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The Life and Work of Jesus Christ (1850 years ago) EXHIBITED ANEW, in harmony with The Scriptures of Moses and the Prophets, to which Jesus appealed as THE WORD OF GOD.

By Robert Roberts

Table of Contents


Chapter I. Christ a Reality

Chapter II. Christ's Place in History

Chapter III. The necessity for Christ in the Divine Scheme of History

Chapter IV. Preparation

Chapter V. John the Baptist's Work

Chapter VI. Mary at Nazareth

Chapter VII. Bethlehem

Chapter VIII. Childhood

Chapter IX. From Childhood to Manhood

Chapter X. In Preparation for Public Life

Chapter XI. On the Banks of the Jordan and in the Wilderness

Chapter XII. From the Wilderness to Cana of Galilee

Chapter XIII. The first visit to Jerusalem -- Nicodemus

Chapter XIV. To Galilee -- through Samaria via Jacob's Well

Chapter XV. From Jacob's Well to Capernaum via Cana and Nazareth

Chapter XVI. From Capernaum to the Scene of the Sermon on the Mount

Chapter XVII. The "Sermon on the Mount"

Chapter XVIII. From the Sermon on the Mount to the first tempest on the sea of Galilee

Chapter XIX. In the Storm -- Matthew called

Chapter XX. Matthew's Feast -- Two Blind Men cured

Chapter XXI. From the cure of the Blind Men to the call of the Apostles

Chapter XXII. The twelve Apostles -- their call, their qualifications and their instructions

Chapter XXIII. Christ's first Address to the twelve Apostles

Chapter XXIV. After his Discourse to the twelve

Chapter XXV. In Collision with the Pharisees

Chapter XXVI. By the Lake of Gennesaret

Chapter XXVII. The Parables

Chapter XXVIII. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXIX. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXX. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXXI. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXXII. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXXIII. The Parables (continued)

Chapter XXXIV. Multiplying the Loaves and Walking on the Sea

Chapter XXXV. In the Synagogue at Capernaum

Chapter XXXVI. At Tyre and Decapolis -- Feeds the Multitude a second time

Chapter XXXVII. At Bethsaida -- In Cesarea Philippi -- The Transfiguration

Chapter XXXVIII. From the Mount of Transfiguration to Capernaum -- His Rebuke of Ambition

Chapter XXXIX. Pays Taxes -- Forbids Vengeance -- Attends the Feast of Tabernacles

Chapter XL. Controversy in the Temple Courts -- The Accused Woman

Chapter XLI. The Blind Beggar Controversy -- The Pharisees and Resurrectional Responsibility

Chapter XLII. The Charge of Blasphemy against Christ -- The Raising of Lazarus

Chapter XLIII. Departure from Jerusalem -- Interview with the Seventy

Chapter XLIV. Martha and Mary -- The Children -- How to Pray -- At Dinner with the Pharisee

Chapter XLV. A Property Dispute -- Covetousness and Anxiety -- His Second Coming

Chapter XLVI. The Slaughtered Galileans -- The "fox" Herod -- Jerusalem -- A Sabbath Day Dinner and its Incidents

Chapter XLVII. Causes of Stumblings -- "Unprofitable Servants" -- The Ten Lepers -- The Kingdom -- The Signs of His Coming

Chapter XLVIII. Weeps over Jerusalem -- Rides into the City -- Blasts the Fig Tree

Chapter XLIX. Silences the Pharisees and the Sadducees -- His Open Denunciation of them as Blind Leaders

Chapter L. The Widow's Mite -- The Olivet Prophecy -- The Parable of the Sheep and Goats

Chapter LI. Visitors: The End of His Public Labour -- His Last Passover -- The Breaking of Bread

Chapter LII. At the Table

Chapter LIII. On the way to Gethsemane

Chapter LIV. Nearing Gethsemane

Chapter LV. The Prayer of John xvii.

Chapter LVI. Gethsemane -- The Arrest

Chapter LVII. Set at Naught

Chapter LVIII. Golgotha

Chapter LIX. Resurrection

Chapter LX. Forty days' Sojourn and Ascension

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