Rune 9 - HALGIZ

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Hail is the whitest of grains / It sweeps from the sky / Is whirled by wind / And turns to water II

Wind tossed twisting / out of heaven, the white grains / of hail turn to water later. I

Disruption, Natural forces, Elemental power, Hail,
Change, freedom, invention and liberation. This rune demands you grow whether you want to or not. It represents a pressing need from yourself to break free from your material chains. You need to break out of you constricting identification with the material reality.
The rune of elemental disruption it represents things you perceive as being out of your control. When you draw this, expect disruption, it is the great awakener.
Perhaps your awakening will be the gradual feeling of coming to your senses after a long sleep. The onset of power may be such as to rip away your reality, your security, your understanding of yourself, your work, relationships or beliefs.
Your own nature is causing what is happening, like an echo coming back of a mountain. It is your own wanting coming back tenfold.
The strength you have funded until now in your life is now your support and guide, now everything you've taken for granted is being challenged. The more severe the disruption in your life, the more significant and timely the requirements for your growth. III

Since anger is often a mask for hurt, fear or feelings of abandonment, look beneath your anger and ask yourself: are you feeling angry because you feel no one is listening, because it seems no one sees you or because you have no one to turn to? See where it is coming from and how it prevents you from saying what you truly mean to say.
Think on your anger

Name Hoel
Sound H
Number 1
Origin: The Greek letter eta, the roman letter H
This rune is the symbol of frost, ice, hail and winter. During winter months, the people of the north were largely trapped indoors. This often meant being stuck in the same room with people for months on end. It was natural that a certain prankishness would emerge. In that sense this rune is a symbol of that lesser part in each of us that will come out in boredom. This rune is the symbol of the giant in all of us. V

This rune denotes limitation. The ancient world was dominated by weather. Sacrifices were made to ensure the promise of good weather for gathering of crops. Hail was, and still is, the worst weather for crops. If they where damaged in the ancient world then people could only rely on their stoicism or strength and mass to help them live to spring.
The road ahead will not be simple and straightforward. Perhaps a sudden and unforeseen setback, like a hailstorm. The delays may seem frustrating currently but are more beneficial with hindsight.

Germanic Name: Hagalaz
1 0f 2
Anglo Saxon: Haegl
Norse: Hagall
Phonetic Value: H
Traditional Meaning: Hail
The meaning of this rune is largely negative. Hail is frozen water and air, although not as dense as ice, every farmer knows what hail can do to crops, it is a destructive natural force.
There are nine realms of Yggdrasil (Norse world). This rune corresponds to one of the three lower levels of the nine realms. This rune runes Hel. The name Hel derives from the germanic 'halja' meaning 'covering' and has none of the connotations of the Christian concept of Hell which has been used to translate the hebrew 'Gehanna'.
The Norn 'Urd' represents this rune. She rules the past. So following, this rune can be interpreted as something disruptive in the individuals past. It can be suppressed negative memories too painful to deal with. It has strong negative connections with negative feminine witchcraft. The first witch is known as Gullveig. She introduced the lust for gold into Valhalla. Gullveig introduced greed and evil sorcery to the gods. For this she was burned three times and her heart was eaten by Loki to absorb the evil within her.
The high German word 'Hutchel' means witch and is very similar. The Anglo Saxon 'Haegtessa' also meant this and from this the English word of 'hag' is derived. The Old Dutch equivalent is 'hagedisse', which meant both 'witch' and 'lizard'.
the alternative form of this rune was used as a protection against bad weather. For this purpose it was displayed on the outside of farmsteads in a prominent position or over doorways.
The protective aspect of this is 'heil' which can be used as a blessing or a greeting or particularly a marriage blessing. VI

Hitlers famous greeting was 'Heil Hitler' - could this have meant blessings on Hilter? Perhaps he also researched the aspects of this rune and viewed them as aspects out of the control of the German people?

