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"They received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so.  Therefore many believed."--Acts 17:11

The Berean Christadelphians




Why the Bereans?

A Brief Historical Outline

The Doctrine of Fellowship

The Nature and Sacrifice of Christ

Resurrectional Responsibility
Divorce and Remarriage

This page will contain a history of the Christadelphians as it pertains to the Berean fellowship, along with specific doctrines which separate us from other Christadelphian groups. It is not my intention to ridicule or denigrate, in any way, the other Christadelphian groups. Neither do I seek to label everyone in certain groups to have some specific belief. I know there are Christadelphians in all the different groups who still hold the Foundation Truths themselves, while fellowshipping the error in their respective group.  There is also a new development among Christadelphians in general where apparently faithful brethren are refusing to align themselves with any one group, claiming to accept only those who believe the truth, and refusing fellowship to all others.  For lack of a better name, and because of it's historical significance, I will call them Nicodemian brethren.  They believe the truth correctly, but will not take a stand, "for fear of the Jews."

I hope no one will consider any of the things I say to be mean-spirited, for that is not my intent. My intent is only to explain the reasons why I am a Berean Christadelphian, and why I believe those who are earnestly striving to obey the Commands of Christ our Lord should make the same choice I have made.

I will not go into the personality conflicts involved in the divisions, or the dealings between brethren which were not always altogether brotherly. Like everyone else, Christadelphians are of human nature, and human nature is a terrible thing. No doubt, some men made fellowship decisions in the past based upon the personalities involved, and based on the conduct of certain brethren. I know this occurred. I believe this to be wrong. The Truth is the Truth, regardless of who is presenting it. For this brief history, I will stick only to the factual material.

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Quick Reference for Divisions which created the Various Christadelphian Groups





1952 Berean Division

Central/Advocate&Shield Reunion


Conclusions Concerning Central

The Berean Fellowship: 1923 to Present

Family Journal

The Dawn

The Old Paths

The "Four Points"

Another Berean Fellowship

Conclusions Concerning Bereans

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