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British Barcelona Club - Race Rules

Race Rules

Rules as per R.RRA Standard Rules.

Club Race Rules

1. The longest old bird race to be confined to birds 2 years old or over.
2. Birds will have an early morning liberation and in the case of a hold over the liberation will be left to the Convoyers discretion.
3. The longest old bird race will be flown on velocity proper and will close at 150 y.p.m.
4. Hours of darkness
(a) For the FIRST intermediate Old Bird race and the LONGEST Old Bird race the Hours of Darkness shall be 1000pm - 500am
(b) For the SECOND intermediate Old Bird race the Hours of Darkness shall be 930pm - 05.3Oam.
(c) For the YOUNG bird race the Hours of Darkness shall be 800pm - 06.3Oam.
5. Pools will be optional and will be paid out less 5% at to and including 1 at 20-1. 2 and 5 Pools at 10-1.
6. Race fees and pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the marking station.
7. The two intermediate old bird races and the young bird race will be flown on velocity proper and will close at 22Oypm
8. Sections in all races will be governed by members Barcelona distances i.e. if a member is in Section A from Barcelona he is in Section A in the other races.
9. The form of entry will be divided into two parts. Form A to be sent with cash. Form B to be sent, or delivered,
with birds.
10. Form A to be in Secretary’s hands 5 days before the date of marking of each race. Form B to be delivered
with the birds at the marking station. Form A received after the given date, to be returned to the competitor with notification that his birds cannot be accepted.
11. The Committee shall decide the amount of Prizemoney and Birdage Fees in ALL races and arrange the dates for EACH race.
12. The first 150 positions of races to be published in the fancy press.
13. All birds in the Club’s races must conform w ith the necessary requirements of the M.A.F.F. Failing to comply will entail disqualification.
14. The Secretary on receiving early times of pigeons clocked can request any member to visit another members loft to verify the pigeon(s).


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