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My Days and My Ways

An Autobiography

by Robert Roberts



CHAPTER ONE:  Birth and Boyhood


CHAPTER TWO:  “Conversion” – Elpis Israel




CHAPTER FOUR:  Writes to Dr. Thomas


CHAPTER FIVE: Becomes a Reporter


CHAPTER SIX:  Huddersfield and Halifax


CHAPTER SEVEN:  Working with Dr. Thomas






CHAPTER TEN:  Dietetics!

CHAPTER ELEVEN:  Introducing the Truth (Huddersfield).

CHAPTER TWELVE:  Public Effort at Huddersfield.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN:  A Brush with Atheism.  

CHAPTER FOURTEEN:  Leeds: Fowler and Wells.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN:  Birmingham:  The Fowler and Wells Company.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN:  Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN:  Returns to Newspaper at Huddersfield.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN:  Origin of “Twelve Lectures”.

CHAPTER NINETEEN:  Dr. Thomas’s Visit in 1862.

CHAPTER  TWENTY:  Dr. Thomas at Work.

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE:   Strained Relations with Dr. Thomas     

CHAPTER  TWENTY-TWO:  Dr. Thomas and the American Civil War ---- Advises Birmingham.     

CHAPTER  TWENTY-THREE:  Removal to Birmingham.

CHAPTER  TWENTY-FOUR:  “The Birmingham Daily Post”.

CHAPTER  TWENTY-FIVE:  “The Ambassador.” –1864.

CHAPTER  TWENTY-SIX:  Polemics: David King.


CHAPTER  TWENTY-EIGHT:  “A Town Hall Effort.”

CHAPTER  TWENTY-NINE:  The Bankruptcy Court – The Name “Christadelphian.”

CHAPTER  THIRTY:  After the American Civil War –Letter from Dr. Thomas.

CHAPTER  THIRTY-ONE:  “The Athenaeum”.

CHAPTER  THIRTY-TWO:  Break with “Dowieism”.

CHAPTER  THIRTY-THREE:   Contending for the Faith.

CHAPTER  THIRTY-FOUR:  The “Declaration.”

CHAPTER  THIRTY-FIVE:  “Eureka,” Vol. III. –Dr. Thomas’s Last Visit.

CHAPTER  THIRTY-SIX:  Death of Dr. Thomas--  “The Christadelphian.”    


His Days and His Ways

A Continuation of the Book as a Biography


CHAPTER  THIRTY-SEVEN:  After Dr. Thomas’ Death: “Renunciationism”

CHAPTER  THIRTY-EIGHT:  The Bradlaugh Debate (1876) and  The Inspiration Controversy (1885).

CHAPTER  THIRTY-NINE:  “The Sugar Disaster”.

CHAPTER  FORTY:  “Resurrectional Responsibility”.

CHAPTER  FORTY-ONE:  Round the World (1895-6).

CHAPTER  FORTY-TWO:  Removes to Australia (1897).

CHAPTER  FORTY-THREE:  Dies at San Francisco, and is Buried at New York (1898).



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