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British Barcelona Club Rules

This organisation shall be called THE BRITISH BARCELONA CLUB, with headquarters at 19, THESIGER STREET, CATHAYS, CARDIFF, SOUTH GAMORGAN CF2 4BN. The lofts of all members must be situated within THE BRITISH ISLES and should a member remove his loft to a place outside the area so defined, his competitive membership shall cease.


Rules as per R.RRA. Standard Rules.

Club Rules

1. The object of the Club is to organise a race from Barcelona area each year; as long as this race point is available no other race point will be considered.
2. MEMBERS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION will be 10.00 which shall be paid BEFORE the 31St March each year. The Entrance Fee for New Members will be 3.00.
3. The entire management of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee, five to form a quorum who shall have power to add to their number and fill up any vacancies that may occur and shall make Rules, Bye Laws, Regulations and Conditions as to the management of the Club, its races or anything connected therewith, all of which Rules, Bye-Laws, Regulations and Conditions shall be binding upon every member of the Club.
4. The Committee of Management to consist of a President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two Auditors, and a committee of ten, who shall be elected from members of the Club at the A.G.M. of the Club.
5. The Committee reserve the right to refuse any member admission to the Club If they deem they are justified in refusing admission, and may suspend any member who wilfully violates the rules of the Club.
6. Members withdrawing from the Club forfeit all claims to his properly. Members being suspended from the Club forfeit all claims to prizes, pools entry fees and property.
7. Applications for membership must be made in writing and shall be accompanied by the first annual subscription.
8. Loft locations (Longitude and Latitude) must be forwarded to the Secretary with the application for membership. Any changes that should occur, the Secretary MUST be informed, before you compete in ANY race.
9. The Club will run two intermediate old bird races Annually. The First intermediate race be flown from Nantes. The Second intermediate race be flown from Bordeaux.
10. A.G.M. and Dinner will be the third Saturday in November each year.
11. All distances will be obtained by the member and cost of same, be met by the member.
12: The Club shall run a Young Bird race annually.
13. The British Homing World to be the official organ of the Club and the publication of race results, or any alterations of the rules, regulations or conditions therein, shall be notice to all members.
14. The longest old bird race be flown from Palomos.
15. Officers and members of the committee shall notify the Secretary, in the event of illness, preventing non-attendance at a meeting of the committee. Absence without notification for two consecutive meetings of the committee, excluding the Annual General Meeting, shall bring about automatic resignation from the committee.
16. That The British Barcelona Club become a Member of “The Alliance of Specialist Clubs.
17. NO competitors to share the same Basket or Container and that NO Cardboard Boxes be allowed EXCEPT those provided by and delivered by Amtrak or lnterlink and ONLY by prior arrangement with The Secretary.
18. That a diploma to be known as “The Spanish Diploma” be awarded to a member, who times in the same bird, in race time, three times in all, flying NOT LESS than 630 miles in the club’s longest Old Bird race. A member who times in the same bird, in race time, three times in all, flying less than 630 miles shall be awarded a diploma to be known as a “Diploma of Merit”. To receive these awards members MUST CLAIM and with their claim they must forward on to the Secretary four photographs of their bird suitable for reproduction onto the Diploma and for sending
on to the fancy press along with the following information. Full RING NUMBER of the bird raced by him/her, the RACEPOINTS and DATES, Positions won in SECTION and OPEN, the DISTANCES FLOWN, VELOCITIES re-corded, and the total number of birds entered in SECTION and OPEN in each of the races concerned.

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