Rune 15 - ALGIZ

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Sedge grows in the fen / flourishing in water / burning the blood / of anyone who touches it II

Water sprouting fen dwelling / the cruel elksedge can cut you / can draw blood from your hand I

Protection, Sedge or rushes, the Elk.
To keep protective space around you. To keep everyone at arms length so you can see what they are doing before they get close to you.
Do not deny what is happening. Control your emotions - do not collapse with the highs and lows. New opportunities and challenges are typical of this rune. With them may come tresspasses and unwanted influences.
Be watchful of your health - do not add to the burdens others are carrying. Be mindful of others burdens on you and how much you rely on others for your own stability.
You will progress, knowing that this is your protection. The protection of the warrior is like the warning rustle of the sedge grass or like the curved horns of the elk. Both serve to keep open spaces around you.
Remain mindful that timely action and correct conducty are the only true protection. III

By my sword and my magic I am protected

Respect and protection for your feelings, your health and your well being are almost always an issue when you receive this rune. Perhaps the challenge you are feeling now requires the courage to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life.
Boundaries and walls are very different things.
Setting appropriate limits creates freedom.
Are the boundaries you have set being recognised and respected? Are you respecting the boundaries of those around you?

Name Eloh
Sound Z
Number 7
Colour purple
Origin hallristingor carving
It has been suggested that this is a repersentation of an elks horn, the head of an elk about to butt and a splayed hand. Any or all of these may be correct. It may be a representation or a magicians wand, since the pagan north wands where often splayed with two or three points.
Defence was a major need in pagan tribes. It was common for individuals and tribes to be bested by opponents stronger than themselves. Fear of raiding brigands or fire was constantly around. With such dangers, the magics of protection symbolism had to be explored. A single sign quickly used, with a host of meanings and an effective symbol of defence was the logical choice.
This rune supports the previous one indirectly, as one of danger as those representing negative emotions are often found placed next to or between those of positive thoughts.
A rune of protection against hostile, but not necesserily evil intention. V

A protective charm with an optomistic message. The origins of the name is unclear - elk, elk sedge or amber are all valid translations
The shape of the rune is also in dispute, an outstretched hand, an antler or a bound staff with a split end.
You are shaded from danger or difficulty. A rune of friendship and protection. It represents what you need and what you deserve.

Germanic Name Algiz
Anglo Saxon Eolh
7 of 2
Phonetic value Z
Traditional meaning Protection
This rune has two forms, upright and upside down. In this Germanic and Anglo Saxon futharks only the upright form is used. In the majority of Scandinavian futharks, both forms occur seperately. The primary meaning of this rune is protection, the sign looks like a splayed hand and is remeniscent of Tyr's hand which he scarified to Fenris the wolf.
The old germanic word 'alhs' means temple or sanctuary. These places where sacred sites and where heavily defended because all the ritual equipment was kept there.
In Germany: a historical custom to use the rune on gravestones, upright gives date of birth, upside down gives date of death.
Protection and defence links this with the Valkeries who where known as the 'Shield maidens'. They where known to adopt the shapes of swans and ravens. If the rune is laid on it's side, it resembles a birds foot. VI

Letter Z
Name Eolh
Meaning An elk
Planetary rulerships: Jupiter and venus
This is another rune whose name is in dispute. The problem here is that it was several different names which all relate to the same nexus of ideas.
Venus was known as the Lesser Benefic and Jupiter the Greater Benefic in medieval astrology. The main idea conveyed is of good fortune of some kind. This can be a new job, career, new hobby that will involve study. It could be a new relationship with a person who is generous, knidhearted and outgoing. This is a rune of friendship.
This meaning of this rune is an 'elk', which, along with reindeer was the main source of food fo rthe most northerly teutons. Thier hunting and farming communities held animals in a different regard and relationship to our own. The rock carvings and paintings help support this view. On the basest level the people believed that animals killed in a hunt where delived to them by the Gods.
One of the meanings, therefore, is 'sacrifice'. The sacrifice must be willing and will always be the exchange of a lesser good for a greater.
Beryl Mercer (on the authority of Sid Birchby) names this rune Eolhx, which means heal-pebble i.e. amber. Freya's necklace, Brisingamen, was made of amber and was the feminine equivalent of the masculine hammer of Thor. It acted as inner protection to Aasguard and ensured peace and harmony at the council of the Aesir. Often a protective rather than defensive sign.

