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Popular! (Updates 03/24/00)

Popular is a hit tv show on the WB!! It takes place at Kennedy High in LA. It centers around two girls who are the complete opposite. Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) is a homcoming queen and Sam McPherson (Carly Pope) is a journalist. They absolutley hate each other! (Well most of the time) Well Brooke's Dad and Sam's Mom fall in love and plan on getting married. So to make it worse Sam had to move in with Brooke and that causes conflict!!

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I added 8 more pictures of Sugar Daddy in his gallary and I am working on a page called "Performer of the Week". I also updated the News page. Bryce Johnson was in the magazine Teen People. Not much really he just told his most embarassing moment!! It's funny. I posted that below.I fixed the cast pics some of them were not looking right and I added a few more. I also added page 3 in Brooke's gallary, added page 2 in Sam, page 3 in Josh's gallary, added page 2 in Sam and Brooke's gallary, and I added page 2 in Carmen's gallary. I will be updating more today. Please sign my guestbook and if you have any questions just email me. Thanks!!

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"During high school, a friend and I were at the supermarket with my mom and my little brother. My friend and I were like, 'Dude, we need to steal some condoms,' even though we weren't having sex. Then we saw a security guy, so we put them all back. He came up to us at the checkout counter with a condom and said we had to go upstairs to the security room. My mom was like, 'What are you doing with condoms?' and i was like, 'i don't need them, Mom, I swear!' It was the worst.
~Bryce Johnson -Teen People-


  *Other Characters: Harrison (Christopher Gorham)
Josh (Bryce Johnson)
Mary Cherry)
Nicole (Tammy Lynn Michaels)
Carmen (Sara Rue)
Lily (Tamara Mello)
Sugar Daddy (Ron Lester)


**Where they belong:
Harrison, Carmen, and Lily are in Sam's clique.
Josh, Nicole, Mary Cherry, and Sugar Daddy are in Brooke's clique.





No more more epsodes for a while. The episodes that they are playing are:

Thursday 3/16/00 #7 The Trail Of Emory Dick


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