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Harry Browne, Libertarian for President

Cannabis Indica

Welcome, this is my humble service to Shiva. I want to let people know about Cannabis Indica/Sativa and how she was put here to serve man and let him become closer to god. I'm keeping the site pretty simple because I don't want the media to become the message. If you want to talk about your love for the Herb e-mail me or go to and do a search for Cannabis, Indica or Marijuana.

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Top ten cool things to do when stoned.

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Sorry about this commercial link but I'm trying to get as much exposure as I can. I'd like to add this small editorial, "FUCK THE SLIMEY COCKSUCKERS THAT BANNED ME FOR SPREADING TRUTH!! FUCK MICROSOFT AND BILL GATES!!" Thank you for your time, I will add a worthy banner in it's place. Peter McWilliams

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