Letter H
Name Hagall
Meaning Hail
Planetary rulerships: Saturn (passive)
Saturn is the planet of limitation but also the 'great teacher'. Understand that living in a material universe imposes material limitations on you, learn to live within these limitations and you will be happy. All events that lie outside your control. Impersonal treatment. May constitute a sudden or unexpected shock or surprise. The events may not include personal malice and/or personal favour. May be an interruption rather than a disruption.
Since all of natures variances of climate are ultimately an attempt to reach an ecological balance, the tendency of nature towards fertility, the Teutonic shaman saw this rune in one of its aspects as a rune of fertility.
The ninth rune, relates to the nine Teutonic realms. The 24 aspects of the Futhark where made of various facets or combinations of the nine worlds.

Hagall. Means hail. Rune of limitations and delays. All forces outside your control. Elemental disruption - mostly this will be impersonal and negative.
Future is in the hands of another, a faceless official with no personal interest in you whatsoever. Knowledge of this may come through an official letter.
No news starts at this time. Do not fight what is happening but accept the delay and go with the flow.
May signify an interruption rather than a disruption. This may be a catalyst which causes you to change the direction of your life. VIII

- elemental forces, hail, disruptive natural occurrences
- forces out of your control
- powerful woman
- natural limitations
- disruption from the past

Meaning: Hail
Divinatory: A challenge
Face challenges with the assurance that they are stepping stones to your dream, Every challenge comes to teach. The greater the challenge, the more it will teach you. Face the challenge - when you have overcome it, you will be stronger.

This takes the reader from the joy of the internal world in the traditional sequence and puts them in the bitter cold outside world of 'hail'. The bleak landscape is bone aching and icy but hail is referred to as grains, perhaps a reference to harvest grains. Hail is described as turning into water, the agent of growth.
This and the following verse are change-runes. Both runes begin their verse as one thing and change to another. IX

The ninth rune. The most powerful and sacred number in the Northern tradition. The power of 'three times three'. Represents all aspects of frozen water, snow and sleet as well as hail.
A bad snowstorm brings instant transformation. Green fields and black roads are rapidly transformed into a sea of whiteness. Equally transformation is the thaw when the colours are restored. This rune has a number of forms. The Elder Futhark form is like the letter H, whilst the younger Futhark uses a form like a six branched 'star'. This is the basis of Guido Von Lists Armenian system of eighteen runes.
This rune is the root of the unconscious mind and the formalitive process of thought. Associated with Urd, the older Norn and that which was.
In folk magic this rune is the protective sigil known as the lucky star. This is drawn as a six petalled flower formed of arcs within a circle. It can be seen on many old buildings, still protecting them against bad weather.

Hail, aspect of weather and sense of hail of missiles in battle. Implications of destructive and order threatening force.
The flaming wheels which were later representations of symbols from the Hallristingor, traditionally rolled by Germanic peoples on St Johns Eve, where called hail-wheels. Their purpose in an uncertain climate was to protect the crops from the ravages of hail. This opens the speculation that the power of this rune could be counteracted by the use of the sun wheel.
Another measure against hail is remarkable because it was employed by a Christian bishop, yet obviously referred back to paganism.
The dignitary concerned took a piece of wax from the grave of a saint and cut pagan signs, which where likely runes, on it. The wax was fastened to a tall tree to ward off the hailstorms, which had previously damaged the bishop's crops. XIV

Wild and destructive energies, considered chaotic but deeply respected by the German peoples. Represents Mother Holda, Hecate, Kali, Diana the Hunteress, Aradia (Italian) or the Dark Mother. A period of disruption and change. Connected with physical strength and disillusionment. XVII

Literally the name 'Hagalaz' means 'hailstone'. Transformation is the ruling priciple here, the sudden change that a snowstorm brings, followed by a sudden thaw.
On a personal level, this is the rune of unconscious mind and the formative processes of thought. One of the major runes of Orlog, or laws of existence, the pattern of events in our past shape our present and future.
This gives access to energies originating in the past which are still active in the present. XVI

A bolt from the blue, some kind of natural disaster or unexpected twist of fate. Havoc disruption and unseen events. Prepare for the unexpected. Destruction will allow rebuilding in a better way. XVIII

The 17th Rune. Associations with Pine trees and the colour white. Hail can ruin crops, picnics and in extreme cases, property. Hail is unpredictable, harsh and violent. Yet is passes very quickly, it sweeps in, does it's damage and sweeps away again as if it had never been. Plans will face a sudden unexpected disruption which is uncontrollable in nature. XX