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Exhortations by Robert Roberts

Seasons of Comfort Volume 2

Life in True Perspective # 1

Divine truth - many ingredients; Human life now vanity & vexation, grief & sorrow; Seek the truth of the matter; Fear God, keep commandments, the whole duty of man; Past days, memories of good, an illusion; We are as the grass; Death came by man, by man came resurrection; God reveals Himself, calls out a people, creates a holy nation with God-given laws; The Bible a fact providing a true hope; Whole earth to be filled with God’s glory; Serve the Lord.

Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God #2

Believe that HE is; He is a Rewarder to those who diligently seek; Existence, trial, suffering; Comfort derived - God is Love; No character fit without fiery trial; Pleasure - spiritual death; Trial brings qualification, development for future use; Joseph’s example; Endure evil; Mere intellect of Truth not enough; Go on to perfection; work out your salvation; It is the 11th hour; The Lamb shall dwell in the midst.

Comfort from the Word # 3

The Man of Sorrows # 4

Take unto you the Whole Armour of God # 6

A Year in Review # 7

The Blessedness of Forgiven Sin # 8

Following After Righteousness # 9

Our Fringe of Blue # 10

The fringe of blue on the garments a daily reminder; Godliness a concept for daily wear; Remembrance a light to shine in daily walk; Trust in the Lord; The Breaking of Bread a special “fringe of blue”; “Watch ye therefore” and remember; “Be ye always ready.”

God's Supremacy # 11

God's Object in Subjecting Us to Vanity # 12

A New and Living Way # 13

Our Surety of Eternal Life # 15

Steadfastness in the Faith # 16

Nearing The Dawn # 20

The Wisdom of Divine Silence # 21

Our Goal and Guiding Star # 23

Gathering ‘round the Lords Table a profitable exercise - Christ in our midst - His command, “Do this…” no excuses for remaining away - To reject gathering together is to reject Christ - The Lord Jesus Christ altogether lovely, unending attributes - Christ our Light - Conclusion.

That We Shall Walk in Integrity #24

The Psalms of David the voice of the Spirit - Given for instruction, development - Speech of Psalms acceptable to God - Within wisdom, self-examination, acceptable requests, love, praise - Righteousness, justification without which we are unfit - Show self-denial - World’s pleasures empty - Prayer of the upright a delight - The joy of faith - Present darkness prepares for the glorious light of the coming day - Destruction await the wicked, but the righteous shall see God.

The Building UP of Lively Stones # 25

That God Shall Be Sanctified # 26

Our Gathering to Christ # 28

Waiting for the Consolation of Israel #29

Restoration of the Jews promised of God - They are a holy, chosen people to show forth the praises and glory to God - Through them all shall be blessed - They shall be gathered for His holy Name’s sake - The Kingdom to come, all shall know Deity - No more a veil which covers the understanding - A feast of fat things to those accounted worthy and wait - Kings and priests unto our God - This hope we assuredly await - Our consolation.

God's Greatness is Shown in Small Mercies #32

Each day’s blessings a wonder - Thanksgiving not a vain thing - Anything less than heartfelt thanks- giving is offense - God takes no pleasure in fools - Our whole being in His hands - Seek God first - Remain separate - David recognized God as Controller in the universe and his life - We must recognize the same with thanksgiving for all mercies - The love of the Father.

Fortified To Endure # 34

The Similitude of the Four Carpenters # 35

Wisdom and Comfort Obtained from God's Examples # 36

Eternal Verities and Love Centered in Christ # 37

Breaking of Bread a pleasure in remembrance of the Lord - Remembering a ‘friend’, a person, not a system - Fleshy concerns profit little, all decay - The Word made flesh full of grace, truth, abiding always - “Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden…” - Our duty to obey our Master as faithful servants - Commanded to love reasonable - Love never ceases, passeth understanding - This we find in the Lord Jesus - Love one another, even our enemies.

Humility and Sorrow Precede Honour and Joy # 38

Human Evanescence and God's Omnipotence

Understanding According to the Word # 39

The three yearly feasts a time of joy for entire nation to glorify God - Israel disobeys, God’s mercy and blessings withdrawn - God’s favor shall return, Zion shall be blessed, her Feasts reinstated - Passover, Weeks, Tabernacles to be the law of the lands - Solomon writes ‘all is vanity’, a truth to be received - The Just and Wicked suffer and prosper equally - All is vanity because man disobeys and ignores - Deity’s remedy, Christ - Opposition to the Truth - Steven’s defense.