Eolh - A strong protective rune. A fortunate new influence - instinct.
A new friendship which is with someone outgoing, generous and funny. If disaster threatens, premonitions will occur. VIII

- Defensive space
- Elk horns, splayed hand, magicians hand, sedge grass, birds foot
- Protection charm, freyas necklace Brisingamen, Amber

Meaning An Elk
Divinatory Protection
The power of protection is within you. You will be safe if you do not act recklessly. A favourable time for risky ventures although they must be built on strong foundations.
This rune is said to represent the Elk when vieved face on. The protective energies of the Elk come not only from its ability to sense danger but also the speed and skill with which it flies dangerous situations.

In Hickes theosarus, this word is written as 'eolhx', a word which Bosworth takes to be the genetive of 'eolh', meaning 'of elks'. It is possible that there was a plant called elk-grass, however there is no evidence of the survival of elks in England in historic times. If the plant where called elk -grass the name would have long ceased to convey meaning to those who used it.
It is certain that the verse refers to a semi-aquatic plant and not an animal.
The plant most clearly indicated is called Cladium mariscus for which the modern name is 'prickly fen sedge'. This plant is much associated with the hunt for eels. The shape of this rune is directly related to an old Germanic sign to ward off evil. The sign was made by raising the middle three fingers, holding it infront of the thing to be protected with the palm facing the antagonist. Encounters with 'eel grass' are unpleasant, here the warding off sign counters unpleasantness with its own sign.
This rune verse again stresses the dangers of the outside environment. The dangers of the plant are easily avoided by one who knows them.
The world of 'eel grass' little alters with the seasons, although a severe winter will render it harmless. IX

The 15th rune. The most powerfully defensive 'warding sign'. The power to repel all evil. XII

Implies defence and protection, possibly in the form of an amulet or sanctuary. Related words ae Gothic 'alhs' - temple and Old English 'ealgian' - to protect
There may also be a connection with the runeword 'alu'.
The meanig can be equated with an Elk, mentioned by Caesar as sleeping upright against a tree to elude the hunter more easily. Thus in some measure a symbol of preservation against adversity.
The runes resemblance to the outstretched hand has also been pointed out by some writers, implying a protective power which can avert or banish evil. This is a tempting reinforcement of the runes meaning but lead to the highly speculatice area of attributing pictographic meanings to runes.
Its resemblance to branch configurations of ash, walnut or linden trees, at which witches where wont to assemble at the full moon in Slavonian Gypsy lore, is noted in passing. XIV

This appears to be taken from a Germanic hand gesture that was used to ward off evil spirits, much like the various signs found in the mythos of many cultures throughout the world.
protection is the main indication of this rune. It can even stand for a spirit helper, totem animal or guardian angel. Your present position is unassailable and your defences are strong. Watchful awareness is the quality needed to counter harmful things effectively.

Represents the resistant power of the Elk. Also represents the 'elongated' or ' beaked' sedge plant, (Carex rostrata) whose sharp leaves repel would be eaters.
This rune has the ability to repel all evil and is a rune of personal protection.
It promises protection against all of those forces, known or unknown, which conflict with us.
Symbolically it represents the power of the human being striving towards the divine with otherworldly support. XVI

Hand held in greeting or a reed. Suggests artistry, poetry and self expressive creative talent.
Hobbies and cultural interests as well as studying for pleasure.
Part of a select or special group.