ISA - Ice - a freezing of activities. A cooling trend in a relationship, business or emotional. There will most often be a breach of loyalty on the part of another - will usually be resolved ina short time. It may have gone too far already - if so, cut losses nad move on. VIII

- Ideas and progress frozen
- Ice will break anything in it's path by expansion - warning against movement.
- Beach cannot escape the tide but submits and comes out at the end of a cycle of tides.

Meaning: Ice
Divinatory: Standstill
Do not try and force movement now. Patience and wisdom are called for. Be ready for the time to move. Winter is a time for contemplation, review the past and look to the future.

Another cold, wintry rune, which does not indicate the possibility of change. It is a static rune, beautiful to look at but that is all. its symbology with jewels hints at a ink with wesalth and giving, but this wealth is not to be shared. The first three runes 'hail', 'need' and 'ice' present the intrusive and uncontrollable aspects of the external world. Each verse contains a redeeming feature. Ice is perceived as beautiful, its asthetic quality its only redeeming feature. IX

The eleventh rune is Is or ice. It's shape is an icicle, vertical and fixed. It represents static existence and the present time. A rune of stopping activity. As well as being ststic, ice can move as in a glacier. When it does so it does with irresistable force. As with an iceberg, onl a small proportion of the whole is above water, so flowing ice is deceptive. Although results may seem small scale, they will contain unsuspected depths. XII

Ice, like hail is an essentially damaging force. In some interpretations of the story of Odins wooing of Rind, ice is regarded as the power which he used to bind his bride to be. If this is the case, one virtue might be to reinforce the strength of a rune spell.

Activity comes to a standstill, patience and caution are required to cross the ice. The timing of this rune equates to 3. represents standstill or inactivity.
Is a bringer of stillness and total stasis. Can provide strength in solitude

Symbolised static existence, the present time. Stops all activity, a delay or halt in the progress of something. May represent an inorexable force which nothing can be done about.
In the form of an iceberg, ice is deceptive so the effects of this rune may seem insignificant but may contain unsuspected dimensions and implications. XVI

An impediment, obstacle or frozen situation. plans may be stopped, money immobilized. Try again later. Feelings could be frozen, patience is needed, the thaw will come soon. XVIII

The 15th Rune. Associated with the elder tree and the colour black. Ice can be deadly, a killer of plants, it is uncomfortably cold and 'locks up' water for weeks.
Yet it can be viewed as beautiful in sunshine and on a hot day is positively welcome. Ice always melts in the end, the water is simply held safely until spring.
View as a necessary wiating time. XX