Comfort When the Lord Comes # 40

The Song To Be Sung In Christ's Day # 41

God's Judgment upon the Wicked # 42

Development of the Children of Promise # 42 A

David Devising Liberal Things for God # 43

Daniel at Prayer # 44

Applying Our Hearts Unto Wisdom # 45

Assembling ourselves together for the better, edification - Waiting for the Lord’s return - His return may be sooner than expected, death - We must measure our days - Apply our hearts while it is today - Revere God, this is wisdom - The fool hath said, “There is no God”- Too many facts, proof of Deity - Give ourselves to daily reading and prayer.

Through the Windows of the Word # 48

The Helpless Plight of the Rejected # 49

The World Disobedient to God # 51

The Terror of the Lord # 52

Divine Glory - In Symbol and Reality # 53

God Will Avenge Gentile Disobedience # 54

My Word Shall Not Pass Away # 55

Watching and Waiting - Not Forever # 56

O Send Thy Light Forth and Thy Truth # 57

Causing Men to Hear His Words # 58

A Coming Festival of Song # 59

The Multitudes Against God's Truth and People # 60

Salvation Through a Narrow Channel # 62

God Now Silent, But Not Forever # 65

Thoughts of Deity precious, true - Revealed in Scripture, able to make us wise unto salvation - God has spoken at sundry times and in divers manners from prophets to Son - A purpose: whole earth shall be filled with His glory - Now, we groan with affliction, but deliverance promised… “Out of Zion” - God is now silent because of iniquity - He will speak to devour the wicked - A time of trouble, weeping, and gnashing of teeth - An invitation to come out, be separate, enter into the covenant - Judgment to those who refuse, death.

Behind Jesus Crucified are God's Claims # 66

God Everywhere # 67

Trouble Necessary to Form Character # 68

Paul "Sent" by Jesus # 69

Why God Sends Trouble # 70

A Life That Pleased God # 72

Culture Valueless--God Supplies Everything # 73

In Prison for Righteousness' Sake # 74

Beginnings that Vitally Affect Us # 75

The Inside of the Truth # 76

Regarding God, and His Works # 77

All Parts of the Truth Necessary # 79

Jeremiah's Experience an Example # 81

Jeremiah put in stocks - Chief religious leaders revile him - No difference today - Truth evilly spoken of by clericals - Our obligation to hearld the Truth - False prophets gather a flock, their reward a terrible end as blasphemers - Jeremiah saddened, his efforts scorned - The prophets men like ourselves prone to weakness - Their example, “Sing praise unto the Lord”…all ye Saints.

Choose God, Accept the Consequences # 83

Deity, the highest object of desire - He provides the oasis for the sorrowful, down trodden in an age of evil even though silent - God is love, always providing - We must not neglect Him…a lesson from Israel - “Christians”, beware! - Evil of the world ripe for divine destruction - Receive instruction, be not of the world, incline thine ear - Choose mammon, or choose God.

Knowledge, Love, Obedience # 84

Use of Similitudes by God # 85

Reality of Bible History and Prophesy # 86

Not as I Will, But as Thou Wilt # 87

Fulfilled Prophesies that Encourage # 88

God Also Bearing Them Witness # 89

Diminish Not a Word # 92

God Condemned Sin  In The Flesh of Jesus # 93

Bible Things are True # 94

Standing Upon Facts # 96

Experiences of Evil are a Necessary Corollary to Divine Approval # 97

Jeremiah, called, approved, authorized by God - The message delivered not joyous, brought by labor, sorrow, mockery, and persecution - Repent, cast off, obey or be destroyed - Faithfulness brought imprisonment, disdain - The faithful servant shall rejoice at the blessed morning - Be strong and of a good courage - Contend earnestly.

Invited to the Son's Marriage # 98

Nature But God's Machinery # 99

TheCompleteness of the Truth # 100

"Wholesome Words" for Pilgrims # 101

Trouble Now, Power Soon # 103

"Blessed"-- After Jesus Returns # 104


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