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British Barcelona Club - Clock Rules

Clock Rules

Rules as per R.P.R.A.

Club Clock Rules

1. Clocks may be set by local Club, N.F.C. or Federation Clock Stations, as approved by the British Barcelona Club, All Rolls, Dials MUST be signed by TWO Officials.
2. ALL competing members in whatever race MUST after timing in his/her FIRST BIRD
(a) Telephone the Secretaries WITHIN ONE HOUR of clocking his/her FIRST BIRD and state your CLUB NUMBERand SECTION, the TIME of BIRD shown on your clock, your NAME and TOWN, the WINGMARK and FULL METAL RING NUMBER
(b) The details of the FIRST BIRD clocked showing Full metal ring number and wing mark MUST then be shown on the VERIFICATION PAPER and CLOCK PAPER.
(c) The competing member MUST also list on the verification paper IN THE ORDER OF CLOCKING all other birds that are timed showing the time of clocking, wing stamp and full metal ring number(s). Failure to carry out this rule will entail disqualification.
3. All competitors must have their clocks checked the day of timing in.
4. Neither the Committee or any officer of the Club shall be held liable to any clock owner for any damage or loss that may occur whilst clock is in their, or his custody or in the custody of another competitor or in transit, but every holder of a clock shall be responsible for the clock issued to him for use in a race and shall make good any damage or loss that may occur thereto whilst in his possession.
5. Competitors using clocks must prepay the carriage to the clock station and all charges incurred in respect to the use of the clock.
6. Two or more competitors may use the same clock. Time will be allowed for distance to clocking station as provided for in Rule 125. Competitors must state the distance they have to cover by nearest route, overstating distance may lead to disqualification.
7. When sealing clocks, clock setters will use string and the knot in the string will be covered by the seal. A fee of 5Op. will be paid by the competitor, direct to clock setters, per clock, at setting of clocks.
8. Each competitor must fill in a Verification card correctly and hand in to the clock official along with his or her clock. Only the clubs verification card will be used and no other will be accepted. It is the competitors responsibility to ensure the clock official sends in the verification card along with the clock envelope. It is also the competitors duty to ensure that his clock envelope is filled in correctly, by the clock official. Only the clock envelopes Issued by the club will be accepted.The verification card, together with clock dials or slips, and rubber rings will be forwarded to the secretary in the clock envelope, bearing a postmark NO LATER than 48 Hours of the members clock being opened and checked. Failure to comply with any part of the above rule will entail disqualification.


1. If you set any clock, that is being used for a British Barcelona Club National race the same time as other clocks, the Master Timers used MUST leave a permanent record and the Master Timer dial/roll etc. MUST be available on request, this will of course be returned to you IF REQUESTED.
2. If a separate Master timer is used for ONLY clocks being set for a British Barcelona Club National race, then the Master timer dial/roll etc. MUST be sent with the competing members own clock dials! rolls plus rubber/s, seal and verification paper, sealed in the clock envelope provided and duly signed and posted by one of the officials in charge.
3. The competing member must hand the clock sheet and clock envelope to the clocksetter so that all details required can be filled in correctly by the officials and or clocksetter/s.
4. All dials/rolls etc. MUST be signed by two clock setting officials.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you the member, to get your clock set for any British Barcelona Club National race that you compete in, by letting your own local clocksetter/s do them for you. It would be advisable, for you to show the Clock Rules as printed in the club’s handbook, to the clocksetter/s so that they are aware of these rules as laid down also make sure that your Club Number and Section given to you on your receipt is shown on ALL paperwork used in each race.

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