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Meet Lozen Bear & Mama Little Wolf

What is Smudging - How and Why.



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Mystical Sciences Holiday Open House Festival.

Do your holiday shopping while taking care of you. Get a massage or have a reading all in the same place where you can buy unique items made with love. MADE WITH SPIRIT AND NOT A FACTORY

Pendulums and Jewelry

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WATERS ENCHANTED Mystical sprays ~ clearing sprays ~ Goddess Spray and more.


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Make your own beautiful Elk hide 16" drum. Click the above link to the page for more information on this class.. Blessings Lozen xx

If you wish, Lozen will be happy to make your drum for you...

WHEN? When ever you choice.. It's an online Mystical Herbs, Personal Power, and the Power of the Medicine Bag Course..

This is one of the most amazing experiences of my life... I have the honor of meeting Paul Manning. He is also become my guide and teacher as I explore the world of falconry. Thanks to Paul I will be able to know and have this great honor of becoming a falconer. Visit Pauls website for more information.

Amews Falconry centre for falconry training, under the tutelage of Paul Manning.

Amews Falconry is a Lantra Awards accredited centre for falconry training, located near Romsey, in Hampshire, close by the New Forest in central southern England. Under the tutelage of Paul Manning, an experienced falconer with more than 20 years experience.

Falconry was one of the most popular pastimes in England for 600 years (from the 11th to the late 17th Centuries) and so there is a wealth of detailed information linking Falconry to the main characters that shaped our history. The environment, People, Art, Culture, Literature and language, Love and War can all be brought alive through Falconry.

On a personal note, Paul has a great heart and wonderful connection with his birds... Please support this art and visit Amews Falconry in Hampshire England.. a moment in life worth living... Love Lozen xx

Where the animals come first...! Don't look away these animals need YOUR help.

Visit My Sister's website
The Mystical Sciences Institute ~ click here
Creating a Sacred Space One Person at a Time. The MSI center was designed as a ECO Friendly learning environment and has educated many students on living naturally and without harmful chemicals.

We have been providing this service for 10 wonderful years

For Energy healing, Reiki, or learn about Classes.

The WAY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH ~ click here
Treating the Whole Person Is Essential for Optimal Health We look at the whole person, not just the site of the challenge. We evaluate and treat people, not diseases!

Interested in Yoga?
May I suggest,

Yoga from the Beginning. Located in Evanston, IL

Tell them Dream Spirits sent you...

Welcome to Dream Spirits

*We Honor Our Ancestors, in the wind we hear their song*

Hi I'm Veronica Lozen Brown Bear, welcome to our website.

That's my niece Senseria "Morning Star" in the photo next to me... Yep old photo.. I'll have to change it soon...

I am proud to be a part of the Apache Nation. Welcome with open arms my Spirit brothers and Sister.

I'm honored with your visit to my Website.

I have had the greatest honor which is to be taught by my mother "Mama Little Wolf".

My Mother has taught me many aspect of our culture, she also shared with me the gift for making her art.

Mama Little Wolf taught us that everyday is a lifetime, and with each lifetime to live life with honor. How does one live life with honor. With respect to all our relations. To enter each day with love in our hearts, and never take anything, anyone, or even time for granted. So it's with joy in my heart that I welcome you to my website.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
May you always walk in beauty for beauty walks in you.

Take Care of you, Oceans of Love, Joy and blessings and have a most wonderful and magical day

Please visit my ebay site .. You'll find many wonderful magical useful tools for your mystical work.. blessings.


Mana Little Wolf's Dream Pillows are available through this website or posted on ebay... Feel the magic of Mama Little Wolf's Dream Pillows. They come in variety of styles and are handcrafted with loving care.

You see Mama Little Wolf gives special attention to each and every pillow.

With a recipe which was taught to her by our great grandmother, she was taught when she was a child that our dreams are a place of wisdom and knowledge. Mama Little Wolf's Grandmother shared with her the many recipes to help invoke a very powerful, healing restful and relaxing dreamtime.

We have beautiful Crystals with such voice. Handcrafted jewerly. Wire wrapped stones, herbs, Fairies, music, space clearing mist, smudge kits,and so much more in our shop. Come by you'll see and feel the beauty.

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